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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. SWOT Analysis of NestleStrength:- BRAND IMAGE Marketing strategies established by the company are innovative and lure customers. Weaknesses :- The target market of Nestle MilkPak is upper middle and high class because lower middle andpoor class cannot afford to buy UHT milk due to its premium price. Nestle International Travel Retail (NITR) is strengthening its presence in the Beverages Category by introducing three new Nescafe Sharing Bags to answer new shopper dynamics from both mature and emerging markets. The company is introducing three travel exclusive sharing packs, designed to sit alongside confectionery sharing packs within the retail environment. Nescafe Selection Sharing Bag 327g.  A brilliant selection of instant Nescafe Latte, Vanilla and Mocha. Additionally, NITR has introduced a new packaging shape for the KIT KAT Mini 517g Sharing Bag that is exclusive to travel retail and offers greater shelf visibility. NITR's other regional brands will be on display including Smarties, which continues to offer massive global appeal within the travel retail sector. Financial, marketing and sales strategies are formulated by gauging the Periodic research carried out to judge market trends.
Another opportunity of LC1 is that, becausethey are a market leader, they can introduce more health-based products in Germany.A threat to Nestle is the fact that some markets they are entering are already mature. Consistently one of the worlds largest producers of food products, with sales in the USA in 2008 of $10 billion; sales and earnings in 2008 were better than expected, even in a downturned economy. Instantly frothy and fabulous, this signature speciality indulgent treat offers coffee shop creaminess on the go. This 100% Travel Retail exclusive brand is recognised around the world for its Swiss authenticity and quality. The world’s favorite break, Kit Kat is ideal for informal gifting – as well as snacking and sharing – and NITR addresses both segments with its new range for 2014. Exclusive to travel retail, this unique and different offer allows friends and family to try new flavors and also find their favorite. For 2014, NITR is revitalising its highly successful Toppers range with exciting new toys based on the latest Disney Pixar film characters, upgraded for extra play value. It also makes a perfect “Quality Moments” gift, especially when the offer is exclusive to travel retail. It is a large scale organization, with abundant funds and has the capability of acquiringweaker firms by throwing them out of competition. The overall milk market in Pakistan is 20 billion liters, out of which processed milkcontributes only 3 million liters. Two main competitors Haleeb and Olpers are main threat for MilkPak especially theOlpers is growingvery fast. Nescafe Original 3-in-1 makes it amazingly easy to make the perfect white coffee with sugar. Pure indulgence, Nestle Swiss will continue to drive sales value for the confectionery category. None of the organizations wants to take the risk of being present in the market with a single product.

Nestle MilkPak along with other processed milk businessescontribute only 2% to this large market. Inflation is getting higher and higher so the purchasing power of thepeople is decreasing day by day.There is no entry barrier for new entrants as the Olpers has come in the market.
Since Danone was the first toarrive in the market, they have always been the market leader there. Repeatedly ranked as the worlds largest bottled water company and have set up facilities to operate water resources in a responsible manner.
Each single-serve sachet has the right balance of coffee, whitener and sugar for a creamy and sweet tasting coffee every time. For 2014 there are two new versions of the highly successful 300g Tablets: Nestle Swiss Milk Almonds Nougatine and Nestle Swiss Dark Hazelnuts. As always, it contains an assortment of 12 delicious chocolates and toffees in different shapes, all individually wrapped in various bright and festive colors.
If the company has only a single product, than the demand of the product will be too great or the company does not have the resources to expand the number of products it has.However, if the business market is any example, than all the top companies have multiple products. Nestle MilkPak has expanded its product range byentering the cold dairy market recently by launching Nestle plain yogurt and now fruit yogurt isalso added to it.
Also consumers in Franceliked the taste of LC-1, but researchers believe they did not repurchase the yogurt because theypreferred the taste of Danone products better. Coca cola, Apple, Microsoft, Nestle, Hindustan unilever, Pharmaceutical companies, so on and so forth. To expand the cold dairy products range, Nestle fruit yogurt is the latest addition to thisgroup.
Another threat to Nestle is that there is intensecompetition in the United States yogurt market. These companies need to have a wide product portfolio to be present in the market and to have a sustainable business model. The cold dairy market offers many opportunities for the company which can capitalize theseproducts by banking on its superior quality milk. The coffee brand also offers many opportunities for the company to expand by tuning the taste of the masses towards coffee. Yoplait has been the leader for years and is constantlyinnovating new health products.General Mills has been a strong competitor of Nestle and they are not short of experience andstrength.
Credit policy can be adopted to increase salesThreats :- Price fluctuations due to rupee devaluation as raw material are imported. It takes 5 minutes!Marketing Teacher is the most popular marketing education content site in the world. The uncertainty ofeconomic conditions poses a great threat as the major funds invested in the country come fromoutside Pakistan.
One of their main goals has beento deliver brands that consumers trust and value and they have succeeded. The present economic crisis in the world, led to the withdrawal of foreign management fromthe company and the investment has come to a halt.
As the organization can have a number of different types of products, it will have similar number of product lines. Thus, in Nestle, there are milk based products like milkmaid, Food products like Maggi, chocolate products like Kitkat and other such product lines.

Imported raw material, in some of the company’s products.Major player may enter target market Legal and ethical issues. Another strength that General Mills has is the fact that consumers simply know Yoplait ishealthy. General Mills: subsidiary which makes Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Hamburger Helper, Pillsbury, Old El Paso, cereals, fruit snacks, frozen pizza, canned soups, frozen vegetables, ready-made frozen meals. Thus, the total number of products against the total number of product lines forms the length of the product mix.
Gerber: baby formula, prepared baby foods, baby cereals, water, juice, yogurt, foods for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
They fact that they are the market leader in the UnitedStates may be hindering them from innovation. Professional brands sold to restaurants, colleges, hotels, and food professionals including Jenny Craig meals, Impact liquid meals for trauma patients, liquid meals for diabetics, and OptiFast weight loss products. Width of the product mix – Where product line length refers to the total number of product lines and the products within the product lines, the width of the product mix is equal to the number of product lines within a company. They have been producing Yoplait yogurt formany years, and have offered a series of new products in the past few years in the nutritiondepartment. Thus, taking the above example, if there are 4 product lines within the company, and 10 products within each product line, than the product line width is 4 only. Most of these products however, are very common, and are widely offered in theUnited States. The health food industry in the United States has been booming and General Millsdoes not offer enough products in the smaller niche markets. Where length and width were a function of the number of product lines, the depth of the product mix is the total number of products within a product line. They have not entered into manyunknown areas because of their success in the yogurt market.An opportunity General Mills has is that its Yoplait division is so successful. Thus if a company has 4 product lines and 10 products in each product line, than the product mix depth is 10. Another opportunity that they share with Nestle isthat the health-based and nutritional food market is booming. They are continually releasing andmarketing new products in these markets and they will continue to do so while the marketcontinues to yield profits.The main threat that challenges General Mills is that there is intense competition amongst the topplayers in the yogurt and related markets. But Samsung as a company has many product lines which are completely independent of each other. Nutrition and health is becoming more and moreimportant to consumers in the United States, and worldwide. This will be not be a precise example and all products of P&G might not be taken into consideration. Another threat General Mills has is that smaller companies are producing similarproducts with the same or added nutritional benefits.

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