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Few months back we reported that Bitwig, a Berlin based company is bringing professional grade music production software 'Bitwig Studio' to Linux. If you want participate in closed beta of Bitwig Studio, sign up on their official website. Songbay is a completely unique market place for the buying and selling of Music and Lyrics. Whether you’re starting recording artist or owner of a recording studio, the key to a quality audio recording the music production software and of course, the equipment.
If you combine quality equipment with the right recording software, you can expect high-quality audio recording or music that can actually compete with professionally processed audio. With the help of music production software, you or your band can record your music at your pace and style. Since the main purpose of the software is for recording purposes, you need to make it a point that the one you’re choosing allows different recording capabilities.
Just like some important recording features, you also need to be very careful with choosing the right music production and recording software by making sure that some of the major mixing capabilities are also available. Recording and mixing capabilities of a music recording and production software are two major features that one must look for. MAGIX Music Maker 17 Silver is a free version of the original MAGIX Music maker, which is a commercial software.

The MAGIX Music Maker as always been a hit ever since it came out in 1994 and is commercially very successful throughout Europe. They will be doing a series of screencasts in coming weeks to explain the software, so if you are interested, subscribe to their Youtube channel. This can actually save you a lot of money and enable you to perfect your music because there’s no need for you to rush. Unless you have some friends who are knowledgeable about the process, recording your music on your own can sometimes be tricky. With this, you need to make sure that important recording features such as write automation and loop recording are present. The features in the software originate from MAGIX‘s own musical workstation known as Samplitude.
But, there is a small problem with that, most music creation software are meant to deal with even the frequencies, amplitudes, and speed and many other complicated things that revolve around Music. The basic features of the Music Maker includes Mixing tracks, Importing Sound files, Sound Pool, Sound effects, Virtual instrumental effects and microscope mode. The minimum requirement to run the software is 3 GB of Hard disk space, 512 MB of RAM and a 1.4 GHz processor. If you’re using the end result of the production for your demo, then you need to be very particular with certain aspects and feature of the software.

Without these features, it’s basically difficult for you to do other stuff that are very important. However, only a few of these features are available in the Silver edition and also the available features are limited. Overall, users can do most of the things that users need to for creating music as the option to import sound files is enabled. Users may record any type of effect from the real world and insert it into the music maker, or can create an effect or track which they have downloaded from the internet. And if users have used them then they would understand the simplicity of the MAGIX music maker. So, the possibilities of first-class music creation, with this free version of the software, are endless.

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