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Mit der Verbreitung und Durchsetzung der super-intelligenten Smartphone wird auch das mobile Marketing zunehmends intelligenter und ausgeklugelter. Das Ergebnis des gesagten ist dass Handys und Smartphone nicht nur eine optionale Moglichkeit im Marketing-Mix darstellen sondern heutzutage eine Notwendigkeit. Grunde dafur liegen in den fur Werbezwecke unerreichten technologische Moglichkeiten der Smartphone genause wie in deren rasanter Verbreitung.
Kosteneffektivitat: Durch die noch nicht so gro?e Wettbewerberdichte und dadurch dass noch nicht die Mehrheit der Unternehmen teilnehmen sind die Preise noch geringer.
Flexibilitat: Eine standig wachsende Anzahl an Kampagnen und Moglichkeiten eroffnen sich heir. Einfachheit: viele Komponenten im mobile Marketing sind relativ leicht zu verstehen und auch zu implementieren. Extreme Reichweite: Mit 50% Penetrationsrate der Smartphones an allen mobilen Endgerate lasst sich die Reichweite erahnen und verstehen warum dieser Kanal nicht vernachlassigt werden kann. Vielfaltigkeit: Ahnlich wie Social Medi Marketing kann es fur viele Bereiche verwendet werden, Kundengewinnung, Kundetreue, Kundenservice usw. Integration: Mobile Marketingaktivitaten konnen in andere bestehende Marketingkanale integriert werden. Diese Frage hangt stark mit der Strategie und den internen Resourcen ab die Unternehmen zur Verfugung haben.
Intern oder extern geht es darum wer fur was zustandig ist: Planung, Durchfuhrung, Messung und Optimierung. Hier gibt es grobere Unterschiede welche von der Industrie und den eigentlichen Kampagnen abhangen. To keep the sign clean and the call-to-action clear you need a QR code or URL that points to multiple app stores. This entry was posted in Applications, Forgot Mobile, mobile apps, QR Codes, User Experience and tagged apps, in-store, QR code, Target on September 17, 2013 by kmcivor. Developing an intriguing mobile app concept and actually building the product is an incredible step. To assure the success of your app, you need to be considering ways to generate intriguing content, build a eager pool of future users and how to spread positive brand awareness, before or at least during early stages of the app’s development.
Start with understanding your target users and allow that to drive the rest of your marketing strategy. Conduct research and understand who your user base will be. More than likely, you already have an idea of who your target users are but is it accurate?
Develop questions that you can ask members of your target audience to validate your assumptions.
Conducting user research is a best practice that enables you to make sound adjustments or pivots to your app over time, assuring greater success. Another good method is to create User Profiles of your user base in documents similar to what we did with our client Socialgrlz. Know where your target users will most likely learn about your app or how they’ll search for it and arrive at the app stores distributing your app. It’s very important that you DO NOT initiate working on SEO or brand awareness for your app until you have a thorough marketing plan as well as a solid understanding of your market and an audit of your competitors strategies. Prepare a blog (ideally a website too) for your app’s users by drafting posts with content they may find useful.
This point (like most points on here TBH) should be it’s own blog post so look out for that or check here in the future for a link. Recent data shows that 25% of apps are used only once and that most apps lose 90% of their daily active users after 30 days.
Presumably you’ve already established use cases for your app so combine those use cases with your user profiles (discussed during the first point) to produce trigger points you can inject to continuously delight and engage your users. When we kick off new projects, we go through an exercise called “A Day in the Life.” This exercise encourages our clients to think about when their target user would interact with their mobile application within the parameters of their daily schedule.
A nice and popular way to condince useful information about your app into one place is in a video showcasing the various functionalities of the app. From fun instructional videos to clever social media posts, there are several creative ways you can help your target users see the potential of your mobile app. So get excited and channel that excitement into developing a comprehensive strategy for marketing, retaining and upselling your future app users with amazing service and industry leading expertise! This means that it is increasing the number of people accessing the Internet through their mobile devices. Of course we have to get users to navigate and interact with the web in comfort and with all the options you would on a PC version. One of the main advantages of device applications is that they can adapt perfectly to phones and tablets, offering just what version we want the user to enjoy from your mobile device. The disadvantage of creating a specialized app for our company is the download you need the app itself, which can slow some users, and the updates that you have to be prepared for it to adapt to different operating systems. As we say is the easiest option and therefore the most economical, but instead of content optimization is not perfect and performance slows.
The proliferation of mobile technology and device usage in recent years has created incredible new opportunities for those in the hospitality industry. One of the latest mobile technologies that has been of particular interest to those in the travel industry is something known as geo-fencing. A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter that is defined by global positioning system (GPS) or bluetooth beacons. Check-in – Today’s traveler is busy and nobody enjoys waiting in long lines just to get checked into their room. Upgrade and Upsell – Geo-targeting can also be a great tool for offering guests options for room upgrades.
Room Service – Beacons inside guest rooms allow your mobile hotel app to know when a guest is in the room.
