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With Little Rock hosting a TED Talk later this month, we’ve begun a series of asking a number of folks in the Arkansas startup scene for their favorite talk. One of the speakers at the Little Rock event is Erica Swallow, vice-president of product at Noble Impact. Swallow is a native of Paragould, a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management and New York University.
In addition, Swallow has been a contributor at various publications including the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur magazine and more. Growing up in Arkansas, I was always fascinated with the magazines that arrived in my mailbox from distant lands such as New York and Los Angeles. I am befuddled at how I hadn’t, up until college, stopped to question the authors of history, of the novels I had read, of the news I had consumed.
Adichie’s TED talk hit the notion home for me, that we must always consider the writers of history, of media, of news, of everything written and told.

Imagine living in a world where the stories you heard as a child were not reflective of your culture or history.
The truth is, we all live in this world, and it’s controlled by the stories we hear and the people who tell those stories. It is important that as readers, we maintain a curious mind to question those who are sharing stories, and as storytellers, we must always seek to tell all sides of the story. We are all friends with a waitress that was pregnant last year, she was a big smoker and smoked through the full ordeal. Unfortunately, they all come with blunt tails of different length and they all have to be strung and plumb cut in place. I was taught to always string the tails with a dryline held just a hair high, then use a 2x block with a peice of OSB on top to mark the tails.
I do it like Lone, if the walls are string straight with braces etc, there is no reason the tails won't line up if cut correctly That last job we just did, the walls were straight and the tails all came out perfect with 2x6 fascia.

It wasn’t until I was a young woman in college, though, that I began to understand that it is not sufficient to understand a story, but even more important to understand who is telling the story and what motivates them to do so.
Hopefully Adichie’s talk inspires more people to consider the importance of that idea. I'm not sure if this is appropriate or not, but I just had to say something because it is really starting to eat away at me. What was I thinking?" And she'll put all her cigarettes down and will live a better life for her baby.

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