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Apple has announced a new MacBook during its Apple Watch conference and it is their thinnest laptop yet.
The 12 inch 256GB SSD version is priced at $1299 and the 512GB SSD version is priced at $1599.
We have a team of highly qualified and experienced writers who are very proficient at their job. Now the dust has settled, most reviewers ended up loving it, and some even call it the future of laptops. With the help of Mad scientist Rob-Art from Barefeats (who did the tests on both 12-inch MacBooks), I have the answer, backed with data from real-life benchmarks on some of your favorite games.
You know what this MacBook Air is capable of, you’ve seen it handle graphically intensive games such as DiRT 3 or Beyond Earth before. We took the latest 12-inch Macbook (Early 2016) and benchmarked it against last year’s 12-inch MacBook (Early 2015) and my 13-inch MacBook Air. The New MacBook has more RAM and slightly better graphics, but the MacBook Air’s Intel i5 processor is vastly superior. This is when the comparison point between all the machines becomes crucial, it gives perspective. If we break down the results, the New MacBook was 16% faster at Grid 2, but 12% slower on Batman: Arkham City. The odd ball was Tomb Raider, where the new MacBook was blown out of the water (almost half as fast as my MacBook Air). So, if results show that both machines perform similarly, can we conclude that the New MacBook can play modern games? Yes, we can. If you are getting a 12-inch MacBook for many personal reasons, then go ahead and be confident that some gaming will be possible. However, if gaming is your priority, a New MacBook is not your best option (and neither my MacBook Air by the way). And even if you want an ultra portable machine that can do some gaming, I would recommend the latest 13-inch Macbook Air instead. Updated May 5, 2016: I updated this article to reflect the Early 2016 12-inch Macbook benchmark results.
A gamer since I can remember, I have mostly been a console gamer with some PC gaming moments (thank you Age of Empires and StarCraft…). Shouldn’t the Intel HD 5300 be more comparable to the old Intel HD 4000 than the HD 5000 Grahics? But your in-game benchmarks tell a different story, so probably it depends on the use case. It won’t be at the highest settings, but if you really wanted that, you wouldn’t get an ultra portable Macbook in the first place right?
However, I am curious about how those games benchmark when running on Windows 8 in Boot Camp. I have to agree, I put the graphics settings on Planetside 2 to high settings, and got about 20 fps.
How you feel during gaming is determined mainly by the gaming physics, not the texture details or even resolution.
If what you want is to run a game in full HD, maxed out setting, on a big screen, then yeah, everything I said here is not relevant for you. That said, some people have ultra portable computers because they need to travel a lot and such, and the purpose of this article is to let them know that they can play some games too. Also, keep in mind that 20 FPS from benchmark doesn’t sound like much but when normally playing the game, it runs more than ok. For me, this means a minimum of 30 FPS during the most difficult renderings on a Medium or Medium-ish setting at native resolution. That being said, I am still quite confident that you could squeeze out an extra 5-10 FPS by simply running these games in Windows 8 via Boot Camp on the same Macs.
So does anyone have any suggestions on games that can be played on the Early 2015 12-inch Retina MacBook: 1.1 GHz Intel Core M, 8 GB RAM, SSD Intel HD Graphics 5300? New games keep coming everyday making it difficult for the players to choose their favorite title for their idle time. Gigantic Map with clutter of trees, man made structures (statues, forts and memorials) and natural dangers. In one sense, the keynote presentation at Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference (otherwise known as WWDC) contained relatively few genuine surprises.
Not that Apple wants to present anything but a slick show and an appearance of domination, mind you.
It's no secret that Apple's iOS operating system has been in need of an overhaul, and the promise, at least on the surface is that iOS 7 will deliver just that. Likewise, unless you're in the developer sphere - and WWDC is a development conference - you won't immediately be getting your hands on the next iteration of Mac OS X, which drops the cat nomenclature that's defined the "X" series.
On the hardware side, the larger surprise on Apple's front came from the newly-redesigned Mac Pro. The new Mac Pro is definitely for a niche market.To be useful to most people as a desktop, you'll have to have external devices hanging off it - which takes away some of the 'wow it's a neat cylinder' aspect. Well of course there will be dissatisfied Android customers when you have large varied market of low-end Android phones that are as cheap as $50, which are really only built to make calls and texts (applications quickly build up the internal 100-200mb cache and the phones cease working). This site is where you will find ABC stories, interviews and videos on the subject of Technology and Games.
With the help of Mad scientist Rob-Art from BarefeatsA (who did the tests on both 12-inch MacBooks), I have the answer, backed with data from real-life benchmarks on some of your favorite games. And even if you want an ultra portable machine that can do some gaming, IA would recommend the latest 13-inch Macbook Air instead.
