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Looking for the best video editing software for Windows which is FREE and very easy to use? Ezvid is, by far – the fastest and the best free video editing software for Windows today! Ezvid has a very nice functionality – it lets you add text using and customize text with some of the coolest and hippest font styles, text colors and sizes.
It also lets you add a voice narrative – a very nice feature for gameplay videos or how-to tutorial videos.
What makes Ezvid great is that built in its feature is the “upload to YouTube” functionality where it is capable of uploading finished videos to YouTube directly. You may be familiar with Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie maker, AVS Video Editor, Avid Free DV or Roxio Easy Media Creator, however, often times these video makers are too complicated to use, difficult to install, or they just don’t seem to work at all.

With Ezvid you can easily create slide show of videos or pictures in less than 5 minutes. With a simple drag-n-drop of pictures or video clips to Ezvid, you can now easily create videos. With just a simple click of the “Mic” icon of Ezvid, you can capture your audio and make a commentary video. Now this is the most exciting part: For some reason you cannot import any mp3 files to Ezvid due to copyright policy of YouTube. With the newest version of Ezvid, it automatically saves your project and you may also duplicate projects you’ve already done in the past – quite a time-saver huh! From keyboard players and synth freaks to sound engineers and DJs, everybody gets something to grab. BUT if you are just looking for a free video editing software that is so easy-to-use, user-friendly, simple, and almost compatible with all Windows platform then you should try Ezvid.

Ezvid would like to prevent any YouTube user to get their videos being muted or account getting blocked or deleted just because they imported a copyrighted material. While there might be some but you need to convert first your video into a format that YouTube allows which is quite a pain in the ass, right as you are needing another software just for conversion. All Ezvid video formats are supported by YouTube and you can import almost ALL types of video format to Ezvid – that makes Ezvid a UNIVERSAL software for Windows.

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