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Last year, the mobile marketing & advertising industry finally got a seat at the big kids' table, with the development of new ad formats, better re-targeting options, and a little bit of healthy controversy over the ethics of native advertising.
There was a lot of buzz last year around the launch of the iPhone 6+, with its "bigger than bigger" 5.5 inch screen (and let's not forget all the viral outrage over THIS). The "it's too small" argument, which has hamstrung mobile campaigns since the very first iPhone was introduced, is finally a diminishing concern moving into 2015. Projections vary somewhat, but the general market consensus is that 2015 will either be the year that tablet sales finally go toe-to-toe with PCs, or the year that tablets actually out-sell PCs.
PC's aren't going away any time soon, obviously, but for functions like web browsing & online shopping, tablets are taking over (especially for higher-income demographics). A heated battle is currently underway in the world of mobile payment options, between the beacon-enabled Apple Wallet and the retailer-driven Current C (which uses QR-code scanners to bypass a credit card swipe). According to a report from the Google Shopper Marketing Council, shoppers spend an average of 15 minutes paying attention to their phones, every time they visit the store. Will 2015 be the year that iBeacon goes from a buzz word to a functioning part of the in-store experience? This is going to be a challenge even for major brands & retailers with popular native apps. In the end, the success or failure of iBeacon will hinge on how well businesses can leverage consumer incentives to drive use.
When FaceBook announced that its in-feed native ads were driving 49x the click through of traditional banner ads, every advertiser on the planet sat up and took notice. Moving into 2015, the hype surrounding native ads will be tempered to make room for experimentation and evaluation, determining true cost-effectiveness. Mobile marketing keeps us in the know when we’re on the go, but do you know where mobile marketing is going in 2014? As the momentum for mobile marketing propels it to a priority in 2014, marketers are expected to greatly increase their mobile spending and watch as their mobile efforts lead the way to a wealth of ROI. MDG Advertising is a full-service advertising agency and one of Florida’s top creative ad agencies. This entry was posted on Friday, December 20th, 2013 at 9:01 am and is filed under General, Mobile Marketing. When people are looking for a local business, more and more often they’re turning to their smartphones or tablets for help. If you don’t already have a small business mobile marketing strategy, or it’s been on the back burner and you haven’t done much with it, it’s time to shift your priorities.
Smartphone and tablet screens are smaller and your website has to be able to function on reduced screen real estate. Keep the overall design simple and clean, and avoid Flash animations—they don’t play well with mobile platforms. If possible, avoid drop-down menus—they’re difficult to near impossible to work on a small screen. Place information that’s important for mobile users, like your address and a click-to-call phone number, near the top of the page.
The key to benefiting from mobile search is to make sure that when people are looking for your products or services in your area, they’ll find your business.
Make sure you’re easy to find on social media by listing your address and phone number on your Facebook page, and claim your business location on Google Places, which can be linked to a Google+ account. Allocate a budget for mobile search marketing, which is separate from Web search marketing. In much the same way you build an email marketing list, you should also be working on a text or SMS (Short Message Service) marketing list. You can promote your text club on your website and social media pages, and in your retail location if you have one.
What type of companies do you think the “text clubs” mobile promotions works best for? Seems like something that a lot overlook but at the same time, I don’t think it works for everyone. SMS is such an intimate and immediate form of communication that it only makes sense to use when the end user, your customer, gets real value out of it. If your business relies on local business, this type of marketing should be integrated into your business today.
Mobile marketing is cheaper and if correct messages are sent, it can bring instant customers and boost up your sales. We think text clubs and SMS marketing in general is a really useful and friendly way for local businesses to build up their customer base at the point of sale or local events. All of these things were built to help people be successful, and we’ve really tried to minimize the promotion of Signal within them. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
This entry was posted in Google, PPC, SEO and tagged Business Owners, email marketing, local seo, mobile, mobile apps, ppc, responsive design, small businesses. But, for marketers & advertisers, the iPhone's new, larger screen sizes will be especially significant moving into 2015a€”as this trend towards larger devices also allows for larger and more impactful advertising creative. Creative limitations of mobile display ads, which require simple and striking design in order to be effective, will diminish as well, with larger placements allowing for more dynamic visuals.
Regardless, the high saturation of tablet devices worldwide is a certainty in 2015, meaning that advertisers will need to re-think how they allocate ad spend in order to reach their target audience.
