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VeryDOC Flash to GIF Animation Maker is a very useful tool which has been designed to make GIF animation from flash. SWF to GIF Animation Converter can help you when you need to convert flash to animated gif. If you are reading this document, you are probably considering creating an animation for your business or your individual needs.
Our Animaton Studio works with a number of entities: Producers, broadcasters, partners, distributors and other companies to provide original multimedia marketing content. As one of Austin, TX’s Premier 3D Animation Companies, we serve our clients locally and globally. An animation studio does much more than simply making colorful cartoons and moving pictures.
Animation studios grow ever more popular as more and more businesses become aware of the vast potential of these services.
The first step for our clients to consider is whether a 2D or a 3D animation would be best for their purposes. Before moving forward describing our process, we must define and ask the question :  What is 3D Animation?
In the development phase, our clients refine their message or ideas at this phase until what they want to communicate to their audience becomes very clear and to the point.
This is the step where you the client get to be a movie producer, and this step is almost always the first step for all of our animations no matter what kind of business you do with us. Should it look like an illustrated cartoon when it’s done or should it look real, like a photograph? Don’t worry if this is your first Animation project, we know the kinds of questions to ask at this step to ensure that your production is a Blockbuster!
As for Character Design, if you need a Character developed for your story, we develop sketches usually in this phase. Video cameras in the real world give you the ability to adjust the focus, add depth of field, blur, tracking, panning, etc. Rendering is a very complicated process that requires an amazing understanding of the properties of light and materials in order to achieve the most natural results. Together, you and the fantastic team at Austin Visuals will review the complete Animation and add or delete scenes and effects to create the finished product – if any of that needs to be done. After gathering the information and references you provide, we’ll create drawings and illustrations based on your ideas of the setting or environment of the animation.
We’ll break your project down into a list of elements that will compose the image and get started on creating them. So let’s say you want to show how something works, perhaps a new invention, an explainer video for a new mobile website, or an instructional training video for your employees, or maybe you want to create a commercial? Just as before, our team at Austin Visuals will gather all the information you can provide about what you need.
From there, we’ll put all your thoughts together and develop a preliminary script for the presentation based on those ideas. Now on to storyboards or to put it another way, the “blueprint” for making your commercial or instructional video. Thank you for your time and we hope you’ve enjoyed this educational walk through of Animation Process at our Studio. If you need to ask questions or you need Professionals to turn your ideas into Video or Animation, contact us to discuss your project.
Contact us Today to request a free quote and to learn more about how Austin Visuals can help you with your business and your 3d animation needs. PDF to PowerPoint Animation Converter is a professional PDF solution to convert PDF to PowerPoint Animation formats. It can be used to easily turn a still picture into an animated gif, video clip or Flash SWF with sound. Create your actors from any photo or illustration and bring them to life with automatic lip-sync and motion animation. Or… maybe you’re reading this document to just educate yourself on the 2D or 3D animation process?
To describing complex processes visually such as Engineering, Architectural projects, or inventions. Austin Visuals, an animation studio here in Austin can provide a wide range of services, from providing marketing assets for global businesses, all the way to making entertainment videos for children.
Established in 2007, Austin Visuals has produced many Animated Commercials, Cartoons for The Discovery Channel, 3D Animation for NASA, YouTube, Armstrong Engineering, Architectural Animation Visualizations for the Oil and Gas Industry, Animation for The University of Texas (UT, Austin, TX), and Animation and Graphics for a long list of other industry leading clients.
Animation studios can do wonders for companies wanting to improve and enhance their business materials, their image, their attractiveness, or the ability to communicate your message more clearly and effectively than your competition. But you’re probably wondering just how we go about bringing your story and ideas to life.
There are some people that watch Animated cartoons on TV or see the 3D hit movie Avatar and enjoy it but have no idea how many steps, it takes, who are the people that make it, or what’s involved in the process. Many of the steps are similar, but 3D is obviously complex and requires much more time to create than 2D in most cases. Instead of building physical objects in the real world and setting those objects into motion on film, we create 3D Animation by starting from nothing and use our minds, imaginations, and our team’s collective experience to produce things that move, live, and breathe using special 3D Computer Software to generate cutting edge state-of-the-art computer graphics.
During this phase both Austin Visuals and our clients work at coming up with a “blueprint” of what the Animation should look like before any major Animation work begins.
A storyboard is a sequence of illustrations or sketches that summarize your ideas and stories all in one place.
