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A former leading executive at StartMeApp tells Portada that there were differences in the leadership team and that, as a result of that, they decided to shut down the company. Despite the strong growth of mobile marketing and advertising many companies in the mobile sector are struggling with a tough environment, as the monetization of mobile inventory continues to be challenging to make these businesses profitable (e.g.
Mobile Inventory monetization issues are even larger in the Latin American market, where StartMeApp had most of its presence in. Alejandro Campos Carles – StartMeApp: “Latin America gets residual panregional advertising from mobile global campaigns. As publishers look to take advantage of the ad exchange model and max out yield of their inventory, one emerging opportunity has been the private exchange (or marketplace, depending on whose terminology you're using) where a publisher provides exclusive access to buying partners looking to purchase on a per impression basis. Typically, mobile ads have been bought directly from publishers, or in aggregate through networks. With the emergence of private exchanges in mobile, marketers and agencies now have a simpler way to reach their audience in premium environments.
What Is The Difference Between A Social Display Impression And A Regular Display Impression?

In response to your post, here at StrikeAd a global mobile DSP we regularly deliver seamless mobile campaigns for agencies and their trading desks in scale driving both m-Commerce & brand engagement via HTML5 formats traded leveraging RTB. Interesting take, but I think that irrespective of perceived technical challenges, the question is - for those who do see display, does it drive value?
Of course, it is Nathan's perogative to be a laggard, but why read Adexchanger if you aren't going to be on the bleeding edge! The company had offices in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, USA, England, and Singapore. In Latin America, mobile advertising is still in a relatively early stage and ad market volumes are nowhere near those currently reached in the U.S. Credibility is our biggest asset: The Portada team is very passionate about producing high-quality independent content that helps drive forward the Latin Marketing and Media space. In addition to providing better controls around channel conflict, the private exchange model can provide higher CPMs for publishers while buyers get exclusive, "first look" access at remnant inventory among other potential benefits.
The challenge is that direct buys don’t offer enough scale and most networks are ‘blind’, meaning marketers only get a sample of where the ads are running.

In mobile today, given the disparity of common serving standards across ad servers, segmentation of devices, and inability of most networks to serve engaging rich media, mobile private (or public) exchanges are currently great in theory and challenging in practice. We have still not reached tipping point which is very fast mobile connectivity, seemless m-commerce transaction and richer ad formats. I certainly see the potential for mobile advertising in the future, for now I find the format to be slow, overly intrusive and not customer centric.
Using mobile for targeting in a way that leverages the location-based power of mobile to engender direct engagement at the retail level has been pretty darn spiffy.
La mision de Portada es ayudar a profesionales de negocios y medios a comprender y alcanzar a consumidores latinoamericanos, del mercado hispano de EE UU y Espana. Folks like inmobi, admob, buzzcity, etc should start allowing for targeting beyond just geo & device.

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