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Listed below are the events hosted or covered by Mobile Marketer and its sibling publication Luxury Daily. Caitlyn Bohannon is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, New York.
Editorial Assistant Chris Harnick covers content, gaming, media, television, music and social networks. Verizon Wireless has taken a step in the development of the Long Term Evolution mobile broadband network.Verizon selected digital security specialist Gemalto to provide an over-the-air platform and LTE Universal Integrated Circuit Card for the industry's first LTE network.
Publications such as The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star are piloting a new native advertising program that makes it easy to deliver sponsored content across smartphone, tablet and desktop Web sites. Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, New York. Please click here to download Mobile Marketer's Classic Guide to Mobile AdvertisingMobile advertising works when used as part of a cross-media campaign and dialogue. IRobot is leveraging augmented reality to bring readers of Popular Science magazine a 3D experience showing the inner workings of the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner. For publishers looking to monetize their mobile sites, native advertising provides a way to deliver ads that are integrated into the user experience. According to Berg Insight, mobile will account for 15.2 percent of global online ad spend in 2016. The ad appears in the November issue of Popular Science and is viewable by anyone with a smartphone or tablets and the Popular Science Interactive app downloaded on their device. Overall it was pretty good.Swaroop Patnaik, president of Ficus, San FranciscoIt was educational.
These publications are testing a variety of types of native ads on Polar’s new MediaVoice platform, including sponsored stories, sponsored videos, sponsored photo galleries and sponsored outbound content. The app was launched earlier this year to enable readers to launch 3D editorial experiences, and this is the first time a 3D print ad is appearing in the publication. In one shot, a model kicks through the frame of the image while his counterpart narrowly misses his foot. Verizon Wireless is betting on LTEThe OTA platform and UICC will help Verizon Wireless deliver a secure and reliable multimedia data connection, provide global roaming and remotely add new UICC card applications and services on its 4G LTE wireless broadband network.

Hispanic market with mobile experiences that bring together the world around them, and their world – the services they use, their friends and their interests.
I enjoyed the Nokia and Impact Mobile presentations and the insights of where we hope mobile is going.
Now, marketers need to have an always-on mindset where consumers are in control and are able to pull information about a brand at any time that they want.Mr. Verizon Wireless selected Gemalto for its over-the-air platform, which will help the wireless leader manage LTE devices on its 4G LTE network, as well as its UICC, a new innovative microprocessor smart card.The UICC will be used inside mobile devices to manage subscriber information exchange, such as transferring contacts and preferences from one device to another, while providing secure access to Verizon Wireless' LTE network.
This is the HTC landing pageUltimately we’re creating innovative products, continuing to grow audience and drive user engagement. Already big brands such as The Coca-Cola Co., Starbucks, Target and Home Depot have embraced mobile advertising, proving that when it is done right, the channel can produce astounding results.
Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm and Storm2 are exclusive to Verizon WirelessBy leveraging its 700 MHz spectrum for LTE deployment, Verizon Wireless' goal is to deploy a high-quality wireless broadband network with excellent coverage and in-building penetration, all at a cost structure significantly below current levels.
Hispanic audience with highly targeted advertisements through a variety of mobile advertising opportunities and advertising formats.
In general, marketers are looking to create stronger user experiences in mobile that go beyond the standard banner ad, which can be easily overlooked on a small mobile screen, as well as interstitials and other formats that take users away from the content they are interested in. Larger budgets will lead to higher fill rates for publishers.With that we present the industry with the Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising to help understand the value of mobile and its context in advertising and marketing.
Gupta, media planning will never go away, but the point is that marketers need to listen and respond to consumers every time they are saying something about a brand through digital platforms.Is digital working?Despite the change in consumer behavior, Mr. This is one of the reasons why native ads are on the upswing in mobile, as ads are placed seamlessly within the flow of content. This document presents how-to articles, case studies, trend pieces and common misconceptions to industry members with the goal of educating readers on this fast-paced subchannel of mobile.
The Toronto Star is one of the publishers testing Polar's native advertising platformHowever, native advertising does come with its own potential pitfalls. For example, inline ad content can easily be mistaken for editorial content if it is not properly identified, which can be confusing for consumers.
The augmented reality experience is designed to highlights the inside of iRobot's best-selling product and give readers a way to experience the inner workings of the Roomba.

These consumers are therefore more prone than other demographics to participate in sweepstakes and promotions.This means that simply having a CRM program that only includes mobile or email is not enough. The MediaVoice platform from Polar, which recently changed its name from Polar Mobile, makes it easy for publishers to present, create, serve and report native advertising experiences across their desktop, tablet and smartphone Web sites.
Instead, CRM efforts need to be based on data that is linked throughout the consumer experience.Changing retailAccording to Mr.
The platform integrates with publishers’ existing ad infrastructure, such as DoubleClick. Also, a big thank-you to editor in chief Mickey Alam Khan for his help and supervision during the production of this guide. Better user experiencesThe native advertising solution is an extension of Polar’s MediaEverywhere platform, which enables publishers to develop and manage mobile sites and apps. Thank you also to ad sales director Jodie Solomon for convincing others to invest in this guide and others before it. Native advertising was offered as a feature on MediaEverywhere, but interest was strong enough from the market that Polar decided to offer it as a standalone platform. There is tremendous demand on behalf of marketers to reach a highly engaged Hispanic audience on mobile, and we’re delivering the targeted opportunities to connect brands and users in new and meaningful ways. The MediaVoice platform adapts native ads to a site's existing look and feel, while still giving the publisher control to customize the styling, font, color, shading and any design elements using CSS and HTML. There is also a self-serve Web-based tool used to create and manage native advertising content and a reporting dashboard with real-time analytics on native ads performance.
Last month, chemicals company BASF was the first advertiser to sponsor a digital belly band appearing on the cover of the publication’s iPad edition.
Once the animated belly band ad runs, readers see a button asking them to tap a button to open the issue.
All of these statistics point to the fact that the Hispanic user is increasingly looking for the innovative, customizable and easy-to-use products and services that Yahoo Mobile en Español provides the Spanish speaking population.

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