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I'm looking for an application which can take a playlist of all of the track I'm listening to at the moment and re-arrange them so that they are in a logical sequence (based on BPM etc) then mix them all together as a mix. I've tried Tangerine but I wasnt very impressed as it didnt have a way to automatically sort the tracks and the analysis of the music wasn't very good.
The 'Pro' and 'DJ' versions of this program integrate very tightly with iTunes and an iTunes managed library if you have one.
I'm a huge fan of Megaseg, but it suffers from small little usability quirks (the program's insistence on sorting songs with each artist in alphabetical order for instance). Mixxx has the ability to sort songs by BPM or other metrics of your choosing, though I have found it easier to use other programs to manage music libraries.
I have not tried Mixed in Key, but I do know that Beatunes is a bit finicky with larger libraries.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged osx software-recommendation music or ask your own question. Is there a music application that integrates with iTunes and shows the waveform of the song? What is the right way to think about doing lower value work when small talking with an executive? Is your school or non-profit music program looking for financial assistance to help maintain or start a school or community music program? Since its formation in 1993, the ACMP has awarded almost 3,000 grants totaling nearly $4 million to programs and projects world-wide that promote chamber music activities. Additional grant monies are available for individuals looking to start their own chamber music workshops. While the focus of the BMI Foundation is to support American music, it also has several opportunities for international students, as well.
Founded in 1986, the BMI Foundation works to support the creation, performance and study of music. The Fender Music Foundation offers resources to music education programs by awarding instruments to eligible music instruction programs. To be considered for funding, your program must either exist through a 501c3 approved non-profit organization or through a public school. To apply, your program must fit into one of the four categories: in-school music classes, after-school music programs, community music programs or music therapy programs. This non-profit educational organization trains and equips teachers to integrate music and teaching in classrooms across the country.
The League of American Orchestras offers Getty Grants, one-year grants available from $10,000 to $40,000, to support the work of Orchestras in educational settings.
A Getty Grant may not be used to create a new organization or to support a single event or activity that does not support a long-term relationships within the community.
Orchestras seeking funding through the Getty Grant program must be a member in good standing of the League of American Orchestras and have tax exempt status. The Liberace Foundation’s main mission is to provide talented students with scholarships and exposure to art to foster careers in the performing arts and creative arts. The foundation was started by Liberace who considered the foundation one of his greatest achievements.
The Mockingbird Foundation provides music education grants to both schools and community centers with a focus on music education for children. The Mockingbird Foundation was started by fans of the band Phish in 1996 and works within that community to raise funding to provide music education to children. The Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation offers grants to fund instrument repair and the purchase of new instruments for public, private and charter school music programs. The National Endowment for the Arts was established in 1965 as an independent agency of the federal government. Due to the large scope of the NEA’s efforts, many types of grant programs are available, each year. This organization offers music education grants to schools and non-profit music programs that expose children to classical music though live performances. Priority is given to program initiatives that purchase tickets for music education students to attend live classical music performances.

