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Remember, depending on the medium, it can take up to 12 impressions for your prospects to even notice your marketing.
In a multi-channel, interactive world of digitally empowered consumers, advertising is no longer about ads. Havas Worldwide offers fully integrated marketing solutions plus the award-winning capabilities of our global divisions: Havas Worldwide Digital provides end-to-end digital services. We invest every day in becoming more agile, more collaborative, and more digitally innovative.
Havas Life is the largest global healthcare network, with 1,500 professionals in 50 countries. We know that the best way to thrive in rapidly changing markets is to get out there ahead of everyone else.
In 2000, we formalized our approach to these ideas and gave them a name: Creative Business IdeasA®. Getting to the Future First is our visiona€”and it is the promise we make to every client in every category and every market. These are ideas so powerful they are capable of transforming brands, creating entirely new categories, and altering consumer perceptions.

If a small business owner has made up her mind about something not working, it’s far more prudent to explore other options rather than trying to sway her opinion.Finding the right marketing mix requires testing different vehicles to determine which ones work and which ones don’t, so you know where you should be investing time and money. You may have a poor experience with more than one medium, but that shouldn’t sour you on the overall marketing process.And it is a process!
If you are inconsistently dabbling with various messages sprinkled through various media, the chances of your efforts being successful are pretty slim.
However, if you are sending a strong, consistent message to a clearly defined audience using a strategic mix of marketing vehicles, your efforts WILL yield results.Lest you find yourself wondering what options are available, I have compiled a list that will get you started in the right direction. The objective is to pick and choose the ones that feel feasible and relevant to your business, and try them out.Seeing all the available options can be overwhelming, but you’re not trying to use all of them. In addition to the first group of “Essentials” below, I suggest testing between 3 – 6 on the low side, 8 – 10 on the high side, and 12 or more if you’ve got the resources. SponsorshipsAs you can see, there are far more marketing options available than you could possibly utilize for your small business. After several months of consistent advertising, you will have a good idea of which vehicles are most effective for your business. Once you have determined that, continue to use what works and drop the rest.Which marketing vehicles would you add to this list?

The fun part is picking and choosing which resources are most appropriate for your business, because not all of them will be. The time-consuming process of marketing can be off-putting to biz owners who are immersed in plenty of responsibilities, but it’s necessary to maximize success.
Sounds like you are using proven methods to market your business, and I hope they continue to work well for you! Many times small businesses fail to realize the the power of hold messages.Phone systems have the capability to promote your products and services, communicate useful customer information, and improve their overall caller experience… all while they are waiting on hold! Message On Hold is a a multifunctional audio marketing solution that targets your captive audience.

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