A gamer since I can remember, I have mostly been a console gamer with some PC gaming moments (thank you Age of Empires and StarCrafta€¦).

One could argue that but I still have one very important unanswered question: Can’t it play games? Everyone assumes that it will melt away trying to play a demanding game, but time and time again, it proves them wrong.
Those results don’t really add up to the rest, but never forget that when running benchmarks, some processors can be heavily advantaged or disadvantaged on specific games.
However, after entering the Apple world, first with an iPod and then with a Macbook, I am today a self-proclaimed Apple fan boy.
This is what made me turn to mac games, which I have enjoyed for several months and cover 99% of my gaming needs. Meaning these days is ambiguous – especially considering that all results were 25fps or under.
A Macbook Air isn’t for hardcore gamers so to me 30 FPS is more than sufficient for casual gamers.
It will always be better to game on a desktop with a great GFX card than on a low-powered laptop! But again, the purpose of the article is to remove the self-imposed limitation that you have to give up gaming if you get a Macbook.
I simply want to enjoy the story that the game is trying to tell, and as such, I am approaching this from an enjoyment point of view. This time, Ladia Group’s Next Stop has surfaced on the MGS and is now available for download and purchase.
For me, it feels good when you are  making progress by your own implanting different strategies. You will need to accept the challenge of repairing the entire railroad making it a profitable business. The game puts the players into a task to find or locate the members of Team One as a new recruit. All that you need to do is to rescue and find the missing persons who are crying for the help. You can make your own theories about that; those who dislike the company intensely will no doubt claim that's because they're lacking in inspiration, those who like conspiracy theories may point to what appears to be a larger number of leaks than before and then argue endlessly over whether that's a deliberate PR strategy or a case of Apple losing control, and so on and so forth. The most heavily pre-hyped announcement would have to have been Apple's pitch at streaming music services, which it's dubbed iTunes Radio. The visual redesign is the most obvious striking point of the new OS, but it's also promising better multitasking, a control center that slides up from the bottom of the screen and touch-based navigation by sliding in from the left. The new system is being dubbed, "Mavericks" - a name derived from a Californian surf beach.
It's been a long, long time in-between Mac Pro refreshes, so much so that it could have been reasonably expected that Apple had given up on the concept as it shifted well away from desktop computing. I'm aware that a lot of iOS 7 design cues have come from other platforms, but I haven't used the others so I'm still pretty excited about the changes. That will keep the cheap PC makers busy for a few years figuring out how to compete with the new Mac Pro.Has Jonnie Ive just reinvented the workstation computer too? As you browse through the site, the links you follow will take you to stories as they appeared in their original context, whether from ABC News, a TV program or a radio interview. If you want power, go for an iMac or a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro with a dedicated graphics card. With high quality graphics games, it’s satisfying for me to switch every setting to the highest value, just to get a taste of the state-of-the-art graphics, then switch everything to the lowest to play the game. It runs and looks amazingly good when you consider that it’s running on a Macbook Air. To get high points, you need to repair the damaged parts of the railroad and build up a new infrastructure to get more income. The players have to use some inventive methods to track down the missing persons and objects. You are following the path of a journalist who is on his adventure to find a special kind of pharmaceuticals. It's an interesting grab-bag of ideas, and you don't have to go terribly far in the mobile space to find evidence of where Apple's got some of its ideas from.
Apple's also playing the "USA, USA!" card pretty heavily here, no doubt wishing to distance itself from issues with having its products manufactured in Chinese factories. Like many of Apple's announcements today, you can't go out and buy the new-circular Mac Pro straight away, with Apple promising availability later this year.
The new Airs sit on the back of Intel's new processor iterations, Apple has tied itself into more-or-less yearly OS X iterations and while the promises are big for Maverick's performance, the more obvious consumer-facing parts of the operating system are matters that can be handled right now with third party OS X applications. The numbers game shows that Apple's still remarkably popular, and it's unlikely that we'll see Tim Cook lining up for welfare support any time soon, but at the same time there was little of the absolute wow factor that some may have expected from an Apple launch.
How do you know which ones to spend your money on?If you’re looking to stuff your stocking with the finest of games for our favorite platform, look no further. This might be the weak link but unless we test out the machine ourselves it’s hard to say. One thing that you should be caring about is the resources, whether they’re enough in number to fix all the damages. Do whatever you like, but if you locate Team One earlier, then you’ll be awarded with higher scores.