This foundation only provides grants to elementary and middle schools that do not have school music programs currently in place.
To be eligible for a VH1 Save the Music Foundation grant, your school must operate as a traditional public elementary or middle school, plan to provide instrumental music education as part of the regular school day curriculum no less than weekly, be able to fully fund at least one certified music teacher, plan to provide a dedicated room for music instruction with secure storage space for musical equipment and must be able to provide the budget necessary for the normal maintenance of the provided instruments and supplies.
This series collects the Wright State University School of Music programs for performances which are organized by and begin with the 1965-1966 school year.
School of Music Recital Programs from 2013 to 2014 Wright State University School of Music This is a collection of programs from a variety concerts, recitals, and other performances previously held at Wright State University during the 2013 to 2014 school year. Brief History: Although the tower which houses the Marquette University instrument was constructed in 1923, designed to house a carillon, it remained empty until 1967. MUSG provides programming and involvement opportunities for the entire Marquette community. Founded in 1829, The United Church Observer is the oldest continuously published magazine in North America and the second oldest in the English speaking world.
It can play DRM-protected purchased songs and can synchronize playlists, playlist folders, metadata, sound check adjustments and album art with iTunes. It features some iTunes integration but is quite usable without iTunes and has several integrated organizational devices to make custom playlists or bundles of related songs. It has the ability to connect to several USB MIDI controllers and turntables, has automatic BPM analysis, a more robust loop control, and the ability to handle multiple simultaneous sample playback. Where AutoDJ and automatic crossfading are integral components of Megaseg, feel like more of an extra feature for Mixxx.
Grants are available to both well-established and start up organizations looking to provide participation with chamber music.
And several grant programs are only offered to ACMP members, such as the Home Coaching program that encourages musicians to meet regularly in groups with a professional coach to hone rehearsal skills and exchange musical ideas. Yearly, this foundation sponsors competitions for awards, scholarships, internships and commissions. Funding is provided by BMI affiliated songwriters, composers, publishers, employees and members of the public. Instrument grants are awarded to both schools and community music programs inside the United States. Additionally, you must meet the following criteria: participation can not be denied to individuals based on musical abilities, if your program is a paid program the fee paid must be considerably below fair market value, your program must be in existence for at least one year, your program must offer instruction on a weekly basis for a minimum of eight months each year and your organization must prove it will exist for the foreseeable future. These must support long-term in-school partnership programs, after-school programs, health and wellness programs, life-long learning programs and other types of programs that work with various special needs populations.
The yearly deadline for submissions is August 15 and the application process continues throughout the Fall with recipient announcement in November. Since its inception in 1976, it has awarded over 2,700 scholarships, sending students to around 120 colleges and universities to the tune of $5.7 million. Liberace himself benefited from a scholarship at age seven that provided him with classical training on the piano at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. It boasts an administrative cost of only 2%, sending the vast majority of the money it raises to the grants it supports across the country. Although any school can apply for assistance through the foundation, the organization receives over 1,000 applications every year and the process is very competitive.
All funding is offered to fund instrument repair and acquisition of new instruments for school programs. Classical music education, both vocal or instrumental, must be the main focus of any music program requesting assistance. His mission is to assist people like you by locating and sharing private, non-profit and government grants.
I am wondering if there are grants to help a church get off the ground a program such as this. It can also match songs with similiar BPM for smooth transitions and can easily handle thousand-song playlists.
They traditionally assist with the funding to repair and purchase instruments, provide instruction and training for music teachers and expose children to music through innovative approaches to music education. Grants are used to subsidize teacher salaries, lower program registration costs and to provide scholarships for students. 97% of donations raised by the foundation find their way to recipients of charitable grants.

The organization mainly awards acoustic, acoustic-electric and electric guitars and bass guitars and the equipment needed to play these instruments. Music appreciation and entertainment programs do not qualify and your program can not be comprised of professional or career musicians.
Participants enter 6-8 week training programs and learn how to make music, lead music and write songs with students with the goal of deepening the learning experience for children across every subject area.
The foundation offers grants to accredited schools with degree programs in performing and creative arts, providing scholarships to deserving students in the areas of music, theater, dance, fashion design and creative art. His foundation has continued to assist talented young people to follow in his footsteps decades after his death in 1986.
They do not offer grants outside of the United States and do not fund music therapy or any program that does not include musical participation by the students themselves. The foundation accepts initial inquires for assistance between January and July, each year, with grants being considered during the Fall and awarded between Christmas and the end of January.
Priority is given to programs that serve low-income communities, those with little or no budget for their their existing music program and those that serve the highest percent of the school’s population with music education. The foundation does not offer assistance to programs outside of the United States, fund teaching salaries or music lessons, or support events, concerts, festivals or summer camps. To receive funding, your school must have an established music program that is taught during the regular school day and it must be at least three years old.
Grants are awarded to organizations of all types and sizes that seek to attract new audiences for the arts. Funding is available for programs that seek to strengthen their community through arts projects, programs that bring art to under served populations and to foster the creativity of young people across the country. Grants are available to either public or private programs, as long as they serve K-12 students regardless of their ability to pay for music education.
Grants are used for the start up purchase of brand new instruments for new programs that offer music education inside public school settings. Our church is in a low to medium income area and this program can be self-sufficient in a very short time.
But from time to time the foundation offers traditional instruments in the categories of strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, keyboards and voice, as well. Classes are offered at no cost to the teacher or school district and the program can also loan equipment to the classroom. Monies are awarded to students by these institutions as “Liberace Scholars” during each academic year. The foundation targets children eighteen years or younger, but will consider programs that benefit college students, teachers, instructors and adult students, as well. Your school must participate in the National Lunch Program and must serve at least 65% of the school’s population. To be considered, your school or music program must already have an existing music program or curriculum.
The foundation does not provide individuals with scholarships outside of the college and university system. The foundation looks to provide funding that benefits special needs groups, especially those that work within low income and educationally challenged environments.
Grant funds may not be used to fund music instruction but can be used to pay stipends and performance fees for guest instructors and musicians working with your music program.
Orchestras must share their program results and credit all materials for the project with the Getty Grant Foundation and League of American Orchestras in support of the program. And if you are applying on the district level, each school must apply separately to be considered for Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation grant consideration.
Princeton University Carillonneur Arthur Bigelow had been hired to design this Paccard instrument, and the original keyboard was built to his specifications.
Following Bigelow’s death in February of 1967, Justin Kramer, and engineer from Los Angeles, was brought in as consultant for the project.

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