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Netflix will launch 4K streaming in all of the countries, where it operates, including the new European regions. Movie and TV show provider, Netflix are said to be expanding it’s streaming service into Latin America.
Although Netflix are making no official noises on the development, they already have 60% of the US digital streaming market and have been looking to expand their services around the globe. PS3 owners who wanted access to the Netflix streaming services on their console, have had to put up with loading up a disc before viewing. Previously Sony PlayStation 3 users have had Netflix access for almost a year with the inconvenience that every time a Netflix subscriber wanted to watch movies and tv shows on their PS3, they had to deal with the dreaded disc (similar to Netflix on Wii). It will be an interesting battle as both streaming services are priced around the $9 per month mark and will possibly be showing similar content, although Hastings said that Netflix plan to leverage their industry weight and secure exclusivity deals with content producers. One of the keys to stress-free streaming is making sure your home’s network infrastructure is up to the task.
You can spend a small fortune buying the hottest networking equipment on the market, but it won’t make a lick of difference if the Internet connection that feeds your home is inadequate. When we talk about data allowance, we’re referring to data caps or download limits that ISPs impose on their customers. A good way to get a read on your data needs is to visit your account page at your ISP’s website. To put things in perspective, consider what Netflix says about how much data its movies and TV shows can take up.
Some ISPs have moved to lifting caps as a rule, but offer savings to customers who opt into accepting one. First, let’s address a common misconception: Mbps, the metric used to measure bandwidth, stands for Megabits per second, not megabytes per second (MBps). Netflix recommends 5 Mbps of bandwidth for an HD stream and 25 Mbps for those lucky ones streaming in Ultra HD (these quotes are higher than the actual requirements – that’s just Netflix playing it safe). Then you’ve got to consider the others in the house that may want to be streaming video at the same time you are. Keep this in mind, though: Just because you’re paying for 50 Mbps doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll get all the time. Once you’ve got the Internet service coming into your home locked down, you need to make sure it doesn’t take a nosedive the second it comes through the wall. Linksys’ WRT1900AC is an ode to a bygone era in routers with its hulking blue-and-black design, but it’s also among the most powerful models on the market today. Netgear’s upcoming Nighthawk X6 R8000 is another speedy router that resembles a stealth bomber. You’ll note these models don’t come cheap, averaging over $200, but they are ideal for heavy video streamers thanks to high performance and intuitive interfaces that let you customize and prioritize how your bandwidth is used. While most streaming video devices support 802.11n Wi-Fi right now, nearly all of them also support a wired Ethernet connection that is both more reliable and uninhibited by Wi-Fi’s bandwidth limitations.
The same is possible with Wi-Fi extenders that pull in a wireless signal and connect to nearby devices via Ethernet for the added boost. Upgrading your home network to accommodate all the streaming you’d like to do is going to incur some upfront costs. The move is expected to include deals with local broadcasters  to provide streaming in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Tying up content deals, left, right and center, creating original programming as well as pushing it’s services worldwide. The company were the leading DVD by mail company before moving into the digital streaming market. But now watching tv on your console is getting a whole lot easier with the disc dissapearing by the years end. But now (possibly with a little help from Hulu Plus competing) that will change as Netflix have announced a newer version of Netflix for PS3 UI that will be loaded onto the console rather than requiring a disc.
Anyone who’s queued up a movie on Netflix only to have it sputter and stutter along knows what we’re talking about. Here’s how to make sure your home’s network is never the bottleneck in your streaming video pipeline. Unfortunately, there’s very little you can do to make your broadband Internet service provider’s (ISP) connection reliably fast, but what you can do is make sure you’re subscribed to the plan that promises the right speed and data allowance for your needs. Each ISP has its own plans and policies, but for the sake of illustration let’s say your Internet plan allows you to use up to 200GB of data per month with no restrictions on the time of day you use it. Most offer a data meter with historical information that shows how much data you’ve been gobbling up for the past few months. The company claims that one hour of its HD programming eats up about 3GB of data — Ultra HD content bumps that up to about 7 GB per hour.