This is good news for marketers & advertisers, as tablets combine the screen size and creative options of a desktop with the mobility, targeting, and convenience of a smartphone. Whichever format emerges victorious in 2015 (most likely Apple), the key takeaway for marketers is realizing the full extent to which mobile devices have become an integral part of the shopping process, in-store and out. The fact that manufacturers and retailers alike are looking to mobile as an avenue to streamline the in-store experience shows just how much the general mindset is changing, with in-store mobile strategies now considered a minimum requirement for competitive marketing. For smaller businesses, the only real option is joining a "beacon network;" a native app representing numerous cooperating retailers, where the number of participating businesses serves as the user's incentive for an app install. Native advertising became such a hot industry focal point, it even found its way into pop culture when comedian John Oliver ran this segment during his HBO show, Last Week Tonight. And, as consumers grow more wary of more deceptive native tactics, we'll finally have some idea of what the format's real, longterm value will be. Considering how mobile advertising has grown more than 75% in 2013, it’s no longer considered an emerging channel but is now an essential element of every digital marketing strategy. Mobile RTB Will Comprise Almost Half of All Mobile Ad Buys – Despite a lukewarm response from PC ad buyers, RTB has been warmly embraced by mobile marketers as the best way to bring scale to the ad-buying process. More Mergers in the Ad Network Space – The declining inventory available to ad networks today will lead to a rise in consolidations throughout the industry. Email Will Evolve into a Mobile-First Channel – With more than half of all emails currently opened on a mobile device, experts expect email to emerge as a mobile-first channel in the coming year.

More Mobile Ad Formats Will Pop Up – Prepare for many new mobile ad formats in the coming year. Twitter Will Tap Third-Party Twitter Clients for Ad Revenue – Twitter offers a variety of ad formats, such as Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets, but only a few third-party Twitter clients currently use them. Facebook’s FBX Will Go Mobile and Go Through the Roof – For Facebook’s ad revenue to reach its full potential, the network must make FBX into mobile. With offices in Boca Raton and New York City, MDG’s core capabilities include branding, logo design, print advertising, digital marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, media planning and buying, TV and radio, outdoor advertising, newspaper, video marketing, Web design and development, content marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. Mobile searching is a whole new playing field, with the majority of searches related to shopping or finding a nearby business—a gas station, a restaurant, a hotel or retail store. According to StatCounter, the search engine giant is responsible for 96 percent of mobile searches worldwide, and 57 percent of mobile ad revenue. If consumers can’t read or navigate your site on a mobile device, they’ll head for the nearest competitor with a mobile-friendly website. If your site is built with WordPress, you should check to make sure this option is enabled on your dashboard. These lists, often called “text clubs” to emphasize exclusivity, can be used to send customers special offers, discounts and promotions. You can also use interactive smartphone technology like QR codes or NFC tags that let shoppers sign up for your SMS mailing list with a wave of their phones.
Chamber specializes in helping SMB's grow their business on the Web while facilitating the connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide. When do you think we have reached the stage when we got so much SMS that it feels like the cold-calling phone sales people ringing you up on a daily basis? We build SMS apps for social entrepreneurship purposes that do very well in building subscriber lists, while at the same time generating a lot of engagement. With other methods of marketing it can take time to get a response but with the mobile it’s very fast.
One challenge that companies routinely have is getting their customers to make the decision to visit their website when they add it to a print-ad or product packaging. Customers do not have to clip the coupons, print them or remember to bring them to the location.
And the true marketing benefit of being able to use SMS is that text message based conversation that happens in real time.
Through location technology and knowing a user’s mobile history, businesses can target each user with relative mobile apps and sites. Just a few years ago, browsing the Internet on a mobile phone was a rare luxury, and from an online marketing perspective, it was largely irrelevant. With much smaller screens and lower screen resolutions than desktops and laptops, browsing a website designed for the big screen on a mobile device is hardly a very optimal experience.
If your business primarily caters to a market in a specific geographical location, then you’re going to want to pay close attention to local SEO so that your business appears in local searches and on mobile devices when people are looking for local businesses.
