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So, some companies are working on ads that let viewers dive in the way they would with editorial content.  Mobile ad agency Amobee and progressive developer Cooliris are collaborating on 3D displays that rotate for users as they tilt their mobile devices, as well as let those viewers tap in-ad products to interact with and spin them, or view the items from multiple angles.  Sounds fun, right?
I could see this being more useful for direct-sales sites or possibly clothing retailers or auto sales.
I wanted to start my own blog and I was looking for your suggestions for which sites you think are the best to start one with. What if there were a mobile ad that made viewers feel like they were inside a smartphone instead of just looking at one? Jameson whiskey recently created what it claimed was the first 3-D Facebook and Instagram ad, produced with a technique that makes it appear as though a shot glass is flying off the screen. Mazda Norway was the first brand to test an ad earlier this year whose technology made it appear as though a car was floating on a website. That said, Laszlo does expect the eye-catching ads to gain traction once more mobile shops start offering them to brands.
One big reason Facebook looks like it has figured out mobile: App-install ads, which developers use to encourage Facebook users to download their software onto their phones.
Now Facebook is going back to the well, and will try to make even more money from app developers. The idea: A music app like Spotify could use the new ads to direct listeners to new songs that have appeared on the service. But, while Facebook has made a point of playing up its success with app ads (as opposed to its work with the Facebook Exchange, which it plays down), we don’t really know how big a business the ads are for Mark Zuckerberg and company. Facebook does offer these nuggets, though: It says that users have downloaded 145 million apps via its ads this year, and that 8,400 advertisers used the ads in Q2, up from 3,000 in Q1.
Mobile searchers will often see three text ads instead of two on a small set of queries, but ad real estate on the screen remains relatively unchanged.
Google has confirmed it is now showing three text ads on mobile search results for some queries. Of course, while screen coverage may not be dramatically impacted, showing three ads on more mobile queries will have an affect on many advertisers. Andy Taylor from Merkle RKG noted the recent surge in mobile ad impressions and discusses the potential effects three ads in the SERPs will have in his latest column The Early Impact Of Google Adding More Ads To Mobile SERPs. As Third Door Media's paid media reporter, Ginny Marvin writes about paid online marketing topics including paid search, paid social, display and retargeting for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. Google is facing something of a European revolution as mobile companies consider blocking ads on a massive scale. Talking to the Financial Times, one wireless carrier said that the software had been installed at its data centers and could be enabled by the end of the year. Blocking ads from Google et al is something that appeals not only to mobile users -- who hasn’t felt irked at the appearance of yet another ad? On the face of it, this is something that seems like a win for everyone, but advertising exists for a reason. Ad-tech has gone unchecked, polluting our Web and App experiences with privacy infringing and obtrusive advertising. At the moment the plan is to provide customers with the ability to opt in to an ad-free experience; it's not clear whether there would be a charge for this.

Boost Your Website's Revenue With Native Ads We are now accepting all quality publishers. Advertising has evolved through the years with the same goal, reaching a specific audience. As mentioned, banner ads appear very tiny on mobile devices and have poor click-thru rates. Native ads have been around for a few years, but as far as generating income, they are now hitting their stride. Moby has a terrific article with a range of examples of how native mobile ads are being used, particularly with apps. While data on effectiveness for advertisers in this still blossoming form of mobile marketing can be difficult to come by, it is clear these online giants are making a commitment to it. GET MORE TRAFFIC AND CONVERSIONS WITH OUR TIPS!Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting articles and tips to help your business grow!
What if the ad seemed to jump out as the user scrolled down, offering a three-dimensional perspective? While there has been plenty of talk of multidimension technology for some time now, this is no gimmick. The campaign followed the news that Facebook will let users upload 360-degree videos as part of its $2 billion acquisition of Oculus Rift, meaning consumers could start to see lots of similar posts from brands in their feeds. To promote its 2014 F-150 truck, the automaker and agency Team Detroit worked with Amobee on a campaign in which consumers could swipe a finger across a mobile screen for a 360-degree view of the pickup.
Encouraged, Ford ran a follow-up push for the 2015 Mustang that packed in more video clips. The formats are only offered by a small number of vendors and are rarely bought programmatically. Or a retailer could tell a potential shopper about a sale, and send them directly to their app. With more than 15 years of marketing experience, Ginny has held both in-house and agency management positions.
Well, it is nice to have a dose of good news once in a while, as we have word that social networking giant Facebook has reported a spike in its mobile ad revenues, which would help alleviate investor worries concerning the company’s future growth. Israeli company Shine has developed software that blocks mobile ads, and it has gained the attention and support of a number of telecom companies in Europe.
With the potential to automatically block most ads on web pages and within apps, the repercussion of the ad boycott could be huge as mobile providers try to wrestle control from the likes of Google.
Sites feature ads as a way to monetize content, and this in turn helps to support sites, apps and services. We work with mobile carriers who are redefining their services to meet the true needs of consumers by offering the power of ad control to millions of subscribers around the world. Described as 'the bomb', a system-wide block on ads is designed to "specifically target Google, blocking advertising on its websites in an attempt to force the company into giving up a cut of its revenues," reports the Financial Times.
Mobile devices have a great deal of potential when it comes to marketing, but probably not through traditional banner style advertising.
We’ve gone from mass marketing of newspaper ads to advertising on radio stations formatted to a specific demographic. It demonstrates how companies like Twitter are using native mobile ads and shows how companies like NativeX are creating networks to post native mobile ads on games.

Well i like your high quality website style and design as well as your posting capabilities. Observers say these flashy promos offer a first glimpse at what virtual reality marketing will come to look like.
What's more, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, only 27 percent of mobile marketers have bought programmatic ads.
It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
This is not just about keeping customers happy, but also maintaining control over bandwidth usage; in-app ads can be responsible for eating up huge amounts of data. There is a suggestion that ads could be blocked on an intermittent basis simply to get Google's attention and cut better deals for telecoms companies. Online advertising in in the midst of reaching a new level of target marketing with native advertising.
Banner ads struggle on mobile, in part due to their limited content, but it is also because mobile users navigate quicker than desktop users.
In fact, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said, “We have made a huge progress in the first few months of 2013.” Do you think that mobile ads on Facebook will continue to grow, and how soon will we see it hit a plateau?Filed in Cellphones.
The unnamed European carrier who spoke to the FT said that it was not alone in its ad-blocking plans.
So if banner ads generally don’t work well on mobile devices and oftentimes just serve to aggravate a potential customer, how can advertisers better reach these mobile users?
If you are viewing a news website for instance, a native ad may appear in the form of an article on the website.
They just don’t have time to pause for a random ad that may have nothing to do with what they are currently in search of. The second ad in the incognito SERP (on the right) is shorter, but this time the Home Depot ad is shown with an extended headline and callout and location extensions, bumping the the organic listing out of view.
It would have the “feel” of the other content on the site, but it would provide information that algorithmic scoring determines would be of interest to the reader.
Banner ads have existed this long on mobile devices because there hasn’t been a significantly better alternative.
That also means that native advertising will comprise more than half of the $38 billion in total mobile ad revenues anticipated in 2018. An example would be a reader who has recently been viewing or researching used cars may be presented with an article on how to get the best deal on a pre-owned vehicle. The content is sponsored by the advertiser in the hopes the reader will find the information of interest. It positions the advertiser as an expert and and offers that consumer a product or service related to their online travels.
With mobile native ads, marketers can zero-in even closer with ads more geographically targeted.

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