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Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, New York.
Makeup manufacturer Benefit has released its newest eyebrow-related invention, a mobile optimized site that details how users should style their brows, to promote its brow-shaping products and services. The brand is known for its brow products and has recently rolled out a slew of services and promotions all in relation to eyebrows, to take advantage of the trending beauty theme. Benefit's Brow Genie is unique take on the usual seflie campaignBenefit is encouraging users to share the photos on their social media pages to better promote the line.
For the month of Ma,y the in-store brow boutique is donating proceeds from waxing to the charity Dress For Success that provides underprivileged women the tools needed to succeed, to coincide with its brand image of women empowerment. Capturing millennial demographicTumblr is a hub for millennial mobile activity and one of the most engaging platforms for the age group. The content of the sponsored posts makes sure to incorporate spring trends to engage millennials who are prone to winter doldrums this time of year. New advertising technologyThe Old Navy posts on Tumblr and Yahoo are all hi-res to really grab the attention of the consumer where they can peruse upcoming spring and new Old Navy merchandise. A new feature in Yahoo splash ads allows advertisers to display multiple hi-res images at once creating a greater story for the consumer.
Old Navy's road trip ad on Yahoo and TumblrThis type of feature in ads is a growing trend for companies looking for advertisers. Home shopping network QVC is leveraging its video expertise to enhance mobile shopping, with the content now integrated on product pages in its application.QVC is ramping up its mobile strategy to maximize the holiday sector of the retail year through a page specific for Black Friday deals and the introduction of product pages. Verizon is tapping into Buzzfeed's wide reach with video on social media, for promotion of its mobile video platform Go90, revealing how much of a big player the medium in the past year.Mobile users were treated to a Buzzfeed video sponsored by Go90 featuring the various awkward moments that happen to those in their 20's.
Manufactured homes question quiz - quizmoz quizzes free, Welcome to the quizmoz manufactured homes question quiz. Food Lion is giving shoppers a way to save money by using the Shazam application to listen to a location’s music, in an innovative mobile coupon experience that also leverages beacons. The grocery store chain is providing its in-store shoppers with a modern couponing experience, streamlining the process as well as making it an interesting experience.
Mobile couponing has become quite a staple within the retail industry, and customers now expect some form of mobile discount in today’s market.
The retailer partnered with Mood Media to introduce a beacon system in which the technology is used to ping in-store devices so when users open their Shazam app they will be directed to the Food Lion coupon page. Food Lion shoppers who open the app to Shazam the music playing within the bricks-and-mortar location while they are shopping will be targeted with the campaign. The digital page congregates a series of discounted products and coupons right within mobile users’ phones. Shazam users shopping at Food Lion locations no longer have to even prep for discount hunting, and can simply look for deals while they are already shopping without having to worry about keeping a series of printed coupons on them.
Customers can now receive their discounts through the app until Jan 1, receiving coupons on everyday household products such as saving one dollar on any three Kellog’s Cereals or a $.55 discount on Minute Maid Orange Juice.