Some may think that email is steadily dying out given the enormous rise of social networking. Many app developers support their efforts by placing advertisements in apps which they then offer for free. We've been recognized as one of Website Magazine's Top 50 SEO Firms and named by TOP SEOs as "Best in Search" for link building 4 times. The major hurdle to widespread adoption is fairly intimidating: all consumers must go through the hassle of voluntarily opting-in to receive beacon marketing. Mobile marketing moved to the mainstream after this year’s stunning success of Facebook’s mobile advertising, which amazed and crazed the industry and completely changed the mobile marketing mindset. And after Twitter acquired mobile RTB tech leader MoPub earlier this year, mobile real-time bidding (RTB) went widespread and was projected to account for one-third of the year’s mobile ad buys. And the powerful combination of RTB platforms and direct ad sales by major publishers will make the options of larger mobile ad networks seem redundant. The trend will be sped and supported by the mounting amount of email received and the steady slide of PC sales.
Some have already started to appear, such as Twitter’s Promoted Tweets and Facebook’s in-stream ads format. With records revealing that Twitter has failed to return a profit, expect Twitter to focus on finding revenue streams in 2014. With today’s simultaneous rise in mobile usage, engagement rates, and mobile ad spend, Facebook would be wise to leverage this trinity of opportunity by taking FBX mobile in the coming year.
However, mobile users are increasingly turning to services like Yelp for reviews during business searches, and the majority already searches for product information from their phone in-store – 84 percent of them, according to a Google study.
SMS marketing is highly effective—according to Nielsen, 97 percent of all text messages, including marketing, are opened and read, compared to an average email marketing open rate of 10 to 20 percent depending on industry. Megan specializes in reporting the latest business news, helpful tips and reliable resources and provides advice through her column on the Chamber blog.
So I think small business need to deeply consider about mobile marketing and if possible they must all come up with a mobile version of their website.
Google also has introduced mobile seo in organic search also added enhanced campaign in Google ad-word for sponsors search.
Doing this means their users are more likely to download the apps and visit the sites shown, which also means those businesses will better monetize their mobile visitors.2.
However, the majority of people already own smartphones and use them every day for browsing and other online activities.
In order to minimize scrolling, panning and zooming, Web designers should deploy responsive Web design features so that their websites automatically scale to the size of the screen or window which they are being displayed on. Unlike a mobile-optimized website, an app can provide an offline component and help to make for a more customized, interactive and streamlined experience with an online service. There are many valuable online tools for local SEO, such as Google Places, Bing Places and Foursquare.
However, this is simply not true, and in fact, people are actually using email more than ever before.
As is the case with any other form of PPC advertising, you will pay a small amount every time someone clicks on one of your advertisements.
Which means they also must have the store's native app installed on their device and running in their browser. This trend shows no sign of stopping and now RTB is expected to make up 45% of all mobile ad buys by the end of 2014.
So now is the time for marketers to start optimizing and customizing their messages for mobile viewing since that will be a must for marketing success.
Of course, Pinterest is sure to present its own new mobile ad format and marketers are expected to pin their hopes and their budgets onto the popular social media platform. That search will most likely lead to Twitter expand its advertising platform by working closely with its current ad partners to extend the reach of its advertising platform.

One of our most successful ventures has been the creation of a very effective text to give SMS donation utility that is integrated with Twitter, and which utilizes both short codes and long codes. While you should certainly not neglect the desktop audience, it is no longer optional for any business which wants to conduct a successful Internet marketing campaign to ignore mobile users.
A mobile app is not suitable for every type of business, particularly since they can be expensive to develop, but they are essential for many medium to larger businesses.
Additionally, you should optimize your site’s content itself in such a way that it makes references to location rather than the key phrases used in general SEO.
This is partly because all modern smartphones have email apps which allow people to check their email while they’re on the move without actually having to open their mobile Web browser. Just be sure to segment your mobile and desktop PPC campaigns so that relevant ads are more likely to appear on users’ screens. In addition, mobile video formats are ready for a revamp, so watch for a rise in 5-second and 10-second mobile video spots. Twitter has had great success with seamlessly integrating ads into its content and that experience should help Twitter develop deeper advertising partnerships with its client base. This works very well for our smaller, successful local nonprofit clients who don’t have the big fundraising budgets of the larger, national nonprofits.
A good business owner knows that he should not miss on this traffic by optimizing his website for these gadget users.
The average smartphone user downloads anywhere from 25-40 apps, but then only regularly uses half or a third of those.