These plans are usually offered to those who pay for slower connections (15Mbps or lower) and don’t use a lot of data anyway. That might lead you to think that a 15 Mbps plan would be plenty, but you’d be forgetting about all the other devices (and people) in your home that use up your bandwidth.
Your neighbors probably like to stream content around the same times you do, and if you’re all sharing the same neighborhood Internet pipe, it may clog up from time to time. And while you’re at it, you might want to consider stepping up the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac.
Ideally, you could plug your devices directly into your router or an Ethernet switch, but if your devices aren’t right next to your router and you don’t have Ethernet cable strung throughout the home, you might think going wireless is the only real option. Powerline adapters, which come in pairs, are excellent networking tools that can route an Internet connection through a home’s power lines as a way to bridge devices and routers in separate rooms.
Powerline adapters have the edge because there is no latency in the connection, whereas extenders could be affected by signal or range limitations (this is less of a problem with 802.11ac). An upgrade in service from your ISP, a new dependable router (and modem, if necessary) and possibly a powerline adapter or Wi-Fi range extender will incur expenditures, but the investment should pay off in the long term. And the more you know about your data consumption and network capabilities, the better you can manage your monthly costs. The news was reported in the Financial Times and reports that the streaming company are looking obtain rights for content from telenovelas, Grupo Televisa and TV Azteca of Mexico, and Globo of Brazil.
Just the sight of that buffering screen (or terrible picture quality) is enough to make you want to pull your hair out or, worse, ditch your subscriptions entirely. That’s a lot of flexible data, and for many folks it is plenty sufficient for a month’s worth of streaming content, cruising Facebook, and so on. If you’re just getting started with Netflix and you’re already pushing the limit, it’s time to look at another plan. With that in mind, you can start doing a bunch of math to try to determine what kind of bandwidth you need.

Every smartphone, computer, smart TV, smart Blu-ray player, cable box, satellite box, Roku or Apple TV connected to your network may be sending and receiving data at any given moment.
For example: In this writer’s household, a 50 Mbps plan serves three simultaneous Netflix HD streams (and all the other Internet activity) fairly reliably. If you want to buy your own, potentially saving you up to $80 a month, ask your ISP for a list of approved modems.
These combo units might be limited to two-thirds the speed and range of a similar wireless router from the likes of Linksys, Netgear or D-Link. There aren’t many devices that can take advantage of its increased throughput (up to 1.3Gbps), but we’ll see more coming later this year and going forward. And then there’s “beamforming,” a technology within 802.11ac that recognizes the location devices are connecting from and routes more of the signal in that direction. For example: plug one adapter into a power outlet near the router upstairs and connect them with an Ethernet cable. It’s easy to put a big old target on the back of Netflix, Amazon or even your Internet provider. Those manufacturers have rightly identified that some consumers want as fat a pipe as they can get, and have used language like “Media” or “HD” to market their top router models. Then plug in the other adapter into an outlet near the streaming device in another room and connect them via Ethernet. But often, the real problem is that your Internet service and home network isn’t set up to properly handle the huge amount of data flowing into your home. HEVC is said to deliver identical picture quality at half the bitrate, and HEVC is also optimized for compression of 4K and even higher resolutions. The picture was detailed and vivid, and during the relatively short demonstration we did not spot any severe image compression.
Season 2 was originally slated to hit Netflix yesterday on the 14th of September but this date has fell through which we can only respond to with the most known Arrow meme – Netflix, you have failed this city. The new date for the Netflix US release of Arrow Season 2 is October 8th which is the same day which season 3 begins showing exclusively on The CW until next year.
The CW relationship has been great in the past meaning Netflix has been getting prompt new additions such as Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and Beauty and the Beast.
If you’re not familiar with the show you can begin catching up with season 1 on Netflix right now here. The series is based around a comic book character from the DC Universe who saves the city from bad guys and criminals armed only with a bow and arrow. It’s high production values and choice in cast has rocketed the series success and has also now spawned another DC universe series being produced by The CW this time however being centred around The Flash. Are you disappointed with the streaming date of season 2 or just happy that it’s coming eventually?

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