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Mobile advertising investment in the UK has grown by 90 per cent to reach almost ?1bn in the last year. According to figures released by eMarketer, the growth in mobile advertising comes from investment in mobile search and display formats with mobile advertising spend having grown by 16 per cent to reach ?999m in the last year.
That growth is expected to continue next year, with spend forecast to increase by 23.4 per cent to reach ?1,599m, with 2017 figures placed at ?3,707m.
Over half of all investments in online and mobile advertising is excepted to be made through search (?3,573m), while display (?1,498m) will make up a quarter of expenditure this year, expected to be ?6,066m overall. The share over video advertising, set at ?244m this year, is forecast to grow to ?1,039m by 2017 however, with eMarketer claiming that the number of internet users watching video content online at least once a month will rise from 34.4m to 40m over the next four years. Total UK media advertising spend, set at ?13,976m this year, is predicted to reach ?16,158m by 2017, with digital expected to make up over half of that spend by the end of the period. The rise of viewability on mobile is already having a big impact on the designs of publishers’ mobile sites. While the industry has yet to settle on a permanent mobile viewability standard, media outlets are nonetheless tweaking their ad placements to get in line. Optimizing mobile ads has become an urgent task for publishers, which are seeing 50 percent of their traffic or more coming from mobile devices. Anchor and Vignette ads are designed for mobile websites and do not count toward page ad limits. To get these going, publishers place one piece of code on all the pages that will display ads.
Ads in both formats will not count toward the three-ads-per-page limit and will only serve on mobile-optimized web pages displaying on smartphones. For more details and instructions on how to get started, see the AdSense video on Page-level ads below.
As Third Door Media's paid media reporter, Ginny Marvin writes about paid online marketing topics including paid search, paid social, display and retargeting for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
And Latin America is driving the mobile ad surge: in Argentina alone, mobile ad revenues grew by 657% in 2010. In Colombia, the amount of mobile Internet users spiked up 119% between 2010 and 2011 and 3G cellphone use went up 4% in the same period.
And when the Mobile Entertainment Forum surveyed 8,500 Latin American cell phone users in 2011, it found that 20% of them are prepared to spend 200 euros on mobile purchases, double the next closest region (India, with 10%). In response to this impressive surge, we have launched the Jumba Mobile Network to help advertisers reaching this growing Latin American mobile ad market. About the authorUSMC IS AN ADVERTISING TECHNOLOGY COMPANY WHICH OFFERS AUTOMATED, SCALABLE AND RELEVANT DATA-DRIVEN PLANNING AND EXECUTION OF MEDIA MARKETING CAMPAIGNS.
Ignacio Roizman, Chief Operations Officer for US Media Consulting, speaking about programmatic buying at Red Innova in Buenos Aires on June 27, 2013.
Location based mobile video advertising is becoming one of the most effective advertising for the brand engagement via mobile devices. The main challenge to the professionals of advertising is how to get connected with the increased mobile users who have different interests and consumption of video content at different times in different modes. More than 52 percent mobile searches are having the local intent and nearly 17 percent of the searches are carried while the consumer has decided to but a particular thing. What if there were a mobile ad that made viewers feel like they were inside a smartphone instead of just looking at one?

