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NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe today issued a reminder warning to the public about the risks associated with mystery parties, particularly around New Year’s Eve. Mr Stowe said Fair Trading has concerns that so called exclusive parties promoted and sold through social media can leave consumers out of pocket when the promised function fails to deliver on what was advertised.
It was also significantly oversold, resulting in insufficient seating, toilet facilities and security while consumers also complained about being unable to redeem pre-paid drink vouchers.
This website is an interactive online classifieds service that enables access to many users and should not be seen as the publisher of any information provided by another information content provider. All Categories For Sale Boats & Outboards Business & Finance caravans & Motorhomes Used cars Community & Leisure Computing & Gaming Farming & Livestock holidays & travel Horses and Equestrian jobs Motor Services Motorcycles Musical pets property Find an Expert vans & Trucks Adult. Unless you have been living through some form of media blackout, you would have heard that South Africa has recently been jointly awarded the rights to host of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope with New Zealand and Australia.
The project itself has been billed as something akin to the world cup of science, and winning the rights to host the SKA is in the science world equivalent of winning the soccer world cup itself. Scientists also realise that by building more powerful telescopes we can look further into past. The SKA makes its grand entrance as a serious contender for the title of the biggest and most sensitive telescope yet. The square kilometre in the name refers to the collecting area of the telescope, which is the area across which the telescope can receive radio waves. South Africa is already on course to completing a precursor telescope to the SKA, the MeerKAT.

While the dishes and antennae for the SKA are mostly located in three countries, it is important to note that the SKA is a global collaboration among 20 countries with an estimated price tag of 16 billion Rand (1.5 billion Euros). One benefit is attracting many young South Africans to the field of science and engineering. With the SKA on our shores we can proudly watch as South Africans show the world they can also reach for the stars. You can watch South Park Season 19 Episode 9: Truth and Advertising online for free on this page by streaming the movie in the video player above or by choosing a different version to play below it.
In this article we take a look at what the SKA is, and how it is expected to benefit South Africa and the world at large.
Known as astronomers, its practitioners use telescopes as their primary tool to observe stars and other heavenly bodies.
Currently, for example, with the Hubble space telescope we can see 480 million years after what astronomers believe was the start of the universe; the Big Bang.
However, rather than construct one giant antenna the SKA will be made up of 3000 individual dishes 15 metres wide. When complete in 2015-16, the MeerKAT, located in the Northern Cape, will be the most powerful radio telescope in the Southern hemisphere.
Through the "Youth into Science and Engineering Programme", the SKA will offer comprehensive bursaries in fields such as engineering, mathematics and astronomy.
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As telescopes become bigger and more sensitive, we will be able to observe events closer to the Big Bang. The ideal location for these dishes is in low populated areas with low man-made radio interference. These students will benefit from working with the world’s top scientists at the world-class facility.
If you're trying to watch South Park Season 19 Episode 9: Truth and Advertising and it isn't loading, please check our FAQ page before reporting it as a dead link. If we consider the light we see to have travelled to arrive into our telescope, if follows that it must have left it origin at some point before we see it and thus some time has passed since it left its origin. Countries in the initial survey of possible locations included China and Argentina, but the eventual location chosen for the majority of the dishes was South Africa with thirty percent of the telescope split between New Zealand and Australia. The Meerkat will contain an array of sixty-four dishes each 13.5m wide, 7 of these are already functional as of May 2012. Being awarded the hosting rights of a project of the magnitude of the SKA is also a strong vote of confidence in Africa as whole. No longer will Africa be a consumer in the science and engineering space but it will also stand amongst the producers at the cutting edge of technological advancement.

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