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Go to my downloads area at site and get product key information from there and download link for software. Followed the info as to your specs, site does not even acknowledge the existence of this product. WaveEditor integrates with this free source of audio clips available under Creative Commons rights. CyberLink Media Suite is the only product that meets all the digital media needs of users at one great value-price. Bringing all Media Suite's software solutions together is the unique PowerStarter launcher.
ConsIt is a sampling of program capability but to use all the capability they advertise it as having you need to spend more to upgrade what was already sold to you as an ultimate package. ConsI finally opted to click on an annoying pop-up telling me to accept an update for the PowerDVD function. You can subscribe to TechMynd's newsletter to receive free software, giveaways, technology news and updates in email.

Media Suite 13 is a complete multimedia software collection, combining CyberLink's trusted, industry-leading software in a single package with a unique, easy-to-use interface, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing individual software products. PowerStarter provides a single, task-based interface that allows users to launch the right software for the task they wish to perform, and also makes it easy to manage all Media Suite software updates and patches through one, easy-to-use screen that notifies users when relevant updates are available for download. They sell you an ultimate package that is nothing more than a sampling of programs that you need to upgrade if you want to use what they said you bought. Believe me or not, its always a good idea to subscribe to sites so that you get the info earlier when they are fresh and offers are valid.
While it's not cheap, it's not too expensive, either, especially when considering what it packs in comparison to similar media packages. I tried to re-install the suite and now the PowerDVD asks for a CD installation code -- which does not match the code for the suite. ProsAll-encompassing studio: Media Suite's tools work together to cover all your media needs and can serve as the core of a home media platform. Subscribe to TechMynd and we will send you promotions and offers as early as they arrive and are valid.

It uninstalled everything except PowerDVD but get this: the entire suite still works, even though it no longer shows in my programs.
I attempted to use the Cyberlink uninstall utility to finish the job and my virus program intercepted it as a trojan horse virus and deleted it.
This software has a death grip on my hard drive and after several attempts to get support from Cyberlink they bumped it up to a higher level.
If space is an issue (for example, if you boot from an SSD), be aware of the headroom required.

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