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Small businesses and sole traders need to market their products and services just as much as big businesses do.
A strong marketing strategy helps consumers to find your business, develops trust in your business and ultimately facilitates a purchase. To make the most of your marketing campaign, your business should use a range of marketing techniques and advertising channels.
With effective marketing, your business will reach many more customers, attract much more interest and establish itself as an authority in the marketplace! Having a business website is important because most consumers now use the Internet to research businesses and learn more about their products or services.
If you’re concerned about your ability to create a professional looking website, you could source some creative marketing support from freelancers for a very low price instead. A blog is a part of the website where you can publish information relating to your business. By publishing informative blog posts, your business will develop a reputation as being knowledgeable and gain brand authority in the market. Again, if you don’t feel comfortable in your ability to write great content, use creative marketing support services to write the content for you. Marketing a business through social media is one of the smartest decisions a small business owner or sole trader could make. Registration to most social media websites is free and it is a valuable way to reach out to both new and existing customers. The key to being successful on social media is to join groups and become involved in the discussion. Press releases are very useful for letting customers know about any exciting changes happening at your business.
The video doesn’t need to be professionally produced, it just needs to be educational, informative or funny.
An email marketing list contains the email addresses of people who have asked you to send them information about your business. Your newsletter emails can share your latest specials, announce product launches, inform customers about your businesses promotional events and much more. If you are struggling to build your email list, consider using marketing personal assistants to create a marketing campaign that attracts more subscribers.
Consumers place a great deal of trust in a business that has been recommended to them by a friend. It’s a very cheap way to harness the social network of your customers and bring new customers into the business. By applying discounts and incentives to large orders, you can tempt your customers into ordering more.
Placing testimonials on your website is a useful way to build trust with potential customers.

If you are struggling to get enough testimonials, offer customers a discount when they submit a testimonial that you publish.
A great way to improve your personal recognition and the brand awareness of your business is to write high quality content that gets published. By imparting some of your valuable knowledge with the local community or via the Internet, you can raise awareness about your business, improve customer engagement and build brand authority. Most cities and towns have a wide range of business groups where proprietors meet to make contacts.
There are also many online groups that your business can join to build brand awareness and talk with other business owners. Look for other businesses that offer a related service to yours and discuss the potential of a partnership.
Many consumers prefer to deal with ethical companies that look after the environment and work with charities. Thanks for taking the time to read “Low budget marketing methods for small businesses and sole traders”.  We hope you found it useful!  If you would like to know more about our own virtual assistant marketing support services or need help marketing your business feel free to call us on 0800 994 9016 or click here.
Oneresource virtual assistants limited, servicing businesses in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, London and virtually anywhere else. However, most small businesses and sole traders don’t have large budgets so they have to think outside of the box and use low budget marketing methods instead. These methods can achieve great outcomes for your business — without breaking the bank! Your business should also look for ways to precisely target your marketing efforts, so you reach consumers who are within your businesses target demographic. A website is now one of the central pillars of business marketing and it’s essential for every business to have one. This information could be simple how-to guides for customers, reviews of products, announcements of new products or any other kind of content that would be beneficial for your customers.
Search engines also value informative content and will increase the rankings of both your website and blog if you continually post great articles.
It is effective, cheap and you can craft your social media marketing campaign to focus on the key objectives for your business. The press release can be forwarded to many news stations, websites, radio stations and magazines. Many Internet users don’t have the time or patience to read an 800-word article, but they will happily watch a short video. Most smart phones are capable of producing 1080p quality videos, which is fine for most purposes.
You can gather the email addresses of these people in a number of ways including via your website, at trade shows and at your retail locations. It is a fantastic way to communicate with consumers who you know are interested in your products or services. To take advantage of this, give your customers discount codes that they can share with their friends.

A common technique that works really well is to offer free shipping on all orders over a certain amount. Encourage them to share stories about how they use your products or service and why they love your business. Encourage people to spend more by limiting entry to the competition to people who spend more than a certain amount in a single order. If your content is published in a magazine, journal or a reputable website, both customers and industry peers will be more likely to notice your business.
Think about the topics that are related to your business and the ways you can teach people about those topics.
Attend a few of these meetings and introduce yourself to other business people — once they understand what you offer, they may refer some business your way. That may involve sending customers to each other or ensuring that your products and services compliment one another. If your company does the right thing by your local community, it will be reciprocated with respect and trust. Here we take a quick look at the need to invest in marketing and share some of the best low budget marketing methods available.
Your business can make use of marketing personal assistants to prepare and send press releases on your behalf. Produce videos that review products, help customers solve problems and share your knowledge.
When a new customer makes a purchase and uses that code, they obtain a discount and the person who recommended your business obtains a free gift or discount. Customers love the feeling of getting a discount and the technique encourages them to spend more money!
You might run a local class at your retail store or perform a “webinar” where people from around the world can join in via the Internet. Create a slide show of the class and distribute it to media sharing websites that accept slideshows. The more you engage with the public via social media, the more your businesses profile and reputation will improve. You can also promote your videos through social media channels with the help of creative marketing support staff.
Share an audio file or podcast of the class — think about the many ways you can take your knowledge and share it with other people.

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