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Attila Gidofalvi: This Hungarian businessman is the father of networking in the former Soviet Union, Attila built 120 Amway diamonds in two years and held meetings at Olympic Stadium and Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.
Ron Puryear: He built one of the largest networks in the Britt system and for awhile, ruled in the northwest USA, filling the largest coliseums in Portland and Seattle to capacity.
Bo Short built all over again three times and each time  built a lead organization within his respective company.
Jody Victor: He proved that networking can survive and even thrive into a second generation.

Natasha Yena: A resourceful strategic thinker, Natasha is the mother of all Russian speaking networkers, Her events fill auditoriums across Russia and Ukraine and have spawned dozens of other networking women leaders with enormous businesses of their own.
BK Boreyko: He hailed from a family that built one of the largest organizations in the Matal Company. Don Held: In his heyday he filled coliseums in Ohio and Canada, and launched an educational system, showing that a network can do more than just make money. Kathy Coover: Became the top earner in three different companies, personally sponsoring 450 in the first one, 198 in the second.

Mitch Sala: He is the great Australian networker who solved the problem of isolation downunder by exporting his business worldwide.

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