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Spinnakr is a service that helps you target yourwebsite's visitors to increase conversions. Traditionally SMS has been the first mobile marketing tool that software companies push on marketers. If you launch a SMS marketing campaign, youa€™ll find that just because you built it doesna€™t mean they will come, or at least not until you start advertising and promoting the new campaign. Any call to action that asks the recipient to make a purchase must give them a strong incentive to do so.
With a 98% open rate, you dona€™t have to worry about your recipients not seeing the offer. Combining mobile coupons and other mobile promotions with SMS marketing can drive sales, increase loyalty, and make sure your brand is top-of-mind with your audience.
Marketers must think of mobile as more than just the environment where a consumer or customer experiences a campaign.
Mobile web must be responsive; campaign messaging should be delivered in an easily-consumable format for on-the-go digesting. We work with many brands where our client contacts are sometimes the champions for mobile innovation within their organizations – organizations that might be slower to move than their internal mobile product experts. Today 60% of New Zealanders have a smartphone, double the penetration of a year ago, and low cost and user demand will drive penetration much higher. We all know that smartphones are our social connection to friends and family, but TNS’ recently released global study of mobile behaviour, Mobile Life, tells us the smartphone will increasingly be much more, because there is huge desire from consumers. This current usage and potential for growth is because the smartphone satisfies core needs for immediacy and relevance – that is, access to the information consumers need at the right place and time.
Overall, TNS’ Mobile Life study clearly shows that consumers will welcome greater engagement with brands via mobile, including offers, coupons or information pushed to them via their mobiles, as long as they save the consumer time, money or angst.
If you don’t have a mobile strategy you need one, because for sure your competitors will be developing one. If you sell to consumers, you need to make it easy and convenient for consumers to engage with you while in-store. If you’re a retailer, you risk being disintermediated by mobile unless you have a strategy to integrate mobile into your sales strategies.
David is a marketer by training who fell into research and consulting through a love of fact-driven insights. Today’s consumer wants everything available at their fingertips, and they don’t want to wait.

Creating a mobile campaign is one of the many things you can acquire when you market with Agency Fusion in Salt Lake City.
Are you delivering calls-to-action in a way that is easy for a viewer to act upon via mobile device?
It’s not necessarily in the launch of a new product where we have to create broad attention and awareness. We have to think about not only how we help them make the business case for mobile integration, but also how to think more broadly about the capabilities of mobile and what can be accomplished. We were beginning to talk about insights from consumer behavior and how to leverage those behaviors on behalf of our clients. This might be as simple as QR codes on products, access to product reviews, or offering a special deal pushed to mobiles.
David has worked client side in the automotive, government and insurance sectors, and for the last 15 years at Conversa and then TNS has led brand, product development, customer value management and segmentation studies for a range of industries.
If you do not have a website that is optimized for mobile users, you could be missing out on a huge target market.
This means becoming an avid user of mobile marketing, since the best way to understand it is to experience it.
Claiming your business’s listing allows you to corroborate your business’s information, create mobile discount offers (for when your customers “check-in”), and do several other useful things. Some companies create SMS campaigns that use analytics to determine what customers want, and which messages they are likely to respond to. Nicole works for Agency Fusion in Salt Lake City, UT where she helps companies build and market websites. Can they find product or campaign information effortlessly while multitasking on a tablet? Mobile users know how they want to receive and share information on mobile. It might be… about how to look at their existing customers — how they use the product, how often they consume it and where. Avoid wasting agency time, energy and client budgets on activations that don’t make sense in a mobile environment. By giving them better tools and evidence as to the effectiveness of your solution, clients can go back to their stakeholders with an informed strategy that makes them the heroes.
Using mobile marketing can generate more buzz for your company, and will give your sales a boost if you do it correctly. Becoming a power user involves learning to use QR codes, checking-in using Go-Walla or Foursquare, clicking a banner ad, using Google Voice Search so as to locate a shopping mall or restaurant, among a host of other solutions.

You should include maps that provide the location of your business, as well as phone numbers that are click-to-call. On sites like Go-Walla, Foursquare, Google+ and Yelp, people can click to call your website directly from their mobile device, but you need to claim your listing to optimize this mobile-friendliness.
SMS messages can be sent along with Facebook campaigns, check-in campaigns and other features to gain the attention of your audience.
You can create a campaign that will insert the individuals name in the SMS text if you want to make the message personalized. By working together to create insights from data, the team can be assured that creative campaign elements are more likely to resonate with their target audiences and drive behavior. Because more than any other device, the smartphone enables brands to have a completely different relationship with consumers. One in five of us are already using our mobile to pay for things, and another third are interested in doing so. You should make it a daily habit to explore the many mobile marketing solutions that are available; so as to get a good idea of how mobile marketing works. If you are in the restaurant business, add a feature for people to book a dining table through their phones. Messages that include customers’ names have proven to have twice as high open rates and significantly higher conversion rates. And a half of us are using mobile in the path to purchase, either to research or buy, and there is considerable desire to do more. Every organization has people within its walls who geek out about uncovering these data-centered insights.
Our industry is opening up more of these opportunities for people who thrive on research and crunching numbers to participate in brand building and customer engagement. Their passion is key to driving creative campaigns that will successfully leverage mobile as the central touch point with the audiences marketers want to reach most.

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