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Estimating Program.Provides labor and materials estimates for construction project based on previous experience factors.
Phone Service App.Set up and select standard services such as phone, pager service, pest control, lawn maintenance.
Service Application.Gives small or medium size service company customer contacts, bidding estimates, work orders, crew schedule for recurring jobs, invoices, inventory, general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll. Sort and subtotal on channel, division, geographic region, broker, product and size for any month. ABOUTOur solutions offer high level security, access controlled privileges, “from anywhere” access and workflow functionality based on each market needs. 5i provides multiple tools and solutions for digitizing, processing and managing critical documents for various markets.
We provide end-to-end offerings to organizations that need to build scalable, highly reliable software application while coping with business demands for shorter development cycles and tight budgets.
We offer end-to-end (Analysis to Maintenance) solutions in the area of Internet technology based software applications for different industries. We have a track record of meeting or exceeding Service Level Agreements with our customers.

We use state-of-the-art technologies in Software Application Development to translate your IT vision into reality and create powerful solutions that are focused on enhancing customer relations, increasing revenue opportunities and the creation of new competitive advantage for you.
InterClick Offers the ability to serve a variety of ad types and formats, from flagship interstitials, to pop-unders, and rich media overlays. Build an attractive revenue stream and enhance site content while maintaining brand identity. RevenuePILOT offers verticals, Search Boxes, Banners, Text-Link Directories, Full-page Portals, Java-Includes, Dynamic Banners, Text-links, Pop-ups, Panels, XML feed and HTML feed.
Click here to advertise for the most successful e-commerce sites on the net and earn commissions! Prints receipts and barcode product labels on dot matrix, thermal, ink jet or laser printer.
Handles payment, hotel, airline, ground transportation, entertainment and incentive packages, for registrant and spouse. Our proven track record and tried & tested Global Delivery Methodology ensures that we consistently generate value for our customers. Customers find that they can reduce their software and infrastructure development and maintenance costs by one-half to two-thirds by utilizing our software application development and maintenance services, with no compromise on quality.

Our Process Management Framework ensures that applications are rapidly architecture, developed, tested and implemented. Plus Winhundred's Staff works tirelessly to ensure that you have the most up-to-date materials and the latest technology available to ensure ongoing success with their campaigns.
Contextual Advertising Technology by Clicksor allows your visitors to enjoy your website and bring earnings to you at the same time. Edit the code with your sites name where it says YourSitesName and the game will advertise your site! Our domain knowledge allows us to develop scalable and flexible application architecture incorporating business logics, presenting our clients with next-generation applications that generate greater efficiency through high level of automation. Plus rewarding free gifts to affiliates that are able to achieve earnings of over $500 USD.

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