They're by no means first to market with a streaming radio-like product, but the promise is of a smoother experience with integration digging into both iTunes for back-end sales and Siri for voice activation. Like iTunes Radio it's not available immediately unless you're an Apple developer and can deal with a certain amount of instability. Mavericks continues the integration of Apple's iOS and OS X product lines, integrating Apple's not-always-popular-or-accurate Maps, as well as iBooks, tabs and tags in Finder, improved support for multiple displays and promises of improved multi-tasking and energy efficiency. What is hitting stores today are new Macbook Air models based around Intel's fourth-generation Core architecture, AKA "Haswell." Apple has stolen an interesting march on its competitors here, as Haswell's own internal improvements make up much of what's actually impressive about the new Airs, with improved battery life the key new headline feature.

Maybe you don't need this kind of revolutionary design for your word processing duties Alex, but some of us who edit video and music for a living do.
You need to be calm during the whole game play, it is a technique that fits into every game for a nice ending. It'll be ad-supported, with an ad-free version available to those who already use Apple's iTunes Match service. That makes the Air the logical choice to adopt Haswell first, although it presumably won't be long before we see Haswell-powered Macbook and iMac models either.
Not a fair and balanced article when you start of by mentioning PR and hype!Report the facts dude! One of the many massively online battle arenas available for the Mac (like League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients 2), Heroes of the Storm pits two teams of players against each other to battle for supremacy across various maps. Otherwise it's very much a matter of doing what you'd expect with a streaming music product, and time will tell whether it's able to grab a significant chunk of the streaming market from services such as Pandora and Spotify. What Heroes does differently is to eschew the direct battle approach of the other games, instead creating specific objectives for each map that allow teams to direct their energy in different ways.
We won't know locally for some time, however, as it'll appear first in the US' Autumn before rolling out to other countries.
Add to that the ability to play with hero characters from popular Blizzard franchises like Starcraft and Diablo, and you’ve got a compelling game for fans of the genre that newcomers can enjoy equally. As you listen, you’ll catch other clues and type them into the 1999 Windows computer that forms the interface for this who-done-it mystery. It’s up to you, your deductive logic, and the way the developers have mastered telling you a story in bits and pieces. Typical RPG games let you upgrade your weapons and stats so you can kill ever-stronger monsters and get even better loot.
Doing so earns you friends and helps you find clues to figure out who you are and why you were left with a strange rabbit of a mother in the underground caves.
If you want the latest photorealistic visuals, look elsewhere, but if you’re intrigued by a game that disrupts everything your video game-loving self knows about how to play an RPG, do yourself a favor and try this one out. Other players who have built up weapons and armor will hunt you down and try to either help or kill you (usually the latter). Savage Lands takes this concept and runs with it on the Mac, with a weird, compelling world filled with bears and deer, but also skeletons and evil imps. You can run a server on your own and have your buddies team up with you to build your own crazy fortress and gather materials. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime aims to do something different with a bright, colorful arcade game that fosters cooperation instead of competition. It’s a beautiful, stylish, almost meditative puzzle title that immerses you in a gorgeous pop-up-book world and lets you wander around in it. Even better, all the complicated constructions the developer created for it are actually buildable in real life. They could have taken the puzzles out and made it into a meditation app, and I still would have spent hours with it.
And somehow, Telltale has taken that incredibly bare framework and built one of the cutest and most entertaining titles of the year. It includes a great cast including comedians Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn, my Goonies crush Martha Plimpton and, somehow, Paul Reubens. It’s hilarious and fun without being precious, which is a pretty big achievement considering all the characters are adorable (and the game is about people stacking blocks). Matching tiles helps guide your character through each level, and knowing which tiles to match at the right time will get you to the end faster. Matching swords and staffs helps you take down enemies, matching keys will open treasure chests, and matching shields makes it harder for enemies to hold you back.You’ll take on quests before each level and collect rewards for completing each one.
As you progress, your boat will become bigger and you’ll recruit monsters to help with tasks. Increasing the size of your boat ensures you can power through the strong currents and make your way through the map.
You won’t have played anything like You Must Build a Boast before, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll become hugely addicted to this charming, wonderfully simple, yet incredibly challenging puzzle game. You’ll need to flip back and forth between two times to solve these environmental puzzles as well as who done it and how.
The Silent Age was a huge hit on iOS back in 2013, but developer House on Fire updated it with HD graphics for bigger Mac screen this year. It’s a fantastic noir- and retro-tinged adventure for the point-and-click crowd as well as the rest of us. Do yourself a favor and grab this game when you’re ready to do some stylish sleuthing on your Mac.
You’ll still need to manage your own plot of land on one of the various official and unofficial servers, but Trove lets you level up your character with gear and quests just like an MMO does, while still remaining pretty accessible to gamers of all ages. It’s a ton of fun to romp through the various worlds looking for monsters and loot, then craft your own armor and weapons to go after bigger baddies just over the next hill. It’s brightly colored, adorably fun to play, and will keep you questing through the infinite realms long into the evening.
Steam has no such feature, though some PC games have web-based tools that do the same thing.

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