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Even without particular knowledge it is very easy to create a newsletter with the rapidmail editor. Make your choice from the pre-designed newsletter templates and adapt it to your requirements! Prior to delivery, check what your mailing looks like in various email clients, such as e.g.
As we are a certified member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), spam filters in servers are usually not activated. No matter if Outlook, Thunderbird, gmail, gmx or Apple Mail is concerned: If you use the rapidmail editor, your newsletter will automatically be displayed correctly in all systems. Extensive testing is important a€“ because if your mailing has once been sent, it is too late to make corrections.
Create your mailing comfortably on your desktop and upload it as a ZIP file a€“ in this case your graphics will be automatically integrated in the email and can therefore not be blocked by the subscriber. Create an account now with just a few clicks and test all rapidmail features immediately, free of charge and without any risk.
Cases are known where newspapers and leaflets are two important types of newsletters, apart from that, newsletters delivered electronically via email (e-Newsletters) have achieved a brilliant popularity for good reason. Meanwhile, as e-newsletters could be immediately delivered or distributed to readers all over the world, make these digital publications an ideal choice for communicating and sending timely information to your viewers. Generally speaking, the greater part of online newsletters is distributed to readers in two ways: through e-mail or through a Web (Internet or intranet) site in HTML document files. Import the MS Office files to the easy-to-use XFlip online newsletter software, which is the best software to create your e-newsletter in different formats like HTML or ZIP files etc.

Oggi parliamo del servizio OpenDEM, un software online di invio newsletter (DEM, ovvero Direct E-mail Marketing), che trasporta in formato web based le tradizionali applicazioni che si usano per spedire e-mail, anche con allegati pesanti, a decine o centinaia di migliaia di destinatari. Un software di invio newsletter (in questo caso OpenDEM) in cui inserire la lista dei destinatari delle proprie campagne pubblicitarie.
Un messaggio in formato testo o HTML da spedire, magari con grafica e immagini a corredo (OpenDEM mette a disposizione già diversi template grafici esteticamente professionali, da personalizzare solo nel logo e nel testo del messaggio).
OpenDEM fornisce tutti gli strumenti necessari ad operare invii secondo la normativa vigente in fatto di Privacy in Italia, come ad esempio l'unsubscribe in fondo a ciascuna e-mail inviata che consente agli utenti che ricevono la newsletter, di disiscriversi dalla lista di invio.
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Design your newsletter in just a few minutes; a perfect display is guaranteed in all common email programs!
Change images and texts in a fast and uncomplicated way a€“ and there goes your newsletter! Our intelligent system takes care of that by e.g optimising the size of your images automatically.
You determine in an uncomplicated way how many times rapidmail should try to deliver it before the address is automatically deleted from the list.
Then you would choose a program or tool to create and distribute your electronic newsletter.
OpenDEM permette di gestire più liste, consentendo di dividere per ambienti asettici gli invii.

Ovviamente non si può inviare alcuna newsletter se non si hanno a disposizione database di utenti a cui spedirle. Conoscere il ritorno dell'invio è cosa importante per conoscere meglio i propri Clienti e soprattutto per sapere se l'iniziativa ha riscosso successo. You can check the layout in advance with the rapidmail display test and therefore avoid incorrect display! You can also use a share-to-social feature and your newsletter will be ready in a short time. Online electronic newsletters could generally be published for only a small percentage of the cost of traditional printed newsletters. Websites such as Constant Contact, Icontact and PagesMag can be used to create your own personal digital newsletter.
To encourage people to read your newsletters you can incorporate contests or interactive quizzes and games. Then we would like to share you with such one powerful XFlip online newsletter publishing software with a free trial of 30 days.

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