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Offers you the possibility to organize your images in a slideshow, add audio effects or subtitles and then export the result to a video file. Sharing images in video format is great especially if you want to control their order, the transition time and effects between the images or if you would like to add captions.
Movie Maker intends to help you include all these elements in your projects and it comes with an intuitive interface that integrates with the Mac OS X look and feel. The main window is organized in three areas: in the left side panel you can view and manage your images library, the bottom area helps you edit and organize your slideshow, while the center of the window is reserved for previewing the images. After you drag and drop the images you want to include in the slideshow area you will be able to view a thumbnail for each photo and rearrange them via simple drag and drop actions. The Movie Maker videos can be mute but you also have the possibility to include music or audio effects. The Movie Maker application is able to work with popular audio file formats, such as MP3, AU, AIFF, AAC, CAF, M4A, WAV or AMR. To conclude, Movie Maker can be used to create video files by combining and adding different effects to photos, but also attaching audio files and your own subtitles in a slideshow manner.

Photo Movie Maker Pro can showcase your story to fit any occasion-with a real film feel, effortlessly make a stylish movies using photos and music.
Photo Movie Maker Pro provide motion, transition and slideshow effects, you can add any background music and professional subtitles. Note: If you want to keep photo source proportion in slideshow if you choose photo click "Photo Edit" then click Crop choose "keep Source Proportion In Slideshow" . Can save editing operations as an project document, you can open the project document when you need to go on your work. Moreover, Photo Movie Maker Pro's drag and drop based interface allows you to quickly generate wonderful videos, ready to be written to a DVD, saved to a local video file or exported to iTunes. The final result can be burned on a DVD or you can choose to create a MOV, MP4 or M4V video file.
Furthermore, you can save your work in project form if you want to continue editing at a later time. Just drag in your photos and music, drop in a few of the array of built-in themes and your memories are transformed into wonderful movies you can share on DVD, all your iDevices and more.

When you drag and drop your Photo into Timeline, random animation is applied automatically. Photo Movie Maker Pro comes with an extensive collection of transition, motion and slideshow effects that will allow you to customize the resulting movie according to your needs. To learn more about working with Saturn Movie Maker, you can watch the video tutorial provided by the developer.
With this library of characters, behaviors, props, sets, sounds and textures, you can direct your own movie scenes.
Animoids has the ability to build 3D models from standard components or work with node points.

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