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As with the desktop web, will mobile advertising become the predominant monetization mechanism in mobile? Simon Judge of Mobile Phone Development asked whether mobile advertising will become the principal income driver in mobile. The growth of mobile and the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) means more of us have smart computing devices with us most, if not all of the time. As Simon mentions in his question, we can expect a similar explosion to the desktop web boom on mobile devices. Mobile is a medium completely different from any other and should be approached and used as such in marketing and advertising strategy.
When we talk about mobile advertising, we’re really talking about two-way, meaningful interactions that will engage the consumer with the brand (and if you’re not, you won’t get very far in today’s world). Take, for example, mobile marketing solutions such as couponing: download an app, track and share your purchases and location, receive loyalty bonuses redeemable immediately via your mobile phone, then spend via NFC payment at the point-of-sale.
Forrester recently published research suggesting that in-store proximity payments will overtake mobile web transactions in the US by 2017, which is entirely possible as adoption of NFC accelerates (for which it requires greater promotion and understanding from retailers and, consequently, customers).
The sheer volume and accessibility of mobile devices around the world gives mobile advertisers a far larger market than anything we’ve ever seen before, and so is extremely well-placed to become the predominant monetization mechanism in mobile over the next decade. 2 thoughts on “As with the desktop web, will mobile advertising become the predominant monetization mechanism in mobile?
The phrase ‘less is more’ rings true in many sectors of life, work and society, but few expect it to be used in relation to security. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
And as a result of the mobile web being underrated, by extension the opportunity to advertise natively within the mobile web has also not been fully tapped. If you think about mobile web in general, not even going to native advertising, mobile web is a transition between desktop and apps. As with all types of native advertising, the context of the platform and the formats available to an advertiser define the opportunity. For anyone looking to go native on the mobile web, written content marketing is one of the best opportunities around. So although you can use native mobile web advertising to drive app installs, it might be better suited to softer branding exercises and content marketing rather than direct performance advertising.
Creating a successful native mobile web advert is all about choosing the right format to make the most of your tailored content. While it certainly matters that you create the right content for the right type of mobile web page to ensure it is native, it’s important to remember these widgets will drive shares and to design around them accordingly. The key to successful native advertising on any platform is the natural look and feel to the user.
If your target market is likely to read the New York Times and other respected publications, then you’ll need to adapt your copy to reach the thresholds of both class and quality their users expect.
So research publications carefully, pick which ones you want to try out and adapt your copy to give it the best chance to succeed. Because the mobile web is a hybrid between mobile and the traditional internet, it’s not surprising that the way you measure success for a mobile native web advert lies at the intersection between the two.