With a Character Design Sketch, Austin Visuals can show you different viewing angles and emotions of your character. Texturing is the process of adding color to our digital putty or 3D models.  Do you want the image to look like a photograph?  Should we incorporate the colors from your corporate logo? Individual blades of grass in a field might need to wave in a digital breeze while the star of the show is doing it’s own thing in the foreground of the scene.

Lighting doesn’t just illuminate your objects and characters, it adds depth and dimension to a scene as well as set a mood or tone for if the intensity, color, and direction are done skillfully. 3D Animation doesn’t use real cameras, but relies on many of the same principles for the purpose of capturing a moving image. Rendering is the last step of the Animation process, but not the final step in your production.
Have you ever noticed how important the music and sound effects are to a movie?  Well, they’re just as important to your Animation! Here’s where you get to indulge your inner Spielberg and turn all of this hard work into a finished 3D Animation. We’ll proof the product with you, review it with your stakeholders, and deliver it in the format(s) you require. We will also create any characters and variations of those characters you might want so that you can choose the options you think are best for your project.
Once we get these details nailed down, our team of artists will create the general layout of where the objects in the image will be placed. This might include diagrams, screen shots, photographs, and anything else that will help us to create your Animation.
Austin Visuals can help you save time and many headaches of getting your project off the ground and best of all we make your imagination, reality.
We at Austin Visuals are committed to helping our clients make informed choices over how to choose an Animation Studio and to give an education over what all goes into making Animation of any kind in a Studio. Moving pictures and presentations make an impact on your target audience and thus leave lasting impressions.
Although you can get much more visual depth with 3D Animation, 2D Animation often conveys a story, idea, or concept much faster. Our motto is, “We bring your ideas to life.” And that’s exactly what we do to bring 3D Animation to the web, television, or the silver screen. Whether you are attempting to show a prototype to the public, simple illustration to communicate your ideas, or even if we don’t have the blueprints for your design but you have an idea of what you want the end visual result to look like, 3D Animation is going to be your best choice for your needs in these cases. Pre-Production is where we start to see our first visuals created based on the development phase. We want to make you happy, and we have a team of experts that exist to help you bring your ideas to life.
Making changes to the way any character looks or acts is best done at this stage because sketches can be re-sketched much more quickly and efficiently than making a change once this character becomes 3D.
Our team of animators will digitally manipulate the skeleton depending on the the desired motion. Austin Visuals listens to you to determine just how much Animation is required according to the purpose of the product and the level of realism you desire.
Just as in the movies, lighting can make or break a scene; a poorly lit ball might look like a flat circle, while a properly lit ball can look shiny, life-like, and photo-realistic. Sometimes it takes computers anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 day just to render 1 single image. Your 3D Animation Visuals are complete!  Now it’s time for post-production, or compositing.
We’ll ask for reference examples such as images, sketches, or videos that will help us to understand what you want to create. The pictures were then played together quickly in sequence to create the illusion of movement.
Since we’re only working in two dimensions, there are limitations to how realistic these drawings can look.
At the end of the process, you will have an image that can be printed on a billboard, mounted on a foam board, or used on brochures, flyers, or banners. We’ll typically spend more time on the details in the foreground of the scene than the background, but the ultimate goal is to give you the degree of realism you need.
Then at this point we can start building a 1st draft animation around the script you provide.
Austin Visuals can help you 'WOW' your target audience every time through our commercial-quality Animation Designed Custom for your needs. Whatever your needs are, this document is intended to give you a walk through of the process we use to create your animation or graphics here at Austin Visuals Animation Studio. The impact an animation will have on its intended audience will depend on the skill of the people manipulating the 3D models inside specialized 3D software.
At the time this document was written, LinkedIn just recently introduced adding Videos to your personal profile. Customers are more likely to remember a product or service uses engaging content such as Video and Animation to project those lasting impressions. Just because 2D Animation is faster to create, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice to solve your visual communication needs. 3D Animation is a complex process that requires teams of highly skilled artists and trained experts in the field of Animation to work on an successfully execute your project. Our clients can even tell us over the phone what they want or write us an email and we can make fantastic 3D Animation for them based on limited information. Shot Production is the phase where most of the good looking animation you’re used to seeing on television or film gets created. Whether it’s for the trade show, for investors, the courtroom, or even entertaining the kiddos, our team of experts need as much information as you can tell us to make sure that we create the idea and vision that is in your head. We also take doodles you’ve made on napkins, or clips from YouTube, along with any and all material you provide us as reference material for creating our storyboards. We use state-of-art 3D Computer Software to create each character or object that you will ultimately see in your final animation or still image. A model that looks like a photograph might require as many as 22 layers of texture to get things just right!

