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After several false starts, mobile advertising has now truly taken off and is forecast to account for 37% of all growth in global ad expenditure this year, and 31% in 2014, according to a recent report by ZenithOptimedia. However, it is growing extremely rapidly: 77% growth in 2013, followed by 56% in 2014 and 48% in 2015, ZenithOptimedia forecasts. However, mobile advertising is skewed in favour of search, despite the fact that use of mobile apps occupies the vast majority of smartphone use. Ads that are large enough to be seen on mobile screens are often considered invasive by users. According to the 2013 “Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising” study of 300 top-level brand marketing executives, all of whom are currently using mobile in their media mix, nearly three-quarters (74%) expect that their companies’ mobile advertising spend will increase in the next two years – a similar number to those who anticipated an increase in the two years following the 2011 survey (72%). Respondents to the survey were also asked to rank the top developments in mobile advertising.
As with the 2011 study, the 2013 survey asked marketers about the key challenges facing mobile advertising.
The continued growth in the use of smartphones has made mobile marketing an essential part of any effective business plan. Companies from Google to Apple and Twitter to Facebook are reacting to this growth by spending more on mobile advertising. Trends in mobile marketing include digital or mobile wallets and mobile credit card readers. The Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group estimates that by 2017 about 50% of smartphone owners will use mobile wallets to make purchases.
With major retailers such as Walmart and eBay following Amazon’s lead in offering same-day shipping, mobile marketing is positioned to get another significant boost. In April 2013, Twitter announced a new feature called Keyword Targeting in Timelines, which allows marketers to reach users based on keywords in their recent tweets. Twitter said the new advertising platform allows marketers to target keywords either as an exact or unordered phrase match, and to specify their target audience based on factors such as device type, gender of user and geographic location.
Meanwhile, Facebook is “concentrating on new products to get users to spend more time using its service on mobile devices,” Bloomberg reported in May 2013.
As further evidence of Facebook’s footprint in the market, eMarketer projects that the company will capture 13% of U.S. Today, 25 February 2016, a senior member of our content & optimization team, Juraiporn Paparpun took to the stage, elaborating on Social Media Trends for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus in 2016 alongside other digital marketing experts at the ADF digital innovation 2016 conference (InterContinental Bangkok). Yes, we are talking about Facebook’s new dislike button, which turned out to not literally mean the thumbs-down icon.
For the past couple of years, when we refer to content marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is blogging.
Then why is it that this article is titled: The Big Content Marketing Shift 2015? Will blogging slowing lose importance? Over the course of 2014, many trends have carried over from 2013′s predictions and have since evolved to accommodate the fast-paced rate of digital marketing trends.
With video becoming increasingly more popular and together with enhanced analytics, its important that marketers either continue or start to engage with their customers through this channel.
Here’s a look at some of the most compelling reasons on video marketing and its trends for this year and 2015. Now when we talk about marketing (offline or online, doesn’t really matter) advertising will always be present. Already this year we saw many activities happening on that front, such as Google’s AdWords Dynamic Retargeting for retailers that was released sometime June 2013, twitter’s new ad retargeting exchange and the developments on Facebook Exchange (FBX). This is probably the number 1 trend with the Internet getting much more integrated with mobile devices.
As for advertising itself, from 2011 to 2016, mobile advertising revenue is predicted to grow by 400%. The rise of digital mobile media is redefining how we shop, dine, travel, read, are entertained, and much more. As you prepare for your 2016 online marketing campaigns, let’s take a look at 4 major mobile advertising trends of 2015 and why you may want to consider them in your upcoming strategy. Programmatic allows for massive increases in cost and time effectiveness when it comes to optimization based on behavioral data – desktop focused programmatic campaigns demonstrate this.
Moreover, with social, video and native ads intertwined with mobile, the importance for mobile programmatic is growing. Brands like Wrigley’s Extra gum prove that mobile video ads are an incredible opportunity to reel in an audience with an impactful piece that leaves them remembering the epic storyline told by a brand.
