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With the growing popularity of responsive web design, the missing responsive ad formats in Google Adsense has been a headache for many webmasters. Now Google has updated the support for responsive ads with a new javascript code, that also supports asynchronous loading for increased page load speed. Installation of the new Google Adsense javascript is quite different from the previous versions. If you have several Adsense ad units on the same page, you can optimize the Adsense code by only calling the Adsense javascript once. In many cases it might be nice to have more control over which Adsense units is used at the different screen resolutions. The advanced mode for responsive Google Adsense ads allows you to specify which ad formats that should be displayed at different screen sizes.
The CSS for the different ad sizes is included in the default code for each ad unit, which isn’t very efficient if you want to experiment with different ad sizes and formats. Instead I suggest that you create individual css styles for your different ad sizes and copy these css styles to you normal stylesheet. First you define a name for the css class and a default value (a adunit of 320px x 50 px in this example).

The 250×250 or other big rectangle formats works great, but they are very dominating on a small mobile screen.
Further down the page, you can introduce big rectangles like the 300×250, that is among the best performing banner formats in Adsense. With the new resonsive ads formats from Google Adsense, it’s easy to include ads in your responsive website. I measured the bolts that hold the alt on and there was plenty of thread left for the alt bolt to grab.
I did both of them and fabricated an aluminum bracket and have had no issues or wear and am meticulous about checking under the hood of my 6.0 at least 2x a week. If you want different ad units with different ad formats on the same page, just create new css classes, and call different css classes in different ad units. With this little change you can now create new ad sizes and update your site globally by adjusting your css.
These banners has good visibility, but also allows the users to get a fair view of the content on the page. His experience is based on working with small hobby projects as well as high volume websites.

I figured there had to be someone else who had done the same thing, but couldn't find any pics on here.
This format works fine at the top of the page, allowing the users to see both content and the ad without scrolling. The users are hopefully interested in your content, and then it doesn’t matter if they see a big banner. Second it’s always a good idea to mix different ad formats that blends well with the content. Gregory’s U (OK) U du Quebec en Abitibi-Saint John’s U (MN) Temiscamingue (PQ,St.

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