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This free surgery is for people using mental health services, carers, and workers from the voluntary, community and statutory sectors.
We’ve recently invested in a new set of tools that allow us to provide more reporting insights about social media. The total audience across all our social media channels (including figures for PHE products Change4Life and Start4Life) is 509,001, a growth of 2% from last fortnight. Both link clicks and social signals for NHS Choices channels dropped slightly this fortnight, following a sustained period of exceptional growth. Social signal engagement (likes, shares, favourites and retweets) figures dropped slightly (5%) this fortnight.
As predicted during the last social media blog, we are now reaching a point of diminishing returns for optimisation, although current statistics should be maintainable and we could still see modest increases in traffic as our fanbase grows organically.
The Start4Life Information Service for Parents social media channels saw significant growth and engagement this fortnight, on the back of investment in paid promotion from PHE.
The NHS Innovation Expo took place on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th March, with the social media team in attendance to help promote and explain our work. To coincide with NHS Expo, we began to promote the Choices Beta site on social media from March 3rd.
NHS Choices generates a remarkable amount of conversation online – more than 25,000 posts mentioned nhs.uk (or NHS Choices by name) during the fortnight covered by this report. NHS foundation trusts were created to devolve decision making from central government to local organisations and communities. Our mission as a Foundation Trust is to promote recovery and quality of life through effective and innovative and caring health, social care and specialist community services.
As we state in our Quality Account, our agreed priorities this year include implementing the Positive and Safe Programme, Credits for Cleaning, Integrated Treatment and Care Plans and CQUINS.
Read more about our future as a Trust and our 2016 assessment as Good by the Care Quality Commission. NHS Employers offers NHS organisations a comprehensive range of events, seminars and conferences to share best practice, get informed and network with colleagues. Find out the very latest in relation to freedom to speak up and how organisations are working towards an open reporting culture.
Join the Total Reward Engagement Network to share your reward experiences and knowledge with colleagues from across the NHS.
Our social media courses are booking up fast - we've a few places left in Leeds and London. Theses courses have been designed specifically for NHS employees and are suitable for a wide range of abilities and roles, including HR and communications professionals, clinicians and social media beginners. The half-day courses will be delivered in Leeds, London and Birmingham by our social media expert, who understands how social media works within the complexity of the healthcare sector. We are putting together an exciting and ambitious delivery programme to drive technology and digital transformation together.  To make it happen, we need to build our team and work with digital and technology professionals of the highest calibre.  Do you want to be a part of this rewarding transformation? Talented digital specialists to bring user focused design to the heart of our Digital services development.
Architects with experience of integrating off the shelf platforms using open standards, APIs and web services to support the delivery of innovative digital solutions.
Experienced operations and networks engineers with knowledge of VMWare, Citrix, WAN and LAN design as well as common cloud technologies. Our values are important to us – they set out what we stand for and what matters to us. The flu fighter team has developed a social media toolkit, to help trusts to use twitter as part of their flu fighter campaign.The guide includes top tips to suit social media newbies and those who are more experienced. These documents aim to aid the development of robust and flexible operational plans by local organisations and emergency planners within the NHS and local government. This year the flu plan also includes details about the extension of the flu vaccination programme to children in 2014 and 2015. The total audience across all our owned social media channels (including figures for PHE products Change4Life and Start4Life) is 582,806, a significant growth of 6% this month. The majority of this growth in fans was down to the increased organic and promoted activity supporting Change4Life’s new 10 Minute Shake Up campaign. Social signal engagement (likes, shares, favourites and retweets) figures dropped (8%) this period, a total of 11,102 interactions.

