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Facebook has announced that it is officially launching its mobile app install ads to all developers today. The apps are designed to combine the social aspects of sharing an app to your friends with the driving force of a direct install procedure from an ad to the listing in the App Store or Android Market. This should be a very nice addition to the arsenal of developers looking to promote their apps on Facebook. Facebook partner Fab told The Next Web that it was happy with the way the ads have performed. Facebook launched its App Center earlier this year with many of the same principles in mind.
The advertising market for smartphones is reaching a higher maturity and, especially, advertising maturity is being established as the central part of companies’ strategic planning.
Thanks to technology, mobile publicity can be personalized for specific users through its localization. Thanks to interactive mobile advertising, there is a convenience between the company and the consumer: the company can spread the word about offers and publicities more rapidly and clients can access those offers by using their mobile phones at any time. Video Banner: A banner that allows users to see advertising spots on their mobile phones and can use up the whole screen or redirect them to the brand’s website. Boucing Video: A video that scrolls the screen and allows the user to conduct it by moving the smartphone.
According to eMarketer, mobile publicity will increase up to 50% in the United States by 2015, so marketers will invest more than $28,500M on this medium.
On the other hand, Forrester Research believes that mobile advertising will account for around 66% of the total digital advertising, which will reach $103 billion in 2019.
From my point of view, I think mobile advertising is the most powerful way to spread information among society and in order to convince them to buy a particular item.
I think the most powerful supported ad formats are the ones which are not static, but rather dynamic. I think we should also consider other countires like China or Japan, where martketing strategies are always being improved in order to appel clients and sell their innovative and technological products. I am not a person who use my smartphone to read news, but rather to communicate with other people.
When I want to know if there is a offer of a particular brand, I always use my PC, because I think is easier and more quicly, but I am reconsidering to use my mobile device to be updated!

This year and as i see it the next few years of mobile, big brands have and will lead the pack in leveraging new kind of mobile marketing which helps to take brand awareness to a higher level while also increasing revenue streams which these brands achieve.
Campbell Soup Company tied custom ad buys to an in-store sales lift in a new pilot program. Fiat, an auto manufacturer has leveraged best rich media mobile Ads to launch its new product-4 door Fiat 500L. The Fords mobile ad asks consumers to drive or park up the car by dragging it with their fingers. Hershey was among the first companies to try out on an ad unit that cover the homescreen of a mobile device. New rich media ad units continue to hit the market, but the above four ads stood out as among the best in the market for close to a year now. Press KitLooking for official information about justAd, press releases, management team, company logos, press contact and more? Today, we’re going to look at the best tutorials out there for creating a mobile phone from scratch, and then adding other effects to help make it into a product advertisement.
Short URLs redirect to a specified link while rendering a GIF preview on Facebook and Twitter. These are ads that are intended to drive new installs of apps directly from Facebook ads and the site is touting a 50% higher click through rate and 8-10x reach from some of its trial partners so far.
As opposed to ads that deliver the message of the advertiser, and rely on the messaging of that branding, these ads interleave the recommendations of your friends, and the cachet that brings, with the app’s assets itself. Facebook mentions that early partner TinyCo saw 50% higher click through rates on its ads and significantly higher conversion rates.
They have the option of partnering with one of Facebook’s preferred marketers or creating their own campaigns. The psychological difference between being delivered a simple mobile ad and having one ‘recommended’ to you by a friend that plays that game or who has liked it is immense.
Interactive advertising consists in using interactive tools to boost or to influence the consumers’ decision to purchase, and outperforms the traditional mediums in terms of personalization, segmentation, profitability and quickness. On the other hand, a mobile advertising campaign is a good way to make consumers to interact with the publicity and the brand.
Furthermore, mobile marketing campaigns allow to target audiences with a lesser cost than other advertising formats, since they don’t require too much time to be spread and their development can be immediately controlled.

On the other hand, they expect it to increase 41% by 2016, so the amount to invest will exceed $40,000M. In the past few months, marketers have used mobile advertising in a most innovative manner.
The popular consumer goods brand enterprise adopted mobile marketing late last year after being considered a slow moving industry in the past.
The automobile manufacturer worked with a reputable advertising agency to create and run an interstitial ad for tablets and smartphones.
The CAPTCHA ad offers Ford with an excellent way to interact and also engage with its customers. This is one of the best rich media mobile Ads which was used to promote chocolate and wine testing with twelve different types of ads. Some Preferred Marketing Developer partners saw 8-10x the reach of other mobile ad buys with the new Facebook ads.
In addition, mobile advertising offers more flexibility than the traditional graphic publicity, so they can be changed more easily than the static ones. Campbell used a digital marketing platform provided by Catalina Marketing to study how brand ads can translate to increased sales at the store. Some of the features which are included in the fantastic ad include a photo gallery, a color swapping feature,360 degrees view of the car and a finder that shows the location of the nearest dealership. This best rich media ads delivered high level of engagement with the automaker’s targeted customers. This initiative used available data from shoppers to work around lack of cookies for mobile and offer custom ads that suit the requirements of every person. Marketers have stepped up their marketing efforts by combining the rich media mobile ads, behavioral ads and social media integration.
The Campbell’s use of rich media mobile ads in their marketing campaigns reiterates the decision by major brands to put into action in 2014 to measure the impact which mobile marketing can have in driving sales and also influencing shoppers in real time basis while in a grocery store. The advertiser claims that the success rate of the ad was about 80% better than the industry average.

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