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Lumify, the app that prompts you to make movies like a pro, has just gotten another neat update.
In contrast to the likes of Vine and Cinemagram, Lumify encourages you to come up with videos that are well-thought-out and well-edited.
For starters, Lumify imposes no restriction on the duration of movies you can make with the app.
And with Lumify's suite of video editing features, you're bound to create a "professionally edited" movie in no time. As it happens, new video editing features have just been addd to Lumify through its new update, which also includes several bug fixes. 3 all new special effects (stop motion, slo-mo finish, zoom finish) that you can add to any scene with just a tap! After shooting your movie, just tap any scene to apply any of the above features as well as the other existing features to your chosen scene. With this update, operating the pocket-sized movie studio that is Lumify has become an even easier affair.
Don’t know about you, but I have about 1000 videos of friends eating, small cousins talking giberish, and all the puppies I have seen… on my smart-phone.

From the gallery, one can select up to ten pictures or video clips to string together and edit in the app. The experience with Windows 8 was flawless, though it took me a minute to figure out how take a screen shot.
I did a little research on the competition and realized we are the only windows 8 app supporting snipping and visual enhancement of videos. You’ll be able to download the app from the Windows 8 app store beginning December 12, 2012. Use this new feature to lower the music volume during a scene of someone talking, for example. The app was incredibly intuitive, beautifully designed, and the functionality are logically useful. Then the clips will appear in a storyline and can be dragged and dropped to rearrange order. And once Movie Edit Touch is released on Novembre 30th it will be one of less than ten fully comprehensive video editing tools for smartphones. If you can’t wait or want to try all the features of our desktop program, download a free trial of Movie Edit Pro 2013.

Images can be seamlessly joined or one can choose from over 16 transitions to use inbetween clips. This was my first experience with a Windows 8 tablet and editing video I had shot candidly with a smart-phone. Packing an app with all the right features one might need for movie editing on the go, without cluttering, could be quite the daunting tasks. And of course, a clip can be opened up by frame and snipped down to feature only the best portions of the cut.
While all functions are quick edit functions I think anyone editing on the go will find the Brightness, Contrast.

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