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Nike is one of the biggest brands in the world, instantly recognisable with the iconic Swoosh logo and a€?Just Do Ita€™ slogan. Tuts Plus – NIKEiD offers customers the chance to customise their clothing, choosing the materials, colours and combinations to ideally suit their sport and style.
Ads of the World – This ad comes from a 2008 series promoting Nikea€™s Lightweight Apparel range, with images inspired by the work of artist William Hundley. Spoonfed Design – Nike has been developing air-cushioning systems in their sneakers since the 1970s, and the enormously successful Air Max range, as promoted in this ad, has the air unit visible in the heels of most models. Behance – This paint splash symbolises the mix-and-match colour options available in the NIKEiD range. Ads of the World – Urban night photography is put to powerful, and somehow creepy, effect in this 2009 series of ads for Nike Women. Tuts Plus – The intricate structure of Nike Air Max is shown with equally intricate graphics in this print ad. High Snobiety – American fashion photographer Terry Richardson brings his style to this ad campaign with sports stars in simple white Nike T-Shirts.
Sneaker News – Another print ad for Air Jordan has the colossal Michael Jordan in orbit over the diminutive director Spike Lee.

Oscar Contreras – Nike has been one of the key players in developing football boot technology.
Spoonfed Design – Nikea€™s classic Swoosh logo is known around the world as part of the brand identity. I Believe in Advertising – In 1988 Nikea€™s ad agency gathered for a meeting at which one of the staff reportedly commented, a€?You Nike guys, you just do it!a€? The phrase was adopted as the company slogan, and has helped define one of the most successful brands in marketing history. Ads of the World – The Paper Battlefield campaign saw Nike Basketball League players creating handcrafted screenprints, only 350 were made and no two are alike. Bull Art media Group – This ad for Nikea€™s flagship store in the Paris cheekily combines burlesque and basketball.
Ads of the World – Nike+Human Race is a 10 kilometre race series hosted by 25 global cities. Ads of the World – Nikea€™s All Condition Gear range features clothing for outdoor pursuits. Is there any tutorial that teaches how to do neon swirls just like those wonderful ones in the poster?
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For over 45 years the company has been producing quality sportswear, and has forged its identity with advertising in all forms of media, using cutting edge graphic design to develop its brand image. This ad campaign from the 1990s brought legendary basketball player Michael Jordan together with film director and self-proclaimed Air Jordan addict Spike Lee. In February 1972, BRS introduced its first line of Nike shoes, with the name Nike derived from the Greek goddess of victory.
Not a strong deal, I can still essentially read the articles and look for for information, but just wanted to inform you about that. Novel ideas from the Swoosh, implying exercise and working toward a goal are the way to get in shape.

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