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MagicScore School 7 — the music notation and music writing software with NEW MagicScore Music Engine V!
MagicScore School is wonderful music notation software, offering the advanced capabilities for music schools, students. High functionality of editing (copying, insert, deleting, transposition separated notes and selected blocks of notes). Capability of binding to all units of score the comments, references and other units of design. New possibilities to include OLE objects like MS Word, Corel, Photoshop etc documents into MagicScore music composition files. Autocalculation of measures duration by added to it notes when Time Signature of composition is not set. With MagicScore School you can create magnificent compositions; that will give you the opportunity to have your work done in the best possible manner. If your notation requires more advanced functionality, please check out the sophisticated features included in the Maestro version.
MagicScore Maestro 8 allows you to turn your musical ideas into clean, playable, and easy to read music notation files by using one of the most powerful and customizable music scoring systems on the market today.
MagicScore Maestro provides you with a dozen different ways to enter notes into a score while also making it possible to listen to the music as you write it. Each individual element in a MagicScore Maestro score is able to be edited and moved wherever the composer desires. Teachers and ensemble conductors will find it very easy to quickly create music education worksheets, playing exams, and study guides using MagicScore Maestro.
You can even use this music composition software together with a video projector to demonstrate musical concepts to entire classrooms at once. As mentioned previously, MagicScore Maestro has the ability to save your music in a variety of output formats including the WAV and MP3 audio file formats. MagicScore Maestro provides you with many different ways to get help while creating your scores. WinAmp is one of the old-guard of music managers, being the go-to application for playing and organising music on a PC when it was originally released back in 1997. Following the success of Novationa€™s Automap Universal, (a protocol exclusive to Novation controllers, providing automatic and intelligent control of your music software), NAMM 2008 has seen the arrival of the eagerly awaited Automap Universal 2.0. Featuring a revolutionary 'heads-up transparent control GUI', Automap Universal 2.0 allows you to view all parameters simultaneously on your computer screen, as well as on an SL or SL COMPACTa€™s huge screens.
As before, little or no user setup is required and control of your software can be customized just the way you like it, no matter what sequencer you use.
Automap Universal 2.0 is due for online release in February 2008, is fully backwards compatible, and will be available to all existing Novation SL and SL Compact owners.

Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from Sonic State is prohibited. Having tried the free trial version of our program, you will be able to see how well MagicScore suits your needs, and of what use it will be to you. With MagicScore Maestro you can create clean, engraver quality prints of your music with a minimum of effort and time.
With nothing more than the computer keyboard musicians can speed through an entire composition by using MagicScore Maestro’s Quick Input mode or use a mouse along with a variety of other note entry methods such as step time and real time note entry with a MIDI keyboard.
Simply point and click on clef signs, brackets, bar lines, articulations, or individual notes to place them precisely where you need them on the page.
Scores can be printed, exported to Adobe PDF format, saved as SFD (our own music notation file format), or as MusicXML, MIDI, or KAR (Karaoke format) files. Once the music has been entered into the system you can export individual lines of the score to create recordings that your students can use to practice more effectively. For even greater flexibility you can also embed other documents such as MS Word, Photoshop, Corel, Excel, and many others directly into your MagicScore Maestro score.
For those that need to share their creations visually with other musicians MagicScore Maestro can open and export documents as MIDI or Karaoke files as well as in the industry standard MusicXML file format, allowing scores to be opened in dozens of other music applications.
A traditional help system is combined with flash based training videos, built in lessons, and an intuitive contextual help system that follows your actions and provides suggestions on what to do next. The current version has come a long way offering playback of a very wide selection of filetypes, smart playlists, syncing with iPods and Android devices and a huge selection of plugins to expand its functionality.
Novation tell us that RTAS and TDM plug-in support is now included, making Novation controllers the best solution for controlling multiple instruments and effects within Pro Tools LE and HD. The size of the window can be modified, as well as the degree of transparency, so a permanent view of the GUI is possible without interfering with your regular setup. Simply boot up an automatable plug-in and youa€™ll see at a glance how the parameters are automatically assigned to each control.
A simple browsing facility allows you to view mapped plug-ins by type, then quickly switch to control any one of them. You also get all of the features found in our Maestro Notation program, plus the ability to have total musical control over every single note in the entire composition.
You can even enter notes using our handy on-screen piano keyboard or virtual guitar fretboard. These powerful visual layout tools are matched with an equally powerful set of options that, if needed, can help a composer fine tune audio playback to control details such as the attacks and releases of individual notes.
Completed pages can also be saved in many different graphics formats including JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and WMF in resolutions of up to 1200dpi.
Use the Copy as Picture feature to export portions of the score as image files that can be used with Microsoft Word or other similar programs.

Scores saved with previous versions of MagicScore Maestro (or its predecessor, MagicScore) can be opened, edited, and saved in newer versions of the software.
For the rare question that cannot be answered within the help system web based forums and email support options are also provided. They say that the mapping options available go way beyond those offered by existing HUI-based controllers. An instant click and control a€?learna€™ function is also available for quick re-assigning of controls, or for creating your own controller map in seconds. Automap Universal 2.0 still supports standard MIDI protocol, but now also provides the same heads-up display and editing solution for quick and simple assigning of MIDI parameters. When the creative mood hits or a deadline looms you want to be able to get your musical ideas down quickly, easily, and accurately with many different presentation options. Extracting and printing individual parts from complex scores is easy to do and allows for each part to be customized and formatted as desired by the publisher. Full ensembles or individual instrumental parts can then be played back or exported directly into high quality MP3 or WAV format audio files using realistic sf2 sound fonts. For those that want to share their documents on the web, users can upload their saved files to a web site and directly embed their scores into any web page, giving visitors the ability to play, listen, transpose, or print the music as needed. This latest release ships with Novationa€™s new Nocturn controller, and will also be compatible with Novationa€™s ReMOTE SL and ReMOTE SL COMPACT ranges. Massive flexibility means that you can assign a potentially infinite number of parameters for each plug-in. Once a a€?MIDI mapa€™ is created, it can be saved and recalled via the same map browsing facility, and refined and edited at will.
MagicScore Maestro provides all of these things within a set of features that rivals all other professional level music notation and composition products. Rewrite or transpose existing scores for other instruments with just a few simple mouse clicks. In addition to displaying all your assigned parameters, the heads-up display also allows you to enter new control names, parameter ranges and step sizes. A growing library of maps will be available for free download and on-line help is also now included in the application.

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