Within one week of airing, the ad earned over 7 million YouTube views, more than 78 million Facebook views and over 1.1 million shares. So for brands looking to capture attention through mobile video ads, remember that consumers are willing to watch a longer format videos but you need to be telling a story that compels them to stay tuned. Social media influencers and affiliates have become such a popular way for marketers to reach audiences that they are paying up to five figures for one snap, photo, tweet or video. For brands trying to target Generation Z, a highly digitally active generation, partnering with influencers can pop you directly into your target market (ad:tech New York). As I mentioned, advertisers still look to celebrities to become influencers of their brands. Creating a branded app is becoming a popular way for brands to extend their interaction with customers beyond social media and mobile-friendly websites. The app uses your phone’s built-in camera to take photographs of anyone suspected of stealing your beloved fries.
Another example of mobile apps being used to expand brand presence is once again, the Kardashian sisters. The, dare we say, kustomized Kardashian apps give the sisters’ the opportunity to engage with audiences on a more intimate level and also extend their already massive followings on social media.
For brands looking to dominate in the mobile world, remember that apps can be a great way to extend brand presence, cross-promote content, encourage user generated content and evoke audience engagement. It’s been a huge year for mobile and there’s been no shortage of creativity coming from brands that are leveraging this channel to engage consumers. About BonadzaBonadza is a self-serve advertising platform that takes care of the complex technical aspects of programmatic and makes it simple, enjoyable and effective for you.
By 2015, mobile ad spend is expected to total $33.1 billion and to account for 6% of total ad expenditure.
Moreover, building upon this broad intent to boost mobile spend, almost one in five respondents (19%) to the 2013 survey predict that their mobile budgets will increase by more than 50 percent in the next two years. The results clearly demonstrate that while hurdles remain, greater marketer experience and ongoing industry efforts have allowed the earlier urgency to abate.
Retail purchases made via smartphones totaled $8 billion in the United States in 2012, according to Forrester Research, which expects that number to reach $31 billion by 2017. A mobile wallet, such as Google Wallet or Apple Passbook, stores a user’s credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards on their smartphone or tablet computer. Square, which is considered an industry leader in the arena, has developed technology that converts iPhones, iPads or Android phones into mobile credit card readers.

As same-day service expands, more consumers will be able to make purchases via their mobile device and have the item delivered before they return home. In a post on its Advertising Blog, Twitter used the example of a user tweeting about a favorite band. Mobile ads accounted for 30% of the social network’s ad revenue in the first quarter of 2013, up from 23% in the previous quarter. Trends such as social media marketing, mobile marketing, and content marketing were the big winners of 2014. Developing presence through videos that are both useful and creative for consumers and capitalize on the power of video engagement. Small screens means less display space, means less area to put your message across, means less user patience and tolerance towards anything that’s unclear. On mobiles, you don’t want to cramp lots of content into the small screen and leave it to your readers to pinch away on their mobile touch screens. Consumers are smart and with increasingly easy access to the Internet and free Wi-Fi almost everywhere you go, not to mention the fact that mobile service providers are packing together carrier service with data services, more and more people will rely on online search to find information.
So far we’ve said content, simplicity of messages and mobile will gain a lot of interest moving forward. Then there was Google’s DoubleClick recent addition that enables users to buy retargeted ads on Facebook.
Online marketing is growing in many directions and quickly becoming an integral part of any brand’s marketing campaign. Quite a lot as a matter of fact which is no surprise when it comes to the online world where the pace is fast and environment volatile.
In fact, today’s generation is more likely to watch the latest Youtube video than sit in front of the television and watch the nightly news at 6 (ReelSEO). Considering how much time consumers now spend on their mobile devices, and the range of activities executed on mobile from shopping to watching shows, social media participation and more, it only makes sense that behavioral data also be collected on mobile.
Well, in addition to geo-targeting, advertisers can now target consumers “based on where they are in a store” to completely tailor the ad impression with the real-life context of a shopper. Facebook also plays a key role in mobile programmatic growth with revenue alone expected to total $5 billion. Their recent ad, telling the love story of Sarah & Juan, through Extra gum wrappers and well known song ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love’, certainly achieved this. This may seem like a lot, but these influencers are well versed in popular social platforms, they have a trustworthy audience and your post is almost guaranteed to be seen by their followers. It opens up a new channel for brands to connect with consumers directly, more organically and at scale.
With the recent Mobilegeddon update, it’s crucial for brands to make their online content mobile friendly.