However, other businesses will be better off having a completely separate mobile version of their website.
For smaller businesses, it is far more important to have a mobile-friendly website, since having a mobile app can be prohibitively expensive and become a content trap.
Having your business’s name, address and phone number at the bottom of every page is also a good idea.
Provided that you adapt your email newsletters for mobile browsing as well as desktop browsing, email marketing remains one of the most popular and cost-effective Internet marketing strategies of all time. And the widespread availability of Wi-Fi in most public places will make it much easier to deliver video ads any place and any time.
And that is just the tip of the iceberg of the mobile moments in our everyday lives.The impact is extending even deeper into health and fitness sector with the latest iPhone with iOS8 providing a “health app” with an easy to read dashboard of your health and fitness data. More apps are out there than people can handle, causing a serious case of mobile app burnout. With this happening, a business needs to make sure if they create an app for their consumers that they create a useful app their users can really connect with.One brand that did this is Starbucks.
With the Starbucks app, customers pay for their coffee and track their purchases on their smartphones. Better targeted marketingBecause location technology has improved so much this year, companies can better target their audiences. It also has a loyalty program, My Starbucks Rewards, where customers earn rewards when they purchase with their phones and then can redeem their rewards for free Starbucks products. And it’s not just targeting a large group of their audience, but the capability of targeting individuals.
This app shows Starbucks understands its customers needs because it makes life easier for every on-the-go Starbucks customer by helping them more quickly get in and out with their coffee, not to mention a chance at free stuff which all customers love.3.
When targeting an individual, businesses must use a more personal approach.A great personalized way of doing this is incorporating native advertising into their mobile app marketing strategy. Increasing use of social media appsLet’s be honest, our society is addicted to social media. Businesses are using mobile app marketing techniques to create a more personalized experience for their users. According to one study, social penetration (how much of the population is using a social network on a monthly basis) is around 40% across the globe and growing.And why shouldn’t we be? It’s a way to stay connected with friends and family, a way to get and share information, and a great way for businesses to reach their consumers. About two-thirds of smartphone and tablet users access their social network accounts from mobile devices, with Facebook being the top smartphone app accessed.This means businesses looking to better connect with their consumers and market their brand to a wider audience — including several potential clients — should look at ways to use social media apps for ad campaigns. Other tactics could include Facebook remarketing, promoted tweets, LinkedIn sponsored updates, Stumbleupon paid discovery and other tools or maximum exposure.4. Video is a fun way of sharing information, not to mention easier for users to digest that information.
Because video is such a strong mobile traffic driver, businesses need to start producing awesome video content.
Wearable technology is on the riseThe craze of 2014 is wearable technology, and we don’t see that craze ending in the near future. Instead, they’re devices with apps that collect a user’s data and relay real-time notifications and feedback to them, and people are loving it.Fitness trackers and smart watches are currently the top ones used.
All that’s required is making some tweaks to their existing mobile app to fit their own wearable design.Misfit is one such company that had to make a strategic decision to stay ahead of the curve, and so far its choice has been a good one.
Its CEO said he knew only making fitness trackers would put him out of business within the next year, so recently Misfit partnered with Pebble to make the Misfit app and its algorithm technology available on a Pebble smartwatch. Now instead of a sports band, users can wear a regular-looking watch and with one glance can see the time, their number of steps and other activity the Misfit app tracks.Technology advances and people’s wants change every day, which also means mobile trends regularly change and businesses have to keep adapting to these trends. Adapting isn’t a new concept, and like the example above with Misfit, it’s very possible for a company to do.
Partnering with other companies to give customers exactly what they need is one way of adapting.
But the best way of being prepared and adapting to these changes is staying up to date with the mobile industry, taking the time to really understand mobile trends and making mobile a top priority.These trends don’t necessarily negatively affect mobile apps. They just mean businesses need to continue evolving and improving with technology and the times, and businesses must fully understand the needs of their customers to make sure their mobile apps and mobile marketing strategies are meeting those needs. Because location technology has improved so much this year, a lot of the companies can better target their audiences.
A great-personalized way to achieve this is incorporating native advertising into their mobile app marketing strategy. Business can use mobile app marketing techniques to create a more personalized experience for their users.
This is a way to stay connected with friends and family, a way to get and share information, and a great way for businesses to reach their consumers.

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