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Are you creating a mobile app landing page on your website in hopes to increase app downloads? One common theme with these mobile app landing pages is the use of text messaging, making it uber-simple to send the app download link directly to a mobile phone. Give the text message marketing experts at Tatango a call at (206) 274-6599, or drop us an email to figure out how you can build your own mobile app landing page with text-to-download functionality for your mobile app.
Need a link shortener that can re-direct customers to the right app store based on the mobile phone they’re using? Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. When you’re ready to start promoting your mobile app, it’s important to create a landing page to give potential users a quick and visually appealing overview of your app. This dark yet shiny design puts the app front and center, demonstrating its use through audio and visuals. Blip Me uses soft hues, fun text and small buttons to brand the page just like the app itself. Very simple and sleek, Circle’s landing page mimics the app in almost every way, utilizing circle graphics in all the right places. The Cocktail app landing page uses the same color scheme and graphic elements as the mobile version, tempting viewers with a very realistic (and delicious) looking beverage.
This landing page is split vertically, allowing more room to show the full iPhone to point out the elements within the mobile app.
This photo app’s landing page uses almost no text and beautifully depicts the different types of photos that can be taken using Hipstamatic. This page uses a photo as the background to compare the mobile app to a real-life photobook. A clever image and blurred background photo make for Pair’s visually stunning landing page.
Square shows its app in action through images, and demonstrates a call to action with its simple incentivized sign-up section.
ZonkOut splits its page vertically, showing the app image on one side and using a clean bulleted list to call out key features on the other. Counter mobile app html web landing page for a mobile based applications this template is responsive and a well designed for multipurpose use, this template built with valid HTML5 & CSS3.
This entry was posted in App Landing Page, Bootstrap Templates, Free HTML5 Templates, One Page Websites and tagged Best mobile landing page, free html5 template, free website landing page, landing web page, mobile app landing template. Webthemez is initiated to offer the best free & premium responsive website templates with modern design built with latest technologies like Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.
This is a single screen landing page template for a mobile app on iPhone, Android or Windows Phone devices. Amazing designers and developers release new projects every day, that make us excited, inspired, and often more than a little impressed.
Today we’re continuing our monthly roundup of the best free resources for web designers with a collection that includes plugins, galleries, icons, WordPress themes, templates and more tools than you can use in a month. A modern collection of icons with a completely flat look, portraying all kinds of writing and stationery items.

Eight different mockups to showcase your designs in a Nexus 6 smartphone, including smart objects for easy handling.
A UI kit for Adobe Illustrator that will allow you to create all kinds of designs and mockups for the device. A good-looking mockup for showing your next app or design with an interesting, multi-screen perspective.
Use this set of design elements to produce interfaces following Google’s Material design philosophy. A glamorous set of UI elements to go along with the gold version of Apple’s smartphone.
The free version of the Baikal UI kit including samples of the many elements available in the full version.
A beautiful UI kit featuring transparencies in order to provide a sharp, modern appearance. A complete template for creating websites with a fitness-oriented purpose, whether it’s a gym, club, trainer, etc. A content-focused WordPress theme with a simple layout and various widgets for search, Flickr, videos and more. A simple and multi-purpose theme featuring a clean, simple layout, screen wide slider, portfolio section, and more.
A complete template for people involved in creative projects, coming in both PSD and HTML5 versions. A highly-detailed set of icons including shadows and bright colors, developed with nothing but CSS3.
A simple design that uses pure CSS, portraying a Firefox window in an entirely flat design. Edit HTML5 on the cloud using desktop or mobile devices and save your content offline with this AngularJS powered editor.
Develop applications in PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS and then run them natively on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Create your own calculators online with this open source project, on both desktop and mobile. Switch from one gradient to another using soft animations and customizing speed and angles, using pure CSS. Compare the three main CSS preprocessors (Less, Sass and Stylus) to see which one fits your projects better.
A fantastic reference sheet to know what additional changes are triggered by changing various CSS properties. A tool that will speed up the process of creating Express servers without worrying about configuration.
A smooth library for creating drag and drop upload interactions, including image previews and interesting hover effects. Trigger animations as soon as the user scrolls through a section of your site and customize aspects such as delay, style, length and more. A fantastic JavaScript library that will allow you to make straightforward animations for your project’s elements.

This tool lets you create galleries that work on any device, allowing users to flick through them with either their fingers or a mouse. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more!
Mobile app landing page html5 template designed to showcase your web app, mobile app, new products, modules, plugins and other. This entry was posted in App Landing Page, Bootstrap Templates, Bootstrap Websites, Free HTML5 Templates, Mobile Websites and tagged App Landing Page, bootstrap themes, free, free html template, html5 themes, mobile app.
Download huge collection of Free PSD Template Our freebies have been used all around the world.Huge collection of Free PSD photoshop Template for free download. Trendz Mobile Free Bootstrap App Landing page responsive web template is a flat clean design landing page, this web template built with valid HTML5 & CSS3. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged best app landing page, Bootstrap App landing page, Free App Landing Page, Free Mobile web template, html5 app landing page free, mobile landing page.
To help you envision how you can use text messaging to increase app downloads, we’ve scoured the internet and found 29 brands already using text messaging on their mobile app landing pages.
This template is based on latest Bootstrap framework 3 fully responsive web compatible with multi browser and devices. You can use this template to help advertise and promote your mobile app with feature lists, rotating screenshots and multiple links directly to your app’s download or purchase page. If this collection is anything to go by, 2015 is shaping up to be an awesome year for web design resources.
It is fully responsive and looks awesome on all types of devices (desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile). A free mobile app landing page PSD template is a free one pager designed to Twitter’s bootstrap grid. Download PSD – Download Free PSD Files templates, graphics, flyer, mockups, freebies, icons, ui kits for personal and commercial projects. Some of the worlds largest brands have created mobile app landing pages on their websites to increase the amount of people that download their app. This template can be used for multi-purpose needs like mobile app, landing page, software product display, business, consultancy, agency, personal portfolio, profile, mobile website and start-up company. There are icons, buttons, sliders, themes, and so much more for you to download for your next web design project.
The top resource on the web to download high quality, free PSD design resources for your web and print projects. At Kinvey, we point you to the tools, resources and inspiration you need to help your app become a success. This Mobile App Landing Page Free PSD Template is designed on a 12 column Bootstrap grid so makes for super easy PSD to HTML conversion for all you front end developers out there.
Not all of the resources are allowed for commercial use please contact the author for detail If resources have violated your copyright, please through feedback to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you!

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