They have a main brand app, where users can access the menu and other company information, but they’ve also created a secondary app called ‘Fry Defender’ which is a mobile alarm system for fries.
McDonald’s admitted that the campaign is mostly an opportunity to produce shareable content as users can capture the fry thief and share the image on their social media accounts. Hey, whether you love them or hate them, there’s no doubt they have a strong digital presence! Since launching the apps, the Kardashians have used their social media accounts to promote content from their apps, enticing followers to download for more exclusive content. For advertisers, optimizing in mobile should be an obvious choice as consumers live in this space. She is also dedicated to providing exceptional service to WhatRunsWhere clients as Customer Support Specialist. With complete control and full transparency Bonadza is the simplest way to run a successful display campaign. More than two in three (67%) cited the IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad units as a key driver in the space.
For example, a highly important challenge in 2011 was privacy issues, named by 40 percent of marketers.
Tapping the device next to a Near Field Communication (NFC) terminal at checkout sends payment information directly to the terminal.
Recently, the company also unveiled Square Stand, a $299 device that makes it possible for an iPad to function as a card-swipe cash register. If that band was scheduled to play at a local venue in the near future, the user might see a promoted tweet containing a link to purchase tickets to the show. Continuing on through the end of the year, new trends will be adopted and optimized for the upcoming year. In this article, we’re going to go back in time a bit to the very beginning to gain a better understanding of where the practice all came from and really dig into the facts and figures this year, followed by an overview of key opportunities and challenges.
The largest search engine has just replaced its algorithm with hummingbird, a contextual search algorithm which caters to mobile and tablet users. The increase in consumer’s demand for easy and quick access to relevant information is already happening and will probably amplify even more in 2014 and beyond. Friendster ( if anyone still remember what it is) revamped itself into something else entirely, Zynga Facebook games has seen its own rise and fall while we see a shift from activities on social bookmarking sites such as Digg to information-based social networks such as LinkedIn and Google Plus.
Areas we feel will gain even more recognition and should be stressed are mobile, content marketing, ad retargeting and social media, while the overall trend is a shift towards “Less Means More”.
It’s nevertheless important for business owners to not only always keep up to date with new trends but to take action fast as well. TV or desktop), the mobile screen is taking priority in advertisers’ digital strategies as well (or it should). Hence, with mobile programmatic digital media buyers will ideally be able to target their mobile audiences in a much more sophisticated and segmented manner. The second a consumer walks into the shoe department, imagine being able to target them with in-the-moment relevant ads. Mobile programmatic will therefore have a critical role in improving the ways in which marketers connect with increasingly digitally savvy consumers. Given that advertisers can target and measure mobile video ads with growing accuracy, more and more brands are jumping on board (Spotxchange).
Mobile video ads afford the opportunity to tell a story for a longer period of time than a still image.
They’re internet celebrities that have developed large followings, and who are capable of persuading their loyal fans through the content they post.
This is key for a lot of Gen Z influencers as they don’t want to come across as a sales person. We’ve seen almost all the sisters take pictures, highlighting their famous figures, with a waist-cinching contraption called a Premadonna Waist Trainer. So, for brands looking to reach out to social media influencers, it’s important to remember that their audiences trust them and the content needs to come across as genuine.
Having an app is one way to create a unique, enjoyable experience between your customers and your brand.

The growth is attributed to audiences wanting access to the exclusive content only made available through these apps (Forbes). It’s a smart marketing move as it gives McDonald’s tons of brand advocates sharing branded images socially AND user-generated content to use on their own social channels.
The success of Kim Kardashian’s mobile game led to the launch of individual apps by each sister; Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie. The question is, how can you stand out from competition and build unique campaigns that capture audience attention but drive conversions as well? Surveying marketers in 2013, a year in which the Digital Advertising Alliance released mobile privacy guidelines, that number nearly halved to 22 percent. By adding new blog posts to your website, you are essentially adding more content and web pages to feed search engines.
But what we are seeing in 2015 is an increased focus in 2 other content marketing channels: specifically Social Media and Email Marketing.
In 1900, Michelin launched a 400 page guide: The Michelin Guides which was created to help drivers maintain their cars and find decent lodging while on the road. First of all, analytics have become more advanced and now comes in many different forms, such as video tracking, scroll and heat maps. If Google themselves are putting in effort to please mobile users, is it not a sign that there is something definitely going on there? If you have kept a close examination on search this year, you’ll have noticed that Google has been making its search results more and more content based; pulling information from Wikipedia, Google+ accounts and what not.