Happy Hour Invites – Geo-fencing combined with specific time frames can also be great for things like happy hour deals. Spa Discounts – The same system can be used for other services and amenities offered by your resort or hotel.
Virtual Concierge offers a myriad of mobile app hotel marketing features including geo-fencing, push notifications, banner promotions, social sharing and much more. After launching a mobile app, you may think that you're done, but you have only come half way through.
In today’s time, where the sea of mobile apps is being launched and uploaded daily, it has become difficult for app marketers to stand out. There are so many ways through which you can organically download, because everyone cannot spend money each time they download.

You need to first sign up for an app analytics tool to understand how the distribution progress goes. The analytics tool helps to keep a check where you app and your competitors app stands in Top charts and rankings.
Your download percentage instantly increases after your app has been reviewed by app reviewing sites. Make sure that you reach out to media outlets like niche related press, tech news etc to drive a burst of downloads.
Keep an eye on blogs and writers who write about your competitors and other apps within your niche. Word of mouth on social media sometimes does good to make your mobile app reach out to new people who can then turn into your evident users.
Share the app description and link through various channels that are SMS, Facebook, twitter and others. When your app ranks high on charts, it all depends on the rating and reviews that are given to your app. Organic promotion may be the option that you would prefer, but you also need to consider paid marketing if you want your app to be on the top of your charts. Mobile App Tracking tool helps app marketers to know how many downloads come from each paid ad source. It is one of the most authentic way to make sure that you are spending money in the right place. Your task is to calculate the number of downloads you will require to get into the top of the charts. To estimate your targeted download number, you need to keep an eye on how many downloads, ratings and reviews the apps in your category’s Top Charts have. Running a burst paid ad campaign may help you to rise quickly in the charts with the rapid increase in the downloads. As soon as your campaign begins, you can see an increase in the number of downloads and user of your app. Due to the increase in downloads, you will now begin to rank higher in the app stores’ Top Charts.
Once you reach the higher ranks, you’ll be able to decrease your ad spend while your mobile app continues to rank highly on its own.
If you are planning to market an app, then we would help you to make a successful market strategy after launching the app. A report from app analytics firm App Annie has revealed the most popular iOS apps of all time. As you might expect, the list of most downloaded apps is dominated by Facebook, Apple and Google. Perhaps the biggest surprise on the list is the inclusion of iTunes U, Apple’s education app, which App Annie reports is down to its popularity in China.
The list of highest earning apps is a more varied selection, with Skype the only app to appear on both download and revenue lists. It’s worth noting that these lists do not include games, as App Annie splits them out into a separate category.
At Mobile Marketing we're proud to help tech companies showcase their cutting-edge solutions, whether it's on our website, in our magazine or at our Mobile Marketing Summits. Ford has launched FordPass, an Android and iOS app that combines a variety of functions for owners of its vehicles and non-customers alike, if Ford's plans come to fruition. Er erlaubt dem Werbetreibenden entweder durch Push- oder auch Pull-Aktivitaten mit dem Enduser eine Kommunikation einzugehen, je nach Marketingstrategie.
So haben die Smartphones die Fahigkeit auf Webseiten zuzugreifen sowie Emails zu empfangen daher mussen alle diese bereits existierenden Marketingkanale an die Smart-Handys angepasst und optimiert werden. Durch das Aufkommen von den 2 beherrschenden Platformen, iOS und Android, sind viele und flexible Schnittstellen vorhanden. Starke und aussagekraftige Kennzahlen konnen beim mobilen Marketing verwendet werden und die Kampagnen entsprechend optimiert werden.
Was sind die langfristigen und kurzfristigen Ziele im Marketing und im Unternehmen generell? In fact, I’ve used some of their mobile efforts in presentations to show the way to win (vs.
Are they relying on me to go the app store on my phone (Google Play, in this case), do a search for “target” and download it that way? This has the added benefit of providing Target with an opportunity to get me to opt-in to receive their text-alerts. Though plenty of people still don’t know what a QR code is or what to do with them, signs like this can be a good place to use them. Any developer or business exec for a mobile app company should be considering their marketing strategy WELL in advance of a launch. Their answers will steer you more confidently into the development phase of your application. By identifying when and how a user would use your mobile app, you can strategize retention that lasts. These cameras with some basic video editing knowledge can produce professional quality videos. Looking for full adaptation to the mobile environment by users, what options are to adapt to such an enterprise web environment? A responsive web design that gets through the HTML layout, display the same content adapted to the screen size or platform that the user is using. Geo-fencing is a location-based service that enables marketers to target mobile users within a certain geographic zone to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.
Marketers in the hospitality industry, for instance, can geo-fence particular areas in and around their property. Imagine if new guests received a message upon entering your hotel lobby prompting them to digitally ‘check-in’ through your mobile app. Similar to sending a new guest a check-in prompt when they enter your lobby, this is also an opportune time to show them the special features and amenities they can get by upgrading to a better room or suite.
Through the app, a message can be triggered asking them to “Check out the room service menu for tonight”. Say an individual and his business partner arrive back at your hotel after a long day of client meetings.
