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This week we bring you a special edition of Music Mondays, there is no artist, no band, but instead we attempt to explain why it is that we not only love, but need music. It’s no secret that humans have enjoyed music since its creation some unknown years ago. The researchers in this study pursued further as to how music engages the brain’s reward system by developing a study that mimicked online music purchasing.
Based on the article Why Music Makes Our Brain Sing by Robert Zatorre and Valorie Salimpoor that can be found here. The music ministry stretches from an esteemed sanctuary choir to the Cherub Choir, 3- and 4-year-olds just getting the hang of it. Celebration RingersThe youth handbell choir is for middle school and high school students (Gr. Kidz Bells (3rd -5th Grades) -Do you and your child enjoy playing bells or other music makers? Beulah always welcomes vocal and instrumental soloists as an addition to our music in Worship. Vocal and instrumental soloists and ensembles are a welcome addition to the music in our worship services. Christmas Cantata Choir – Reheases during the fall months from 7pm to 8pm on Thursday evenings (when the Sanctuary Choir moves their time slot to 8pm to 9pm).

Beulah Road Quartet – The Beulah Road Quartet performs for the worship services as well as community events. Newsletter UpdatesSign up to our newsletter for upcoming events and the latest news, service changes, and church updates. In a recent article published in the New York Times by Robert Zatorre and Valorie Salimpoor titled Why Music Makes Our Brains Sing, the two Canadian Neuroscientists’ expain their recent study on musics effects on the brain. It can make us happy in our darkest times, it can relieve stress, it can provide creative outlets, it can enhance experiences, and so much more. Dopamine, the chemical in the brain that regulates ones emotional happiness, is heavily influenced by musical qualities. The Missions segment of our program features age-appropriate lessons, an interactive follow-up activity, weekly mission offerings, and a mission project that is often hands-on. If you (or your group) are interested in performing for one of our worship services, please contact the church. The Christmas Cantata Choir is presented during the month of December at both Christmas services. The Beulah UMC Bells of Praise play for worship once a month and participate annually in AGEHR Area III events. It is a very interesting and intriguing article as it explains why throughout history humans have place such importance and value on something that is intangible.

Music can bring joy, it can bring sadness, inspiration, motivation, as well lazieness, it influences who we are, and whom we wish to be. Our handbell program also spans the age ranges with children, youth, and adult bell choirs. The answer lies in neuroscience and how music activates subcortical nuclei in the brain which is important in reward, motivation, and emotion in the mind. Humans place an extraordinary value and importance on somthing that exhibits no physical or financial value.
It was also found that listening to what might be called “peak emotional moments” in music — that moment when you feel a “chill” of pleasure to a musical passage — causes the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, an essential signaling molecule in the brain. But through neuroscience it becomes evident what affects music has on the mind, and becomes evident why we as humans not only love, but need music. The Praise Band does renditions of many country Gospel songs to the sound of keyboard, lead guitar, bass, and drum set.

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