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Odesi Music Composition: This software helps you write melodies, basslines and chord progressions.
The software developer Mixed In Key, known for its popular Mixed in Key 5 harmonic mixing analysis tool, announce that it has released Mashup for Windows and Mac OS X. Mashup (available for $39 with free updates until Version 2.99) is a new audio editor designed to let DJs and music producers quickly and easily beatmatch two or more audio files, edit them, and then save their results to a new audio file.
According to Mixed In Key’s president Yakov Vorobyev, the company’s goal with Mashup was to allow users to create a mashup in five minutes or less, and to make the process easier than it currently is with Ableton Live.
Once a song is added, Mashup’s song browser will show users which other songs in their collection are 100% harmonically compatible with their original song.

From there, Mashup lets users graphically edit each song’s volume, as well as three bands of EQ, with breakpoint-style automation.
When editing has been completed, the results can be exported to a 320kbps MP3 file or a 16-bit, 44.1kHz WAV file. For users who have already installed Mixed In Key 5, Mashup will load its database and skip the analysis step. Supports up to 8 decks of audio, plus STEMS, plus all DJ hardware controllers in the world. Mashup uses Mixed In Key 5’s harmonic algorithm to find compatible songs, making the process of mashup creation extremely simple.

Then other songs can be dragged into the editor window, where they’re automatically beat-matched to the master tempo, using Mashup’s professional time-stretching algorithm. The editor also allows users to select and silence portions of songs, adjust phase, slide them in time, and more. Next, when a song is dragged into Mashup’s audio editor, its tempo will become the master for the project (or users can manually enter in a different master tempo).

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