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With a wide variety of video choices on YouTube, it is obvious for the users wanting to download videos from the site.
FLV videos are not supported by Mac.You will have to convert YouTube videos to MP4 on Mac.
Apart from the basic conversion part, this YouTube Video Converter also helps in certain additional features. Besides all these pleasing features, Youtube Video Converter like iTube Studio can extract audio from the file and store it into formats as MP3, OGG, FLACC, AAC, WMA and even to many other audio formats that are rarely used today.
There is a YouTube downloader that can download and convert YouTube Videos as MP4,it’s one of the Google Chrome extension. Muitos dos videos que encontram gostavam de descarregar e guardar para mais tarde voltarem a ver ou para poderem partilhar. Esta extensao que vao poder instalar adicionar na pagina de visualizacao de um qualquer video do Youtube um pequeno botao que vos vai permitir descarregarem o video que estao a ver. Depois de a terem instalado nao vao ver qualquer novo icone na Omnibar, mas se acederem a pagina de um video do Youtube vao notar a presenca de um novo botao junto do contador de visualizacoes. Com esta extensao vao conseguir descarregar de forma simples e sem recorrer a qualquer software ou pagina externa qualquer video que esteja alojado no Youtube.
Alguem conhece alguma extensao para chrome que baixe videos em geral, nao somente do youtube? Para o chrome nao sei mas se instalares o real player inclui um programa que faz download de videos de qualquer sitio, basta passar o rato na janela do video e aparece a opcao no canto superior direito nao e especifico do chorme mas deve dar no chrome como nos outros.
Podem sacar ficheiros rapidshare sem ter la conta, deixem la os links a sacar ele faz a gestao de tempo e saca tudo sozinho, em qualquer site de hosting de files desse genero. Sure there are many YouTube download chrome plugins, add-ons or extensions which make it easier to download YouTube videos in Chrome.
YouTube Video Downloader is a free utility for downloading videos from YouTube as well as from a huge list of other sites.
For your reference: In general, most of your needs to download YouTube videos can be satisified following the above steps with this top YouTube downloader for Google chrome.
Free YouTube downloader for Chrome is available for users of all the web browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer and more.

There are quite a few options when it comes to the browser that you use to surf the Internet. Google has actually done a fantastic job of highlighting extensions built on top of the Chrome browser in its “store”. Sure, you could stick to browsing foursquare’s website to look for new restaurants, but that’s not a reality. You’re in the airport and you find a really cool video that you want to watch on the plane, which unfortunately doesn’t have WiFi.
You can also download flash games, music MP3 format, as well as MP4 or FLV video files in just one click.
If you’re a blogger, writer, or just a simple note-taker, you probably know that getting the thoughts from your brain to the desktop can be a rough experience. Writer is a killer extension that gets you away from all of the noise and plops you into a very simple, and feature-free, writing environment that will help you focus on the task at hand. If you’re using Google+ and don’t want top hop over to Twitter to check your stream, then this extension is for you.
With this extension, you can view your Twitter stream, Tweet, Retweet, and view conversations, all from within Google+. It aims to make you feel like you’re in a movie theater and it does a pretty darn good job of it. There are cool desktop applications like Skitch that do a great job with this, but something like this extension makes it really easy to create a PNG file from a full-screen or region of the browser. Companies on the Web make money from showing us advertisements and directing us to content based on our “likes”.
There’s nothing worse than reading a long article and then having to scroll all the way back up with your mouse or trackpad.
Carreguem nesse botao e sera mostrada a lista de possibilidade de formatos de dowload desse video. Nao e mais facil ir directamente ao site ver ou mostrar o video do que estar a guarda-lo e transporta-lo?
Tem muitos mais formatos e varias opcoes dentro do mesmo (por ex: dentro do formato MP3 podes descarregar com mais ou menos qualidade).

Podes ainda instalar programas tipo orbit, video downloader, etc para fazeres o download ou usares daqueles que sites tipo keepvid que colas la o URL da pagina e aquilo da-te o download do video. Everyday millions of users watch latest news, music videos, funny clips and movies on YouTube. It is a practical tool to download YouTube Chrome which allows Chrome users to download music clips or other videos from online multimedia platforms.
And users are allowed to save the downloaded videos in a variety of formats, including MOV, MP4, 3GP, WMV, AVI, and even MP3. It is usually used for storing digital video and digital audio files with also other files as subtitles and still images.You have to use codec and other video components to play them but you cannot still edit them in the YouTube Video Converter. The video editing feature that helps the user to crop, add watermark and impose effects to the file makes it stand out from other similar software.
Mas se estamos num browser a navegar e a ver os videos entao o mais facil e descarregarmos directamente dai.
However, watching videos on YouTube is not always that fun and a lot of users will be no strangers to this situation: they finally get time to sit down for a movie only to be frustrated by the choppy and laggy video due to the sluggish internet connection. After installing those YouTube video downloader chrome extensions and follow a few dead easy steps, you can free yourself from being bound to the web browser or the like.
Two common video formats MP4 and FLV with several resolutions are available and users are allowed to download YouTube videos on Chrome in 360p, 480p, 720p and up to 1080p. Generally speaking, this Google Chrome YouTube downloader is fast and produces high video quality. Mas isso so e possivel se recorrermos a uma extensao e no caso do Chrome recomendamos que usem o Chrome YouTube Downloader. Clever as you are, you will certainly come up with the idea of downloading YouTube videos for latter enjoyment. To put it other way, if you are using Chrome browser, a good YouTube downloader chrome should be selected in the first place.

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