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Waltr for Mac by the European software development team Softorino recently exploded online after the developers posted a video showcasing their discovery that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ actually have the ability to play full 4k video. What makes Waltr unique is that it allows you to transfer content to your native iOS Videos app and Music app in a way that is not supported by Apple, without having to Jailbreak your device.
Well we have been using this app for the past two weeks and feel ready to share our Waltr app review along with a brief tutorial (watch the video above).
Waltr puts videos into the Videos app and your music into the Music app for native playback without jailbreaking your device.
Both these apps are fine for media consumption, but the Videos app, unlike your Photos app, does not allow you to share these files with other apps for further editing (the Music app does).
If Softorino could somehow add the ability to copy video files to the Photos app, this would be a real game changer and justify the $30 price tag and transform Waltr from a consumption tool to a killer app for filmmakers and media producers who want a quick way to get video files from their computer to their iOS device with minimal hassle. This app does exactly what it claims: makes possible the native playback of a range of video and audio formats that Apple does not officially support, such as MKV, AVI and FLAC without the need to jailbreak your device. One thing Waltr is great for, is if you want to push out audio or visual content to a range of iOS devices that are not your own, for example in a school or business setting where you can’t install an app like Infuse 3 for the owner.
The YouTube music app is a streamlined, music-only app that makes viewing or listening to your favorite artists much easier. Additionally, the app will also feature the most popular covers, remixes, videos and even live footage that coincide with your preferences. Archos has been big on custom, exclusive software as a selling point for its mobile devices, even into Android models where the extra work isn't strictly necessary.

This was very exciting and we at Epic Tutorials — like everyone else — keenly awaited its release. Just connect your iOS device to your mac, launch Waltr and then drag and drop your video and audio content onto the drop zone and watch it seamlessly transfer across to your iOS device. Sure it is unique — no other app can insert a range of supported and unsupported media files into your Videos and Music apps for native playback including 4k quicktime files, but who actually wants to watch 4k video files on an iPhone or iPad? This is an impressive feat, but due to the limited capabilities of Apple’s Videos app, and the inability to share your video files with other apps is a real shame.
If you don't like the idea of using a third party app to host your MKV, AVI and FLAC files and want native playback using Apple's Video and Music apps, then Waltr for Mac is the app for you. With the demise of traditional television, more artists have been turning to YouTube to release music videos. Much like with videos on the site, the YouTube music app will let you search and save your favorite artists, and from this data will suggest similar artist or songs. For those times you'd rather just listen instead of watching, you can hit a toggle that switches the app to audio-only mode, which turns off the video playback and swaps in a still image. It's giving the rest of us a taste by allowing everyone to download its Video Player app from Google Play.
The critically acclaimed Archos video player app offers an uncompromised multimedia experience. I emailed them asking how to add cover art to my videos and they got back to me with a solution (see video at the top of the page) in just a few hours.

The $30 price tag would be justified if Softorino could add the ability to upload video to your Photo app's Camera Roll, so you could then edit your video in a range of other apps like iMovie or Pinnacle Studio, but at present this is not an option. Due to the large musical catalog already available on YouTube, this venture from the streaming website behemoth comes as no surprise.
If you choose to exclusively search for music you already know, the app also lets you create personalized stations. Any phone or tablet running Android 4.0 or later can use the app to play "most" movie formats, the company says. Finally I should add that the developer support is top notch — they are helpful and friendly, and issue regular software updates with bug fixes. The app primarily touts a larger amount of network intelligence than some of its peers, including SMB and UPnP sharing, device-to-device playback syncing and internet retrieval of movie details like subtitles. In addition, the video player features automatic online retrieval of movie and TV show information with poster and backdrop for both local and network content. If they can add the ability to upload to the Photos app, this could be a real game changer.
While Archos isn't exactly giving away the keys to the kingdom with a $5 asking price, we at least won't have to switch to new hardware to see what we've been missing.

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