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After I attended Catalyzing the Sharing Economy conference (the sharing economy is defined as the use of networked, mobile, information technology to share goods and services), I shared a post with some notes and ideas about why I think it is the next generation of networked social change.
Now that we’ve had some time to reflect,  I am wondering about how the Sharing Economy will catalyze new forms of philanthropy and CSR? Jeremiah Owyang has a framework that describes the sub-sectors of the Share (or collaborative) economy and lists different companies.
How do you see the sharing economy disrupting corporate philanthropy and giving in general? I could also see marginalized populations participating with Feastly, providing authentic ethnic cuisine and making extra income. I read a related article in The Economist recently and particularly liked the way they compared the sharing economy to online buying on eBay, for example.
The company’s MINI brand plans to help its customers rent out their vehicles like Uber drivers rent their spare seats and Airbnb does with lodging space. With its inaugural ReachNow car-sharing service just launched in Seattle, BMW has become one of the most aggressive automakers at exploring possibilities in the growing mobility services sector where the traditional car industry is trying to compete with the likes of Uber, Lyft and other providers.
The once-distinct verticals that now comprise the mobility services industry are coming together in other ways as well. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Crowd Companies, a brand council founded by Jeremiah Owyang primarily focusing on the collaborative economy movement, and Vision Critical, the leading provider of insight community technologies, have exclusively partnered to release a groundbreaking report, “Sharing is the New Buying” that for the first time maps the size and characteristics of the movement. It's not possible to download an family purchased app within the App Store app, only media from itunes store app, did you already success it ? Dans son fonctionnement, l’automobile n’a pas foncierement change au cours des 100 dernieres annees : on en est reste au moteur a explosion a essence ou diesel. Les secteurs avec le plus fort potentiel de developpement dans le secteur de la consommation collaborative sont ceux ou peu de services existent actuellement et ou un grand nombre d’utilisateurs partagent deja ce service ou sont interesses pour le partager.
Ces secteurs d’activite concernent le transport, les utilisations recurrentes de biens et les espaces physiques.
Les enquetes d’Ipsos (parue le 15 janvier 2014) et Cetelem sur la pratique du covoiturage dans le monde en 2013 montrent des resultats encourageants.

The new Share Fair Spotlight series of events aligns with other efficiency initiatives to deliver the services, expertise and equipment the upstream sector urgently needs to maximise economic recovery from the UKCS and secure its long term future. Achieving these types of partnerships would likely require a non-CSR point person in the organization. Lets hope that the big boys such as AIRbnb are doing this for the public good and not purely seeking out opportunities for enterprise.
MINI will supply systems that accept payment and track vehicles to make sure they aren’t stolen, and if the whole platform works, BMW will expand the service to its namesake luxury-car brand at little cost to owners. Lyft, for example, has launched its first national TV advertising campaign in which it positions its ride-sharing services as an antidote to the absurdity of traffic. Un paradigme qui arrive en fin de vie : les carburants fossiles, le rechauffement climatique et le smog contraignent a developper des modeles alternatifs. This Efficiency Task Force-sponsored Share Fair Spotlight event builds on progress by allowing discussions to be focused on a specific area of efficiency improvement.
Want to look at structural racism, affordable housing or daycare, or gender and safety issues? I was at the conference on Wednesday only and was not aware that AirBNB had encouraged hosts to offer their places free of charge after hurricane Sandy hit the NYC area. I think the Sharing Economy can serve the public good if educational bridges are extended to our neighbors. It certainly helps Lyft’s efforts that General Motors recently invested $550 million in the startup, which remains much smaller than Uber.
Former top federal auto-safety official David Strickland will be the counsel and front man for the group. Purchased or downloaded content will be associated with the Apple ID of the family member who initiates the transaction. After they accept the invitation, family members can access previous purchases of other family members, including any apps from developers who enable Family Sharing. Are these data sets part of the “public benefit” potential of these companies and will they argue such when the inevitable battles between nonprofit and for-profit versions of home or car sharing services arise?
Can cities and sharing companies strike pro-active data sharing deals that protect users privacy, inform public policy, and benefit communities – without going to court?

Once purchased, the item is added to the initiating family member’s account and shared with the rest of the family group. Under the 'Family Purchases' section you will see a list of all the family members in your group. Simply tap one to access their purchases for download.To control spending by kids, the organizer can turn on Ask To Buy for any family member who is not an adult to require approval for any purchase or free download requests. When a purchase is initiated, a notification will be sent to the family organizer who can review the item and approve or decline the request right from their own device.
You can also choose to hide individual purchases so that other family members will not be able to view or download them.
Everyone in the family can contribute photos, videos, and comments to the stream, and get notified whenever something new is added. Family Calendar and RemindersFamily Sharing also sets up a new family calendar that is shared by all family members and appears in the Calendar app on everyone’s devices. Family members can view the calendar, add or modify events, and receive notifications and alerts to help everyone stay coordinated.
They will also be able to use the Reminders app to set time- or location-specific reminders that will be delivered to everyone in the Family.Sharing Your LocationWhen you join a Family, you will begin sharing your location with each of your other family members automatically. This allows you to use Find My Friends or the Messages app on iOS 8 to help you meet at a specific location, see when a family member is nearby, or just make sure a child is where they are supposed to be.If you need privacy, you can stop sharing your location temporarily by disabling the Share My Location switch in iCloud Settings. As a parent or legal guardian, the family organizer can provide verified parental consent for a child to have their own Apple ID, and create it on the child’s behalf. Once the account is created, it will be added to the Family automatically.Children enjoy the same features as other family members and, by default, have access to the same music, movies, TV shows, books, and apps.
You can limit what content your children have access to on the devices they use via Restrictions on an iOS device or Parental Controls on OS X and iTunes.

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