Jameson whiskey recently created what it claimed was the first 3-D Facebook and Instagram ad, produced with a technique that makes it appear as though a shot glass is flying off the screen.
Mazda Norway was the first brand to test an ad earlier this year whose technology made it appear as though a car was floating on a website. That said, Laszlo does expect the eye-catching ads to gain traction once more mobile shops start offering them to brands.
Early February Google announced that they were consolidating mobile and desktop ads in their Enhanced Campaign feature. 20% of web traffic comes from a smartphone or tablet, and we can expect a steady surge as mobile overtakes desktop this year.
Attention spans are 2 seconds longer on a mobile device where users are willing to wait 5 seconds for a page to load as opposed to 3 seconds for desktop.
Ditch the mentality that what worked for traditional display ads can just be transferred into a smaller scale. Note all these banners have a strong call to action, minimal graphics and focuses only on one main feature or benefit.
These banners are either cluttered with copy or don’t offer enough information to entice users to tap. Mc Donalds can show their ads to anyone with a mobile device who is within a 1 mile radius of their restaurants and offer them a discount on their sandwiches.
Luxury brands like Grey Goose and Trump Hotels may want to allocate more spend on iOS users as they are deemed to be more affluent and likely to have the disposable income to spend on premium beverages and vacations.
With the granular intel we are now capable of gathering, advertisers can have more control over who sees their ads, be more strategic in allocating their marketing budget and ultimately convert those taps into conversions. Wendy Kam Marcy has been working in the online marketing and advertising industry for 7 years on both the corporate and agency side. Subscribe to our bi-weekly Newsletter and be the first to learn about new product updates, webinars and much more.
About UsSiteScout is a leading self-serve ad platform that leverages real-time bidding (RTB) to deliver unparalleled performance for brands, marketers and agencies. The most prevalent trend is placing the ads high up on the page, where readers are likely to see them on first glance. The mobile sites of Business Insider, The Atlantic and Wired, for example, all display 300 x 250 banners directly below their navigation bars, above their article headlines. On Forbes’ mobile site, ads are coded to appear below the third and fifth paragraph of every story (Digiday takes a similar approach). Mobile revenue, on the other hand, has yet to catch up. As a result, publishers are trying to close the gap by cramming more ads onto pages. For one, smaller screen sizes mean that there are fewer page elements vying for readers’ attention. It’s all in-line,” said Forbes CRO Mark Howard, who said that Forbes’ mobile viewability ratings often top those on its desktop site.
So publishers are still attempting to crack the best formula for a mobile viewability standard that doesn’t yet exist.
Grouped under what Google calls Page-level ads, Anchor and Vignette ads are now available to all publishers.
Unlike traditional interstitial ads, though, Vignettes display when a user leaves rather than arrives on a page. These ads will only show a limited number of times per user. Google says Anchor and Vignette ads are just the first of many Page-level ad formats to come.
With more than 15 years of marketing experience, Ginny has held both in-house and agency management positions.
Smartphone sales in Latin America for 2011 total 31 million so far, spiking by 165% in Brazil between 2010 and 2011.

A recent study showed that 26% of online shoppers in Mexico used a mobile device to make purchases, while 79% of Brazilian cellphone owners use their phones in some part of the purchase process.
The mobile advertising basing on the location can enhance the shoppers with the customizable content which is shareable. When comes to the location based targeting, we can now use the efficient back end technology to reach the people basing on the location. The location based mobile targeting is one of the part of the larger multi screen ecosystem. What if the ad seemed to jump out as the user scrolled down, offering a three-dimensional perspective? While there has been plenty of talk of multidimension technology for some time now, this is no gimmick. The campaign followed the news that Facebook will let users upload 360-degree videos as part of its $2 billion acquisition of Oculus Rift, meaning consumers could start to see lots of similar posts from brands in their feeds. To promote its 2014 F-150 truck, the automaker and agency Team Detroit worked with Amobee on a campaign in which consumers could swipe a finger across a mobile screen for a 360-degree view of the pickup. Encouraged, Ford ran a follow-up push for the 2015 Mustang that packed in more video clips.
The formats are only offered by a small number of vendors and are rarely bought programmatically.
Several Latin American countries boast more than 100% penetration, such as Argentina (142%) Uruguay (130%) and Brazil (118%). In Mexico, they make up 35% of the market, while smartphone penetration is at 20% in both Argentina and Colombia. The combination of the mobile and digital out of home procedures are the new way to reach the consumers. A particular advertiser can choose the location based mobile ads to the arsenal tools and targets the specific people at a particular location can increase the chances of more sales than overall targeting. It can efficiently amply the brand message to the audience and can enhance the deeper level of engagement with the brand. Observers say these flashy promos offer a first glimpse at what virtual reality marketing will come to look like. What's more, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, only 27 percent of mobile marketers have bought programmatic ads. Now more than ever, advertisers need to integrate mobile-friendly ads into their online marketing campaigns.
Latin Americans are also buying more and more multimedia phones—which are excellent for displaying mobile ad content.
This location based advertising target the people basing on their location and the interests which can be the next biggest thing in the mobile video advertising today. Because mobile screens encourage rapid swiping and scrolling, ads often load long after readers have a chance to actually see them. Smartphone prices in Latin America have dropped to the $100 range recently, making them more affordable than ever.
This procedure can helps the advertiser to reach the consumers at right place in a right way.
For advertisers, surging smartphone sales mean that they have an even better device to reach customers in Latin America with ads, plus improved targeting.

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