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How to Use Flixster Movie AppWatch movie trailers, read reviews and see where your favorite movie is playing all with this free movie app. How to Use IMDB Movie AppLook up everything your favorite actors have done and the entire cast and crew for your favorite movies with IMDB. How to Use Moviefone Movie AppThe old Moviefone has come into the future with this free app. AMC is one of the biggest theater chains in the country and chances are you have one near you, and that’s where the AMC app comes in handy.
How to Use AMC Theaters Movie AppLocate an AMC theater near you and buy tickets or gift cards directly from the app. We have always seen movies winning great awards at various award shows for their great story lines and great shows.
They help to enhance the knowledge of the students since they have to write narratives and come up with a flowing story line that are necessary for making a movie. This application helps to edit videos taken using your iOS device to provide professional high quality videos. Brijesh Gohil is the founder of Tech Brij, A popular Tech Blog which is focused on Tech tips & Buying Guides.
Subscribe to TECH BRIJ NEWS LETTEREnter your Email address and receive regularly updated Phone, Tablet and Laptop Buying Guides directly in your inbox! Subscribe to TECH BRIJ NEWS LETTEREnter your email address and receive latest posts as soon as it goes live. Do Not CopyThis site is DMCA protected and copying content from this website is against International Copyright Laws. The Nokia Lumia 625 comes with a 4.7-inch touchscreen display that is perfect for watching movies and video clips on the go. When it comes to making the most of a large screen on your Windows Phone 8 smartphone, you can’t beat the latest crazy videos or movie clips. Here we take a look at what we think are the essential movie apps for your Nokia Lumia 625 – best of all, they are free. If you fancy trying something a little different, then the Film Closet has over 120,000 movies listed and growing.
The Movie App gives you access to full movie details, allows you to watch trailers, share movies, view posters, read reviews, find similar movies as well as view the full cast and crew information.
If you need pointers on the cinema times for your local cinema multiplex then check out Flixster.
Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. YouTube might be the most popular video repository, but Vimeo is where all the cool film-makers hang out – and with them the best, most interesting video content. MSN Video offers full-screen playback with the option to watch in high quality (HQ) for better resolution or turn off HQ for faster streaming.

With the VEVO app you can watch music videos, stream live concerts, and discover new artists on your WindowsPhone device for free!
Devices NewsBest Microsoft Lumia Contract, SIM free and PAYG price deals January 2016A new year needs a new phone and the perfect choice is Lumia.
People have more free time, it’s a great way to avoid the heat and it is when the big summer blockbusters are in full swing. Search by movie title to read the Rotten Tomatoes reviews and get some background on the movie, then plug in your zip code to see where it’s playing near you and buy tickets all from the app. Never struggle to figure out where you know certain actors from or what year a movie came out again. Currently, there is a great deal of phone applications out there that can be used to shoot movies using our iOS devices. You can create a slow motion film, for example using action figures, or a time lapse, for example taking photos of a plant growing or as the sun sets.
You can  download free movies for iPhone and edit them later using this app.This app has templates and built in themes that help to create films and movies trailers just like the Hollywood movies.
It is one of the best free movie making applications in the market, with some unique features compared to others.
The Nokia Lumia 625 may be a budget smartphone but its a powerful and big-screened entertainment machine that is willing and able to be the star attraction in your media world.
It covers actor profiles, film synopses, poster art, movie trailers – you can even check out your local cinema film times!
It is a full movie database where the user can find information about any film in an easy, quick and intuitive way.
This Netflix mobile application is designed to deliver the best experience anywhere, anytime. Use this app to play YouTube videos by tapping video links in your email and MMS messages, websites, and apps like Facebook. That’s why we’re so glad that there’s a dedicated Vimeo app on the Windows Phone Marketplace – which has launched before an official YouTube app, we should note! Browse by topic menus or use the integrated search to quickly find what you want to watch and then share with friends through email, Facebook or Twitter. Wether you want to see a movie in the theaters, read reviews or want to take a crack at making a movie, these five apps will make this the best movie summer ever. Create a profile and get notified when certain movies are near you, or begin a log of all the movies you own.
Refer to the app to look up someone’s entire work history as well as get behind the scenes facts about the movie and short bios on each actor. Choose a disaster like satellite crash or alien invasion, line it up with your shot and record a short scene. Well just like everything else, Moviefone has come into the future and created an easy and free app.

Each one indicates if it has 3D or IMAX and will show you the movies that are currently playing there.
They all have there own cool features like movie review, movie trailers, and you can even purchase tickets directly through the app. Such applications let the users to make videos and edit them to produce quality films. Few apps are free and few are paid but those apps are worth to pay for, if you are one who like to edit and make professional movies on the go. It has additional features such as adding audio clips to your film or export features such as uploading your videos directly to YouTube. You can easily shoot, make, edit and your movies due to its many movie creation features that it has. If you know any other apps which you think are best movie making apps than you can tell me in comments section below. It’s all served up through an interface that really makes the most of Windows Phone 8 and looks great on the Nokia Lumia 625.
If you’ve got a Netflix account it’s an essential download, giving users access to on-demand movies and TV shows to watch over Wi-Fi and 3G. Magically transform your video and photos, it turn your video and photo into memorable movies you’ll want to watch again and again. Connect with your Netflix account and add things to your queue on the go so you don’t forget to do it later. Then add a filter, the app has everything from blockbuster to night vision so you can set the perfect scene. It doesn’t feature the famous Moviefone voice but it will give you access to trailers, reviews and movie times. Buy tickets or gift cards right from the app and keep all your AMC Stub information in one place so you can leave your rewards card at home. Some of the characteristics of Vizzwig has include changing from the rear to front camera while in the process of recording, taking pictures while recording, and many other professional shooting tools that are helpful in video editing. The final product from this application is just fantastic and suitable for movie making lovers.
You can also easily upload the videos directly to your social sites such as YouTube and Facebook. It also has tools that enable you to crop, and edit the best sections of your film, add different video effects such as slow motion, filtering and transitions and face recognition technology. Social media sharing option also there, so user can do easily share how it feels to be you. Trim and adjust volumes to fine-tune your audio and use our library of music and sound effects free.Do you have any best iPad Movie Making Apps not listed?

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