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This player plays every video formats I've tried, but could not play certain audio formats on mkv files. This is the only program I've found that plays movies, whatever the format (except for .flv's) and that's pretty shocking considering everything else the iPad can do, not to mention its hefty price tag. The app would be nearly perfect if the browser worked better and it included some tooltips to explain what the buttons do. Finally - a reasonable solution for gettting all the .AVI and other format movies onto my son's ipad. When I add the videos via iTunes into the app there does not seem to be any way to remove them. I've never had a single problem with this app, plays all the movies and shows I have saved.
I love how smoothly it plays back video I would just really like to see compatibility with the HDMI connector to hook up to my tv.
Will not play if your video obtains a "proprietary codec" but plays on VLC player just fine. Played 1 out of 10 movies that I tried, giving a constant error message about audio decoders without any explanation on how to maybe fix this issue.
The real problem I have with this app is iPad will not charge when plugged in if this app is in use. Upgraded to get rid of the UPGRADE bubble in the middle of my video and it didn't transfer any of the files I had loaded. When you try to optimize mkv files with the new release of playable it hangs and won't optimize.

I had a lot of .avi movies which I couldn't convert and when I got this app I can now play them all on my IPad 3! This is one of the few apps I have found that I could load and play just about anything I had. QQ Player provides all the mandatory options to enjoy videos in your own customized way on Android. The interface provided by QQ Player is very simple and provides a real view of all video files on Android.
QQ Player supports multiple video file formats which includes AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MKV and many more. The video player provides a lock features that allows you to lock all the controls of the video player. The iOS App for playing the video of the M1 Dashboard driving recorder is capable of synchronized display of the driving video and the street map by combining the static and the dynamic states via the video and the street map.
The only problem is when your device is online and it keeps asking if you want to find video info. So it's a battery-intensive app you have to stop using after awhile while you wait for it to charge.
But when you resume a movie, you get audio but no picture, so you have to start the movie over.
The appreciating part of this Android video player is that, it plays multiple video formats on Android.
Also, this Android video player imports all the video files automatically from your SD card on refreshing the app.

If you want to play multiple video file format on your Android, then download this Android video player today on your Android. It allows one to have a broader and clearer perspective while enhancing your visual sense of space. It seems completely illogical that there should be only one program that can play movies, but this IS that one program. Next bug is when you sweep forward in the movie, it freezes on the image of where it was and the audio is advanced. The video is clean too, but the sound sometime cuts off or goes out of sync with the video. Video formats which are supported by QQ Player are AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MKV and many more formats. QQ Player provides an improved view of all the videos on Android as compared to default video player on your Android. And the video backgrounds never stop moving, which is irritating and I'm sure an extra, unnecessary drain on the battery. Can't even turn them off, which is what I paid the upgrade price for, thinking it would let me do that.
No sort or view options; all your videos in one big grid of empty blank tiles with unreadable 3 point text.

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