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Reverse Movie Editor is an app that lets youcreate a reverse video that looks like a magic trick! Movie Studio can be installed only on Samsung device, we cannot guaranteed it run correctly on other device.Please download and have a try and enjoy to create your personalized movies.
This apps is fast video camera on android support multi capture mode like normal FX, Funny, music video, fast motion, slow motion. You can highlight your videos with filters, FX, transitions, titles, music and live dubbing.
If there's a download button for the video, then just click itand the download will start2.

The most powerful video editor onthe market, PowerDirector gives you the power to create amazing,awesome, engaging videos on-the-go.
Turns your video clips into beautifully movies,complete with your choice of music soundtrack to your videos. You recording the favorite moments and making the awesome movis just by mobile phone become so easy from now on.
Share it !You can see the magic of Reverse Video Some of Examples:-Throw an item and get it back-People walking backwards,-Spitting the juice out-money attractingGive it a try, you'll be amazed!!!
Downloading files that are protected by copyright isprohibited and regulated by the laws of the country where you live.We assume no responsibility for any misuse of this application.

You can share the result withyour family or your friends of course anywhere you want : facebook, e-mail etc.Create reverse magic video!
Keep in mind, that this app contains a lot ofsettings that has to be configured before it may be used by a user(read wiki first).

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