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It was one of those random photos you take at conferences, just something you thought would be worthwhile to save.
I’ve been writing about ways to navigate social media, content marketing and SEO for years and sometimes it seems like the needle has barely moved. Just a few short years ago, nearly every business was struggling to figure out what to do in the Great Recession. Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers that don’t.
These Newest New Rules of Online Marketing will help you understand what it takes to win customers in 2016 and beyond.
A brand that can put themselves in their customers’ shoes, and deliver the information needed to make the right choice, secures a customer for life.
With so much content on the web and very little trust, it’s overwhelming for consumers to research even the most common products. Spend 30 minutes per day consuming content that’s helpful to your business and helpful to your customers. I’m always delighted to find a brand on social media that listens to their customers. Quantum Media is a consulting firm with deep expertise in the media, information, and entertainment industries.

Since October 2015, Quantum principal Brian O’Leary has been writing a monthly column, “Digital Perspectives” for the book industry trade publication, Publishers Weekly.
Gruen was recently appointed to the adjunct faculty at the Steinhardt School of Education at NYU teaching “Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry.” and also a visiting scholar and advisor to the school’s MusEd Lab.
Gruen, who was the president of Food Network earlier in her career, was recently asked to chair the strategic planning committee for the Board of Trustees of the James Beard Foundation - where she has been a trustee for 9 years. Everything else is moving at such a fast pace and, judging by what I hear from a lot of businesses, sitting on the sidelines seems to be the common go-to strategy.
Using my illustration above (and this can be said for many industries), car sales are at an all-time high, which means the end of growth is near. Many seem to be ignoring a basic fact: people like to buy from businesses they know, like and trust.
What are your competitors doing better than you? Nothing short of fearless assessment and measured improvement will do. Schedule posts (via Hootsuite, Post Planner, Buffer or others) on social media sites to broaden your thought leadership. Brand loyalty is born when someone is there monitoring, responding and advocating for me should I have an issue or want to give feedback. Being able to document that well in the form of blog posts and social media content is a must-have strategy in 2016.

I’m the editor at Post Planner, and on behalf of all of us, I just wanted to thank you for mentioning us in your post. Since Quantum Media's founding in 1998, our consulting work has spanned every aspect of the media business, from developing an Internet business strategy for a Fortune 500 company to advising a young entrepreneur on launching a niche digital product.
We all have held positions as CEOs, presidents and general managers of major media companies. Benign images or quotes often become the catalyst for a more interesting focus in your writing. With all the outside pressures on the dealership business model, it would be prudent to forecast for the coming downturn. However, your ads are welcome in cases where you’ve invested in customer relationships and built a strong following. Future columns are expected to address topics that include subscription models for book publishers and “content management for the rest of us”, a review of workflow options for smaller and medium-sized publishers. I’ve had a draft post simmering about the new rules of online marketing for 2016 and, crazy as it sounds, I found a photo that inspired me to finish it.

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