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The Days Inn Chicago is a full service Wyndham hotel located in the heart of the downtown Chicago area. Milestone’s Strategy: Milestone used a combination of responsive hotel website design with a robust site architecture, optimization including metadata and schemas for search, local search marketing and organic promotion, and social media marketing to drive traffic and revenue.
Development of responsive website design to target various search platforms – desktop, tablet, and mobile. Implementation of robust site architecture keeping search optimization, usability, and conversion as top priorities. Manage the property’s local search listings to ensure accuracy and consistency of hotel information.
Promoted the site on key directories and data aggregators to drive relevancy and improve search visibility.
Click here to learn more about Milestone’s services and how we can drive traffic and direct bookings for your hotel! Wondering how to leverage the recent updates in search to help improve your hotel’s local presence? How to Change your Facebook Profile Page to a Business Page Top 10 Things You Can do to Market Your Hotel in Today’s Economy SEOmoz Webinar - All About Google Places Are You Blogging Yet?
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Milestone's extensive market research of the reviews monitoring tools and the usage of these tools by hotels indicated that one of the key challenges faced by hoteliers was related to effectively using the tool to enhance a hotel's performance. Newly revamped system provides an easy-to-navigate, intuitive dashboard with interactive charts and tabular formats.

Easily distinguish items that need attention with ability to email, assign, directly respond within the tool with moderation feature, and track management responses and lead times associated with the response. Ability to set reviews and social media goals based on previous year's data or custom targets.
Direct interface to Facebook and Twitter with ability to interact on the channels from within the tool. Enhancing the new system capabilities and dashboard, Milestone has added account management support to eBuzz ConnectTM from our team of account managers who are experts in SEO, Local, Social, and Reputation Management. Milestone is a leading provider of digital marketing software and services for the hospitality and retail industry. Valley's top 50 fastest growing companies for the past three years and has been listed in Inc. Milestone SEO’s expertise is in developing and executing marketing strategies for multi-branch businesses. As a Franchisor you will have complete control over your Franchisee’s growth efforts and lead to a greater sale conversion ratio, with no extra cost for you!
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. The platform allows hotels to manage their desktop, tablet, and mobile sites in a single integrated platform. Search is an ever-changing environment and your hotel’s Internet marketing strategy should stay up-to-date with the most recent changes. Hoteliers are realizing the importance of online reviews and social media, and excited to see what guests are saying.

Additional account management support helps hotels establish goals and integrate reviews and social media monitoring in daily routine.
Standard pricing includes a set-up fee and a monthly fee that varies between $75 and $150 a month depending on the star-rating and the number of rooms in the hotel. Our Chicago-based aircraft leasing company features 27,000 square feet of private hangar space and 9,000 sq. Outstanding marketing support increases franchisees’ monthly revenue and that allows franchisors sell more franchise locations. Milestone Internet Marketing worked closely with the property to develop a vanity website following sophisticated search and usability guidelines to ensure continued online performance success. The only SEO, Design & Marketing Company with Proprietary Referral Software and Tangible Results. The new high-performance version of eBuzz ConnectTM solves the key challenges associated with use of reviews monitoring systems by hotels. For a limited time only until August 15, 2011, Milestone is offering a promotional discount on eBuzz ConnectTM 2.0 for $895 for a 1 year subscription, including the set-up fee. In addition, the tool provides direct interfaces to Facebook and Twitter for users to handle all their social media interactions from a single interface within eBuzz Connect. This is the right place for busy executives, flight departments, aviation businesses and more.

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