These figures mirror diminished activity across Choices, and likely reflect the fact that many seasonal illnesses are at a low ebb, alongside the impact of summer holidays and the good weather tearing people away from their screens! This month saw the launch of Change4Life’s “10 Minute Shake Up” campaign, aimed at getting children 60 minutes of exercise every day during the school summer holidays. Social media has so far been key to the success of the campaign, delivering the greatest number of signups across all marketing channels during week 1, and only marginally falling behind TV advertising as a medium after 2 weeks of the campaign.
Prominently featuring Disney content on social media has been a real catalyst for interest in the campaign, alongside effective promotional work with our media buying partners at M4C.
Organ and blood donation played an important role in this month’s “most clicked”, a result of collaborative work with NHS Blood and Transplant to promote National Transplant Week. One of this month’s most exciting projects has been working with online fitness guru Neila Rey on creating “social friendly” interpretations of our fitness and exercise content.
Neila’s clear, easy-to-consume style of presenting workouts (often with an innovative twist) has been met with a great response online. In late June, we approached Neila to see if she would be interested in working with us on some new content for the site. The first fruits of this collaborative project have already been produced, with Neila’s take on our back strengthening exercises proving one of our biggest-ever hits on social media.
Users are increasingly more likely to skip visiting homepages or hub pages, and make their way directly to online content. During March, Facebook trimmed Page likes to reflect inactive accounts, explaining the fall in followers that month. For ease of comparison, the above chart omits the effect of Facebook advertising on our channels during February. The decision to use this specific style came from Facebook HQ, which claims that the cinemagraph style is one of the best ways to advertise content on social media.
The article ‘Do I need to stretch before exercising?’ was the most popular post on Twitter this month, with a whopping 1,098 link clicks, 70 retweets and 52 favourites. Bouts of good weather have influenced our traffic, with the most popular weather page being ‘How can I keep my baby safe during hot weather’. Many curious weekend warriors were keen to find out details about how much alcohol was in their blood on Sunday July 19! The latest Be Clear on Cancer campaign encourages women over 70 to tell their doctor straight away if any changes to their breasts are noticeable. The July edition of the Your Health newsletter featured Change4Life’s wildly popular 10 Minute Shake Up campaign as the lead story. We do not use cookies for collecting user information and we will not collect any information about you except that required for system administration of our web server. I also work with Public Health England team on their Start4Life Information Service for Parents and Change4Life social media campaigns. Every two weeks, I’ll be blogging about the latest news and activity from our social media channels, as well as a brief look at important news from the industry.
Link clicks for the fortnight fell 9% to 55,199, principally a result of diminished promotional activity on behalf of NHS England, and a temporary change in focus for our channels over the duration of NHS Expo. It is likely that we will not see another significant burst of growth until we have extra resources in terms of paid promotional spend and team size. S4L ISP on Facebook saw fans grow by 15% to 7494, and daily reach figures for Facebook exceeded 500,000 users for several days over the course of the fortnight.
We presented on the #activateDIGITAL stand on the Tuesday, and live-tweeted much of the activity taking place as we saw speakers from both NHSC and NHSE discuss the future of digital health from our stand.
Users are able to feedback on the site through built-in commenting tools, or through using the #NHSChoicesBeta hashtag. Using our social listening tools, we now have greater insight than ever into what exactly is being said about us – and by who. They provide and develop healthcare according to core NHS principles - free care, based on need and not ability to pay. These are vital to our vision, mission and values and they address the needs of our stakeholders.
We have also set out our strategic plans for the future of the organisation itself as part of the national policy direction of Transforming Care. If you’re a user researcher, UX designer or a content guru, we want to hear from you. We also want someone to lead the development and implementation of our software testing strategy.
We will be looking for people who share these values to join us on this transformation journey. A focus on flu vaccination which is one of the most effective interventions that can be made to reduce harm from flu and pressures on health and social care services during the winter. It provides the public and healthcare professionals with an overview of the coordination and the preparation for the flu season and signposting to further guidance and information.

Due to the scale of the extension nationally it is being implemented gradually, with geographical piloting in the early years that will provide learning to inform subsequent roll-out. PHE  have teamed up with entertainment giant Disney to deliver the programme, consisting of a variety of online and offline marketing and health interventions. Ramadan has become a real feature on the global social media calendar, with Twitter going so far as to introduce “hashflags” celebrating the event this year. Neila has been one of Google+’s big success stories, and her social following has opened doors to features in the Huffington Post and interviews in a variety of significant blogs. Measured Voice (a social media analytics firm) rated our tweet including Neila’s back workout as the “most engaging” from any UK Government account of the day, and we saw a lot of interest on Facebook as well.
A leaked internal report from the New York Times made waves earlier this year when it suggested the “death of the homepage”, and the very real impacts of changing consumer habits on browsing.
By utilising social media, this concept can be taken a step further, “pushing” (via social sharing) awareness messages or simple health interventions to someone who might never think to “pull” that same content by visiting nhs.uk.
Facebook adverts have become a popular staple for health campaigns, with the abundance of targeting options available being used to deliver personalised, relevant messaging to members of the public in a space that makes propagation of that information simple.
This was due to the release of a report from The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) on new government guidelines for sugar consumption (and other foods).
Reasons for this include that they are oddly captive and almost hypnotic, therefore users are more likely to stop scrolling and take a look at the content in their live feed.
Stretching has been a common area of debate on social media and our followers were clearly interested in taking a look at the new evidence presented in our article. A post on Facebook collected 4,033 clicks, 142 likes and 188 shares, with the post reaching 63,168 people. This image-based post achieved 4,873 clicks, 461 likes, 647 shares and reached 83,168 people. Following our efforts to drive sign-ups via social media, we hoped to raise awareness of the campaign to our newsletter-based audience. It may be used for internal review and to notify you about updates to this Leeds and York Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust website.
These social listening insights take into account conversations across social networks, forums, blogs, and the mainstream media. They are part of the NHS and provide over half of all NHS hospital, mental health and ambulance services. The Chief Executive discussed them in detail with staff as part of his Big Conversation sessions in 2014. Next up for us to work on is translating “150 minutes of activity” into a socially consumable concept. Making this content consumable without necessarily having to click away from the social platform is a challenge – working with experts like Neila should help to inform our direction as we work on making all our content as “social friendly” as possible.
The subject’s popularity was boosted by the use of a cinemagraph (above) made through collaboration between the video team and social and digital media team. In order for the footage to auto play, it was posted as a GIF on Twitter and a 30-second video on Facebook. We also had content featuring the European Health Insurance Card, sunburn, prickly heat, medical reasons for tiredness, a visual guide to moles, and breast changes in older women. They are accountable to their local communities through their members and governors, their commissioners through contracts, Parliament, the Care Quality Commission and Monitor. These objectives remain our focus as we work towards the acquisition of the Trust by another organisation. Posts linking to this article did very well, with a collective 817 clicks through Twitter posts and 1,730 clicks through Facebook. Knowing that hot weather content is popular on hot days, we have prepared for similarly hot days by creating a collection of images, similar to our winter health series. Neila Rey (now called Darebee) posters are one of the most consistently popular attachments that we share on social media. The Facebook video was watched for an average time of 13 seconds, and viewed 8,385 times, 916 of which watching the entire clip.
This increase in traffic also caused a spike in our followers, with 207 new likes the day it was posted.
Darebee produce free, high-quality fitness resources with the mantra that fitness should be accessible to everyone.

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