Coupons are quickly growing as a significant component of beacon-enabled proximity marketing thanks to strong redemption rates, with brands and retailers forecast to deliver 1.6 billion coupons a year by 2020, according to a new report from Juniper Research (see more). Kmart also underscored mobile’s role as a shopping companion by rolling out a slew of updated application features, including real-time push notifications for limited-time specials, exclusive coupons and layaway options for weekly payment plans (see more). Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily and Mobile Marketer, New York. Visa Checkout has been making significant strides in minimizing cart abandonment rates and drive sales for retailers, with users making 30 percent more purchases than the overall market. Starbucks is also maximizing the number of users on its mobile payments application by extending its capabilities to include Visa Checkout, exhibiting its growth (see more). Visa’s payments platform has an overall 86 percent checkout completion rate, with mobile sales growing by ten percent from July to November last year. Members who are a part of Visa Checkout complete a 51 percent higher conversion rate when compared to traditional checkout shoppers, while PayPal Express Checkout only sees 28 percent higher conversion. The size of carts is also seeing a jump through Visa Checkout, with seven percent higher compared to traditional checkout users.
The online payments service allows users are able to save credit information for more convenient and safe checkout on mobile and desktop.
Progressive Insurance is introducing a new mobile application for its Snapshot service, a move that could drive adoption by making it easier for customers to earn rewards for their good driving habits.
While mobile has been a staple in various sectors of retail for a while, many fields such as insurance have evaded a shift towards efforts in smartphone devices, but Progressive is making that leap by bringing Snapshot to an app.
Progressive’s Snapshot program offers discounts to customers with good driving records by giving them devices which track their driving data and determines whether or not they can receive a discounts.
The good driver program was introduced a few years ago, but has had slow pickup with customers. Now users can download the Snapshot app and be able to adjust their driving strategy accordingly based on real-time driving history data for a better chance at a discount.
However, in the past Snapshot customers were only able to receive reports through desktop and email. The device records information such as speed, acceleration, braking, time of day, how frequent and where you drive.
Now, customers can follow along on their mobile devices to be sure they are staying within the safe driving limits to receive a discounts, and what to do to improve. The new app may remove the stigma in the eyes of customers, making the information personally available to users right in their hands, as many view the original program as emulating Big Brother. While the Snapshot app is not yet available for download, it is rolling out testing and will be available for iOS and Android. Allstate Insurance is also moving to mobile by providing consumers with more incentive to drive safely by updating its application to feature Allstate Rewards, a platform that enables users to accumulate points to redeem for deals such as gift cards, local offers and brand merchandise (see more). The more posts pertaining to spring and summer, the more interest it holds to the young group.

For example, popular photography application Instagram is foraying into the world of performance advertising by introducing clickable links and carousel ads that offer deeper content and a story feel (see more).
As mobile video continues to grow with consumer behavior, major developers are bringing it to the mainstream, evidenced by Twitter and National Football League launching a streaming partnership while Facebook Live continues to expand."This will be an incredibly important partnership for Verizon," said Michael Becker, managing partner at mCordis. For over 50 years, the architect dreamed of building a one-room structure for minimal living. While the store’s music plays through overhead speakers, mobile device users allow the Shazam app to listen to the audio which then brings them to a page providing a wide range of product discounts. Food Lion’s new partnership with Shazam is providing customer with an even more convenient method in digital couponing.
The app will bring them to Food Lion’s MVP coupon hub, which acts similar to coupon booklets received in the mail. In the past coupon users had to sort through a series of leaflets and coupon books to assemble a collection of discounts, which they had to bring in stores.
Retailers are also seeing many new customers make purchases following Visa Checkout promotional deals, with 46 percent of users claiming they were new merchants. Visa Checkout is competing with other payments services such as PayPal Express Checkout and Apple Pay, and its long history as a finance giant may be helping its current success. Snapshot is the insurance company’s good driving reward program, in which customer progress can now be tracked through the new app. The new app now allows consumers easy access to their vehicle data and information on how to better receive discounts.
Despite its name, the insurance company was not acting exceedingly progressive and refrained from introducing a mobile app to coincide with the service.
Drivers plugged Progressive’s device into their vehicles and following a 175-day period users were able to see whether or not they were available for a discount and data details via its Website or email. The app shares information such as a one to five star rating, data summary, map of travel and personalized tips. Elliot will be partnering with Old Navy for two months, producing more videos and look books for the spring season.
The video displays attention-grabbing outfits and footage combined with aesthetically pleasing text.
The video takes the format of many other Buzzfeed content pieces, but incorporates aspects related to Go90.The video opens with two female friends sharing a cab to a club, declaring a girls night, but as it cuts to later on in the night, it shows one woman has brought home a guy, leaving the other as a third wheel.
A dedicated page on Tumblr will congregate user-generated content as well as brand-created from the campaign.Ice Breakers shares its television ads on TwitterThe television spots, which launched on Monday, feature various individuals in different scenarios who feel a surge of confidence after eating an Ice Breakers mint. With OTT Marketing intermediaries will fall to the wayside and marketers will be able to go direct to their prospects and customers.

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