Obviously, the more complicated the motions are, the more complicated the rigging will be and the longer it will take to animate. Our technicians draw upon their vast experience to use the latest in lighting techniques to give you a product that looks great every time. We’ll move the virtual camera through your three dimensional animated scene and make the desired adjustments to give you exactly the view and effect you want. Images in the computer graphics world usually exist as a low quality draft so that artists can quickly manipulate and make changes to their 3D environments. Just as in rendering, compositing takes many forms and it can require many different techniques to achieve the results you want. We help you to find the right voice actors to convey the feel you want for the piece, whether it’s formal and business-like or cute and fun. With the knowledge contained in this document, you can make more informed decisions during each phase of your project to ensure the project’s complete success. Enjoy! Commercials advertising small and large businesses use 3D Animation all the time in various advertising campaigns and demand for content is growing sharply everyday across the internet.
At Austin Visuals, we help our clients pick which kind of Animation is best for their needs.
A typical 3D Animated Production requires the collaboration of Project Managers, Administrative Teams, Artists, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Voice over Actors and Actresses, and other skilled Artists in order to get the best results. If the goal is to make an Animation for purely entertainment purposes, we always say here at our Studio that we can do anything from making pigs fly to making a cow jump over the moon.
Once our clients get to the Shot Production Phase, the resulting Animation delivered to our clients is often around 80% of what the final product will look like. Here, it’s important for us to gather as much information as possible about what you want your Animation to look like as a final product. Know that we only create detail where and when needed so that we are always efficient with our time and resources. Don’t worry if this is your first Animation project, we know the kinds of questions to ask at this step to ensure that your production is a Blockbuster! For example, hands moving on the face of a clock or a car sliding through an intersection will require considerably less rigging than a dancing octopus swinging from a trapeze while drinking his favorite beverage. In order to take this draft from its rough low quality state to it a final image that has shadows, reflections, and lots of other detail, we must go through a process called ‘Rendering’.
For example if we were to render a 1 minute 3D Animation on 1 computer at 24 frames a second it would take 480 hours to render or day 20 days to put it another way. In this step, we edit the rendering, do touch-ups, add effects like explosions or morphing , and even combine real footage with your digital production.
Maybe you’re looking for an Animation that will get your point across quickly, hold your audience’s attention, and entertain them visually? We can make Animation look like an illustrated cartoon or we can make it look ultra realistic like it was a scene in a movie or from a photograph. Post-Production is known as the last phase where any loose ends are tied up or anything that didn’t happen correctly in the earlier phases can often be cleaned up here. We may ask you a lot more questions than these in this first step of the Animation Process, but this is done just to get a clear understanding of what our Client is requesting and what they expect of our Animation Studio to deliver to them as a final product. Also included are notes about music, a script of what is being said if anything, and how all of these elements relate to each other in order to provide you with the most cohesive and compelling story possible.
Rendering is the process of taking a computer graphics image from draft quality to a final production-ready look. In other words, we make a composite of your rendering with additional footage and features.
It requires there to be a real life model of some sort, which is shifted very slightly between pictures in a sequence. We can pretty much do anything that you have visual reference for or that you can dream up.
Small details can be corrected in this phase, cutting scenes out that aren’t needed happen here as well as adding text overlays and finishing touches on music and sound effects. Do you have any images or YouTube links that are similar to what you want us to produce for you?
This stage is known as the ‘planning and development’ stage and is a crucial part of the animation process as it helps you to visualize the project and map it out before we begin production. Since animation rendering does take so long at this point, make sure all the changes your want are done in earlier phases or you may be waiting around for an update for a long time here. 3D animation is based on creating this illusion of movement as well, but the entire creation is done through computer software, then rendered from the computer as well. 2D is limited in the amount of detail it can show, and the amount angles or perspectives you can view your work from. Even though this process has many steps and phases of development, you can see that the best Animation created on the market today always starts with a carefully planned story or idea. All of these phases and steps are necessary in order to produce a high quality final product that is delivered on-time and is a final product that speaks to your audience. 3D Animation can look very realistic like a photograph and allows you to more easily incorporate live-action video footage to give your project a more film or television commercial look. Combining 3d Animation with video shot with a Video Camera can be very helpful when adding special effects like explosions or demonstrating an industrial or mechanical process through use of 3D animation. 3D can also accurately show scale, volume, shadows, and light which is much more difficult than with 2D Animation.

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