It’s mid-year 2013 now and what most marketers have predicted to be the next trends for digital marketing is becoming much more evident and obvious.
According to marketers content marketing helps to build brand awareness, lead generation as well as acquire and retain customers.
Chase Mohney, Client Partner at Facebook, recently explained at ad:tech New York that it comes down to trust.
However, advertisers also need to keep in mind that the way consumers interact with mobile is fundamentally different than the way they interact with other platforms.
There is a shift occurring among digital media buyers not only towards mobile, but also towards mobile programmatic and for good reason. This high level of relevancy is beneficial to both consumer and advertiser as the experience of the ad is specified to the needs of the consumer in that very moment and therefore less intrusive, potentially leading to immediate positive results. In fact, this trend is growing so rapidly that mobile ad revenue is predicted to grow almost five-times faster than desktop (Business Insider). The product being advertised, Wrigley’s Extra gum, is simply a prop in the grand love story being told.
This figure shaping product, from Waist Gang Society, a formerly unknown online business, exploded in growth when images of the Kardashians sporting them, were posted to their social media feeds. So find an influencer that has a brand image in line with yours and then have them produce content that shares your products in an authentic way. Since the app is often an extension of other digital properties, brands can easily cross-promote content and even drive mobile shopping conversions. It’s even common to see brands produce a main mobile app for essential information and then secondary apps that create a more intimate, engaging experience for users to connect with the brand.
The content shared on these apps have a wide variety of formats including exclusive vlogs, images and articles not shared anywhere else. In terms of psychology, likes essentially reflect a positive attitude towards oneself and one’s brand. The more information search engines gather about your website and services, the better they can rank you for matching search terms. Video analytics have also made an appearance while social analytics have developed beyond imagination. If the big players already see the need to move in that direction, it’s not something we should be taking lightly. Combine that with the fact that we can’t go more than 6 minutes without checking our phones, it’s no wonder mobile marketing spend is predicted to hit $65 billion by 2019, in the United States alone. People are trusting mobile more in 2015 which is why they are heavily relying on this device throughout their daily routine.
Over the past year, this has become evident as major brands have adopted mobile specific trends into their strategy to attract and engage audiences in innovative ways.
In a recent Interactive Advertising Bureau study, that surveyed respondents from over 24 countries, 36% of respondents revealed they watch videos that are 5 minutes or longer on their phones every day.
Through the emotionally compelling story, audiences remember and associate the story with the brand and then socially share enabling massive brand exposure to viewers.
In the past, brands relied solely on celebrity endorsements for this type of influential content. With over 540k followers on Instagram and 21.7k followers on Twitter, the company’s growth continues as the Kardashians remain key influencers for this brand.
See the full 2015 Digital Marketing Trends infographic by Syndacast here to see how Mobile Marketing will play out, as well as other notable trends. If your website is not responsive or mobile friendly yet, high time to look into website usability on mobile.
Facebook will continue to dominate the area with Google Plus and LinkedIn following close behind. In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with ads, this is a HUGE opportunity for brands to not only interact but hold the attention of consumers for more than 5 seconds. However with the proliferation of social media and blogs, brands are targeting smaller social media accounts and blogs as well.
For example, Kim shares fashion content, Khloe focuses on fitness and Kourtney on mom-friendly advice. In addition, progress has evidently been made in the area of standard mobile metrics, as 31 percent of marketers cited it as a highly important challenge in 2011, with only 13 percent noting it in 2013. At times, it’s also a reflection of authentic feedback regarding certain topic or products (I am talking about organic likes FYI). Your audience just doesn’t have the luxury of time to go through long ad text or play Where’s Wally to find your call-to-actions.
While celebrities are still strong social media influencers (as you’ll see below), using the everyday influencer gives advertisers access to highly specific niches like young moms or fitness junkies. Have you ever come across a page with low number of likes and then decide against liking the page and the posts yourself? If you compare two Facebook pages, the audience tend to end up following a page that has more likes.
On the web design and development front, this means the move towards minimalist design and responsive websites.

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