It is important to measure how often pages that feature a native advert are actually viewed, because the content won’t pop up like an interstitial. And if you can keep an eye on whether sharing leads to any unusual upticks in download activity, you can begin to piece together how much of a direct impact the advert has had. As the use of smartphones and tablets becomes more widespread, having a mobile website designed specifically to aid your potential and existing clients access information is becoming a necessity. Nova Solutions offers the latest cutting edge tools and platforms to properly serve our clients throughout Toronto for their mobile marketing needs.Mobile web design is focused on providing functionality and ease of use for websites on mobile platforms, such as a tablet or smartphone. Our mobile web designers are tasked with designing alternative versions of your existing desktop website that maintain the usability of their desktop counterparts, while implementing features or changes that will create more benefit and value for the user. Mobile websites designed by Nova Solutions will include one–click conversion, synchronization with the regular website, and usability for various types of mobile devices, such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry, among others. Whether it is through application based advertisements or mobile search engine results, mobile advertising is rapidly becoming an accessible and viable marketing option for many companies. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Brenda Walker says:July 20, 2010 at 9:42amWhat kind of in-app advertising did Intel run and where did they run it? Many companies are only just starting to realise the potential of this huge market and figure out how they can use it to their advantage.
The flexibility and reach of the mobile system alone means the audience and potential far outstrips desktop. We’re spending more and more time on our mobile devices, which means more eyeball time for hungry advertisers, but we also want to create a personalised service. It also enables companies (brands, retailers, banks etc.) to monetise their consumer database with attractive offers based on opt-in preferences. But when we look at the wealth of extra possibilities of the mobile web compared to the desktop web – think smart NFC payments, coupons, high-speed data provision, in-game purchases – there are so many additional revenue streams for the industry to tap into. If you are a business with multiple web properties, the Single Sign-On functionality is the exact product you need to drive revenues by providing easy access to your customers on all your multiple properties using a single username password. Despite the fact that SmartInsights reckons that the mobile web only captures 11% of mobile usage (in comparison to apps capturing 89%), Google’s insights into how users discover items for purchase shows that search powered by the mobile web out guns search in apps. It’s a middle ground that exists on mobile browsers like Safari, which is one part mobile ready and one part a legacy from the online web, and is used to consume content particularly from editorial websites.
You’ve seen companies coming from traditional desktop a few years ago with a regular website that can be read on mobile devices. Although it might be a smaller part of the overall mobile equation, advertising providers who operate in the mobile web like Taboola and Outbrain are helping to drive a billion dollar opportunity in this transitory market – which you could get a cut on. Sites like Buzzfeed and The Guardian offer room for advertisers to create content in their frameworks and native advertising that leverages this is less likely to irritate users than regular advertising.
Although Youtube and Soundcloud both have apps, users who haven’t downloaded the mobile version of either product will be directed into a useable version on their mobile browser. Tracking is one notable problem, as its transitory nature means it sits uncomfortably between the evolved mobile tracking eco-system and the cookie based nature of the web.
In a mobile app like Facebook, user expects to tap an advert and be redirected onto the App Store.

So the most important thing you have to think when creating a copy is that it has to be contextualised to the publications and distributors you want to reach, as well as adjusted to your individual business goals. And for native advertising on the mobile web, you need to think like a writer, video producer or podcaster and produce copy that fits the sites that host it. At the same time, a marketer creating a native mobile web advert also needs to find ways to track a return on investment – despite the fact that tracking on the mobile web is harder. By accepting that the KPIs are a fusion between views, shares and performance, you can begin to understand what role native mobile web adverts can play in helping your business. The steady increase of mobile device usage for Internet access means that the mobile version of your website holds equal importance to the desktop version—and that both websites should have functions that befits the characteristics of the device used. With professional quality mobile web design, the online presence of your company is no longer restricted to just desktops—it’ll be accessible anywhere for anyone with a mobile device. Proper implementation of mobile advertisements or promotions can help brand awareness and increase consumer traffic, as well as raise conversion rates and create brand equity. Panelists talked about the effectiveness of mobile advertising that Intel ran and gave best practices based on what they learned from the campaign.
The key is to understand that advertising or any type of marketing on mobile mustn’t be seen in the same way as on the Web.
It’s no surprise that a lot of different industry players are looking at managing the consumer relationship via their mobile payment scheme (whether NFC, QR codes, Square, etc…). The seamless connectivity can ensure that your customers not just spend time on the web page they land on but also visit your other properties.
This means you can take advantage of engaging formats like video and audio without disrupting the user experience too much. But on the mobile web that’s a bit more difficult because the user experience and expectations are different. A mobile free to play game targeted at men will have a significantly different marketing strategy compared to an e-commerce app targeted at women.
But if you’re looking to reach a market that is interested in Buzzfeed, you’ll be looking to serve up punchy tabloid content that would appeal to the users potentially browsing 9gag or Imgur. Google is predicting that the number of mobile searches will supersede the number of desktop searches by 2014—sector by sector, companies are adjusting their Internet presence to reflect this trend and make sure that mobile website design is an integral part of their overall strategy.Whether it is through application based advertisements or mobile search engine results, mobile advertising is rapidly becoming an accessible and viable marketing option for many companies.
Nova Solutions is committed to integrating mobile web design and advertising for Toronto companies through our dedicated and experienced mobile web design staff. With the right access management system that comes up with Single Sign-on , this issue can be solved. If I’m a user on a website, then I’m suddenly bounced to the App Store and then I’m in an app, I wouldn’t call that native. Nova Solutions is committed to integrating mobile web design and advertising for Toronto companies through our dedicated and experienced mobile web design staff.Why Nova?

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