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As adults, we forget that in order to understand math, kids have to learn some pretty high-level concepts. I have found that 12 simple tools make up a pretty complete first-grade tool kit for hands-on learning.
Click on the links above or the picture boxes below to get creative ideas for how to use these with your kids.
Use these for counting, adding, subtracting, comparing numbers, early multiplication, and more.
When kids are learning the names of the 3D solids (sphere, cylinder, cube, etc), these are a big help. With these essential math tools, your kids will be well on their way to hands-on learning, and math will make a lot more sense for them.
In this math video tutorial, we present the real number line and show how to graph point sets on it.

The real number line is drawn as a line segment with arrows at the end to show that it extends outward indefinitely.
With this representation, we can plot points or even sets of points on the number line as dots. We can also have an unbounded interval, which extends to infinity or negative infinity, like the one shown above. Add important lessons to your Custom Course, track your progress, and achieve your study goals faster.
Furthermore, we present the interval as a common number set, infinity, and unbounded intervals.
The distance between two points on the number line is just the larger number minus the smaller number. This lesson will define and give examples of each of the four common transformations and end with a quiz to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

Look around and identify if you see objects in shape of lines, such as tree trunk as vertical or standing line, etc. Now, when you compare those line objects which ones are thinner, which ones are thicker, shorter and longer? Notice that we use parentheses to show that the endpoints are excluded in the interval notation and we use empty circles in the graph to show that the endpoints are excluded. If we include one endpoint and exclude the other endpoint, we have what is called a half-open interval.

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