In this instance, pretend you are a mom who has just returned from a long day at the local theme park with the family. Visit our packages page to see the full spectrum of features you have access to when you get your own custom branded Virtual Concierge app.

Organic marketing cites to methods that can be used to earn downloads without paying a penny. Pitch those writers and guest bloggers regarding your app and make them understand what you want from them.
Every time a visitor search about your mobile app, he looks out for your homepage and the details on the app stores. In fourth place, Apple’s own Pages word processor is the only premium app on the list – the rest all rely on in-app purchases for revenue – and even it became a free app back in October 2013.
The most downloaded iOS game is Candy Crush Saga, but it’s beaten out by Clash of Clans for revenue.
How do you separate the online wheat from the social chaff?Unfortunately, there’s no single answer, but you can hedge your bets by picking the most promising and keeping a close eye on them.
Die Schnittstellen die durch das mobile Marketing bedient werden konnen werden auf der Grafik unten zusammengefasst. Kein Vergleich zum Unterschied von noch vor ein paar Jahren mit der breiten Palette an Geraten, Plattformen und Betriebssytemen. To this must be added the emergence of tablets, devices that are slowly moving to laptops and desktops. Besides charging the app is faster than in the case of responsive sites as well they explain in the blog Yeeply specializing in application development platform for mobile devices.
Hoteliers can engage with travelers at virtually any phase of their trip to accomplish a number of goals. When a user who has downloaded the hotel’s mobile app crosses the boundary with their smart phone, a message is triggered and sent to the user’s device. Leveraging geo-fencing in this manner can enable hotels to catch guests at the ideal time and place where they’re most likely to pay for a better trip experience.
Or, when a guest first arrives in their room, your hotel could send them a message inviting them down to your hotel restaurant for 10% off their first meal. When you get near the hotel spa, you receive a message offering you 20% OFF a Relaxing Ocean View Massage. For this, you require an outstanding marketing strategy, which attracts them to use your app. On the other hand, paid marketing refers to a method where you have to pay for each download. But your web page should be the exact opposite that is, it should be enjoyable and engaging. Unfortunately, App Annie gives no indication of how these stack up next to the non-gaming apps.
The key is to sign-up early and to maintain a semi-active presence while the app’s user-base develops. Dies vor allem im Bereich zielgruppenspezifischen Marketings und der sich rasant weiterentwicklenden mobilen Technologie. Dies ist nicht immer der Fall, Apps beispielsweise oder gro?ere mobile Webseiten konnen auch recht teuer werden. Both Target and their mobile partner Deloitte Digital have done fantastic work on their mobile app and mobile site. When the guest enters the geo-fenced perimeter set around your bar, he receives a message inviting him to come relax on your beautiful patio with half-priced drinks. And in a purely mobile environment such as retail a call-to-action should be short and sweet. Keek users can follow each other to receive updates and they can reply to people using text or video.
Its short-form, smartphone-based interface allows people to react quickly and reactively without worrying about creating a professional, polished video.2. FitocracyDownload Fitocracy for: Android or iOSFitocracy is a fitness social network that uses gamification to encourage people to exercise and to get in to shape.
Fitness apps are all the rage at the moment, perhaps because the summer is on its way, and Fitocracy is leading the charge with users that are more engaged than any other social network besides Facebook, according to TechCrunch.
With over 1 million users and a deal with Arnold Schwarzzeneger, the future looks bright for the New York startup.3. Despite being tarred as a sexting network, Snapchat has recently experienced a huge surge in usership from the 40+ demographic. Brands can make headway, too – Taco Bell recently became the first major brand to launch a new product through Snapchat.4.
WazeDownload Waze for: Android or iOSWaze has been making, uh, waves, since reaching 20 million users in July 2012. The social GPS application offers a mixture of navigation and real-world data, learning from users’ driving times to provide real-time traffic updates and alternative routes when the roads are busy.
As of March 2013, Waze had 40 million drivers who shared 90 million reports of incidents on the road.5. Vine users have been able to post six-second videos since the app’s launch in January of 2013, and the platform quickly attracted interest from film-makers and animators since earning its own category at the Tribeca Film Festival. While no usage statistics have yet been reported, it’s believed that Vine is killing the competition offered by Cinemagram, SocialCam and Viddy.
These are just a handful of the apps that are making waves at the moment, but to really keep up-to-date, it’s a good idea to browse the best-selling apps on the iTunes Store or on Google Play every couple of days.
You never know what you might be missing out on!What hot new smartphone apps are you using? Let us know with a comment!Dane Cobain is a social media specialist for UK-based creative agency fst the Group. He’s also a gadget-lover and tech fanatic, as well as an internet addict.A post by Dane Cobain (1 Posts)Dane Cobain is author at LeraBlog.
He’s also a gadget-lover and tech fanatic, as well as an internet addict.Do you like this post? If you are looking for a something new to enhance your social media campaigns, consider Vine. Yes, GPS is a great device that will help you not get lost and find the most suitable ways to your destinations.

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