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Websoftex Software extending its services in Website Designing-Web Development-MLM Software offer Binary Plan-Matrix Plan-Help Plan Software-MLM Help Plan-MLM Generation Plan-Career MLM-Single Leg MLM Plan-Infinite MLM Software-MLM Business Plan-MLM Matrix Plan-MLM Company for Multi Level Marketing Companies. The previous exhibit for the summer was EYE AM: photographs by Reginald Chavez Elementary School students. Washington Metro OASIS opened their second art exhibition in August featuring the photography of Jack Rosenberg. A poster created by OASIS intern Brandon McCadney helped to publicize the event in the Macy's store. Today I’m coming to the rescue with four no-fail hacks you can use on ANY social network to increase your engagement. Daniel Pink, in his book A Whole New Mind, discusses the importance of design in business, and visual content is a major part of that. While that list is highly actionable, I knew that not everyone who read the post would get through the entire thing. I repurposed that list into an infographic,¬†allowing me to post the list on Pinterest in a visual way. That long list of links would never have made it onto Pinterest, but the infographic turned those resources into highly shareable and engaging content perfect for this visual social network.

Creating micro-content from that list engaged part of my audience who would never have read that long list of resources. This is a tactic often referred to as a best practice in relationship marketing, but it also pays off in terms of engagement.
This post got more organic reach, likes, and shares than any other post on my page last week. Pick the hack that seems most natural to you or that will appeal to your audience the most and start there. Get the Free Template ??Your EZ button for creating your most successful Facebook posts yet! Did you know that Zillow provides FREE education, training, and support webinars for real estate industry professionals?¬† As a matter of fact, April is going to be a month chock full of the most popular and most attended webinars we’ve provided over the past 12 months. The only thing you’ll need is a computer with an Internet connection, and a small amount of time set aside to invest in your online presence and business.
Brad Andersohn is the National Industry Outreach Manager for the Yahoo!-Zillow Real Estate Network.
Most of the artwork featured will be for sale, with 30 percent of the proceeds benefiting Washington Metropolitan OASIS and its programs.

I repurposed that content into different forms, eliciting more engagement from my followers. Each of them is within reach of small business owners who want more engagement from their audience.
These classes fill up quickly so be sure to reserve your seats while there are still some available.
He's also the Director of Zillow Academy, a FREE online education and training platform for real estate professionals. Here, we'll bring professionals their daily dose of real estate marketing tips, tricks, and strategies. Reach is the gateway to higher engagement, so you’re guaranteed to increase both using video.

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