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Success in mobile marketing depends upon a number of factors – including mobile design and advertising, and of course, user experience. Through our mobile marketing strategy and solution services, we help companies create a detailed plan for mobile marketing success. As a full-service agency, we are able to source subject matter experts from across the organization in order to create winning mobile marketing solutions. To learn how we can create a complete mobile marketing strategy for your company, please fill out the form on this page. Marketing tools and strategies are ever changing, parallel with the development of newest technology and human behavior. People nowadays, no matter how young or how old, never go anywhere without their handphones. Optimize your corporate website and any significant social media pages especially your Facebook business page to be mobile friendly.
Since people spend most of their time on their handphones instead of computers like yesteryears, more emails are viewed on a smartphone but unfortunately emails that are not mobile optimized will end up deleted.
Attracting new customers using your local listings is a smart move, but you must make sure those listings work for you.
Utilize and install an analytics program such as Google Analytics to find out if your mobile marketing is paying off.
Kindly Call us at 012-7521 244 or Email us to get FREE Digital Marketing consultancy services. It is estimated that about 20% of global marketing is governed by mobile and in coming times, the figure will double or triple. The mobile marketing strategy must take into account all the phases the mobile user is going to be involved in.
Digital Results Marketing will help design and implement a mobile strategy that will drive tangible revenue and gain increased exposure for your brand through the increasingly important mobile device channel. It is estimated that more people will soon access the internet through a mobile device like an iphone, ipad, android, blackberry or tablet than a computer. When is comes to marketing your business you can choose from mobile wesbites, mobile search engine marketing, text (SMS) messaging, proximity mobile marketing, mobile apps, QR codes, mobile social integration, mobile restaurant ordering, mobile e-commerce solutions, and mobile coupon redemption just to name a few.
Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
Use our hub pages as a reference to get up-to-speed on all the main digital marketing techniques.
Mobile marketing is massive already and forecast to exceed desktop Internet access in many developing countries.
Use our mobile marketing primer to get up-to-speed with the opportunities of mobile marketing. These are the main customer touchpoints that must be reviewed within a mobile marketing strategy as we explain in our 7 Step Guide to mobile strategyA for Expert members. These touchpoints are defined by Rob Thurner and Dave Chaffey, thanks to Design and Online Marketing agency eibDigital for creating the graphic. Mobile marketing covers a range of mobile devices including, of course, smart phones and dumb phones, but also tablet devices like the iPad. Aside from marketing to the mobile web, mobile apps, SMS marketing and proximity marketing are key mobile marketing approaches.
These are the related techniques which we recommend as important for managing Mobile marketing effectively.
Marketing mobile application is a challenging job in today’s competitive online marketplace. According to the research, it has been evaluated that the free application have maximum download.

Now create a stunning content that comprises videos, images and proper information about your application. According to the study, it has been found that about 90% of the people mostly uninstall the app after the 6 months of usage. For maintaining the relationship with the older customers, you can publish your video and blog content on the popular websites. All these tips will definitely help you create the best strategy for mobile application marketing. Related Post16 July 2014 How To Increase Downloads Of Your Mobile Application Or Game The market space for mobile apps is huge.
This is really helpful, you have listed the best app marketing strategies that will work for all kinds kinds of mobile apps. Our mobile marketing strategy and solutions services help our clients pull it all together. Long gone the days where the internet is only for youngsters, and long gone the days where communicating with billions of people across the globe at the same time is science-fiction material. It is a must to use email optimized layout, preferably single column, and a font size of no larger than 14. Go where your potential clients are, keep your info up to date and include all your promotions. You can make use of the features such as segmenting and referral tracking to analyze your clients’ behavior which is really useful in marketing planning.
More than half of worlds’ population is having the smartphone that has very easy and fast access to the internet.
Mobile Marketing has allowed the users to analyze the marketing status of the business at ease. Never Use Large Size Flashing Image: Implementing image at mobile website is good, but never embed large size image because it slows down the loading speed of site. Embed the Content with Relevant Information: Make the content informative and genuine, never put up false information. Hence, adopting mobile marketing strategies will be the good approach to boost the business brand. Some companies approach to us asking what they would need to do in the mobile channel: should we have a mobile website or a mobile app? First of all, it is necessary to benchmark competitors ir order to know which tools seem to be the most relevant. Keeping up to date on just how to deploy it for a small or medium sized business is a daunting task. DRM is that team and can help make sure you choose the right tactics as part or an overall mobile strategy. They will help you quickly understand how to make the most of the technique through definitions and recommendations on our member resources and blog articles covering strategy, best practices and the latest statistics.
So every marketer needs to keep tabs on the opportunities of reaching their audiences via mobile and how to make their mobile sites and presences visible and accessible. Even though your application possesses high-end & unique features, the ineffective marketing can lead to less profit or revenue below your expectations. To boost your app marketing, it is necessary to know the potential audience, who want to have the application that you have developed. You may also contact the journalists and have a interviews, where you can discuss about the success of the mobile app. Do you have any suggestion that is helpful for prolific mobile app marketing, then please share your views at the comment section given below. Keep the textual content more brief and concise, placing the location and contact information in a prominent space.

Mobile coupons are trackable, allowing the cafe to see how many people click on the offer and redeem it at its outlets.
Hope, you are now very well aware about how adopting mobile marketing strategies will duly affect the growth of the business. Apart from building a mobile website or a mobile app, a mobile marketing strategy may include tablets or smartphones sites, mobile search visibility, mobile SEM, mobile advertising, SMS, location-based marketing or social marketing. If you want to make good profit, then you should draft proper mobile application marketing strategies that can work effectively according to the trends. Therefore, try to study the demographics thoroughly that for whom your application is suitable and why.
Research for the best channel (social networking websites, like Facebook, Google+, YouTube, etc), where your potential audience can be easily accessible. Now, use the social media and other channels to share the content among the potential demographics. To bring new users, it will be better to promote the exciting offer, such as discount & gift. When a customer shows the cashier the coupon on the mobile device, the cashier simply clicks the button to redeem it and the data will be recorded.
These tools may have multiple features such as product invetories, product images, gelocation, mobile coupons, store finder, customer assistance or social sharing. The first phase is, of couse, awareness: the company must assess how customers find it through mobile devices.
For this, here the blog presents some of the important tips that can help you make the best marketing strategy that can give a push to your app sale as well as maintain presence among the audience. Then, on the basis of this evaluation you can easily promote your application and can make the sale prolifically.
Moreover, you should also use effective keywords in your contents and also consider about creating the best landing page for your application.
Nevertheless, our response is always the same: you need to think of a mobile marketing strategy. Here, your objective is to attract the enough audience that can take your app to the topmost ranking. You can also collaborate with other developers and convince them to advertise your application in their mobile app. Companies must need to know where they are heading to, which their goals are, what they want and need and what content they have. Once a company is able to answer all these questions a mobile strategy may begin to be deployed. The company or brand must deploy its content through different mobile channels so users keep engaged. During this phase users will need to access to key data about company’s products and services. Actually, most marketers, strategists and technology consultants are obsessed with conversion rates.
Of course, the buying experience must be optimized so that a smooth, clean and lean process allows the user to buy company’s products. The mobile channel can be a very powerful tool in order to do that specially leveraging key mobile apps funcionalities.

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