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Windows Live Movie Maker is a considerable step up from its forerunner, Windows Movie Maker, and if you’re a Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 user, then you can download Windows Movie Maker for free. Pro's: The editing suite is pretty user-friendly and uses thumbnails in a handy timeline which makes it easy even for total beginners to edit their home movies. Go Web Technologies provides real time video streaming for the qualitative market research activity which can be viewed from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. We enable our clients to Live video stream their qualitative market research such as focus group, central location testing, dyads and triads over the internet. ON WHEELS TM – also has pre-set Vans which has a complete set-up to conduct IDIS, Dyads and Triads from the vehicle. How to stop your viewers drop during breaks in live webcast & attract more viewers for your live webcast ? This software’s main aim in life is to make life easier for the home video enthusiast.

Overall, if you can bear to put up with just exporting in WMV, then Windows Movie Maker makes it tons easier to upload films to the likes of You Tube, which is what it’s all about, right? This enables the client to manage and monitor audio, video and multimedia research content over the internet.
They deliver audio and video recordings of the highest quality and reliability and yet being very cost effective. The webcast of the event will be done strictly under supervision and access to such webcast will be give to the authorized persons only. Whether you prefer Hollywood or the indie scene, you’re the director with Microsoft Movie Maker. Because most of us own so much digital equipment these days, we’re overloaded with photos and videos.
In case the client wants to add value to the live research program it can be done at real time and data gathered accordingly.

Also we can provide our services under the umbrella of your company, just like your own service to your clients. It can sometimes be a royal pain trying to get them into a useful format to share with friends and family through various social networks. Although this is a fairly straightforward piece of editing kit, to be honest, the interface is a bit fiddly to use.
The controls aren’t necessarily in the most user-friendly place and you might need to do some scrolling around which is a tiny pain.

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