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Microsoft has suspended updates for regular Windows XP users, which means those users are prone to security threats, exploits, malware, and other serious problems. However, governments around the world have decided to pay Microsoft millions of dollars to continue receiving security updates instead of updating the operating systems on their computers. Now, a new report says that you don’t have to pay millions of dollars to get the XP support you need.
After entering the hack, your Windows XP system will continue receiving updates through Windows Embedded Industry (also known as Windows Embedded POSReady). Save the file and then double click on it to instantly make changes to your Windows Registry.

Basically, this hack tells Microsoft that your computer is an ATM or Point of Sale machine and that it should continue delivering security updates to protect your system.
Of course, the consequences of telling Microsoft that your PC is actually an ATM are unknown. Apparently, a new Windows XP registry hack lets you overcome the end of Windows XP’s support and continue receiving updates until 2019 – which should give you lots of time to find a new computer.
That’s the same version of Windows XP that runs on ATMs and Point Of Sale (POS) systems across the country. Open any folder and go to Tools > Folder Options, then click View and check the Show Hidden Files and Folders button.

Microsoft wisely decided to continue supporting these systems instead of suspending updates.

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