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The advertiser pays the publisher (typically a website owner) in proportion to the number of actions committed by the readers or visitors to the website. Publishers who join this network has a choice to choose either Cost Per View or Pay Per Click when it comes to optimizing and earning from their website traffic. Affiliate Marketing Definition - In Plain English If you just dying to get into affiliate marketing it can be sometimes difficult to understand what itactually is and why it is becoming so popular.

Advertisers can choose between Cost Per View where the advertiser can get more unique visitors for a low cost or they can choose Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click is where the advertiser can get targeted unique visitors for a more affordable cost. For examplejust by writing a simple article that gives information or a review about a certain product and thenposting it at a popular article directory on the Internet you can make an easy $20.But how, I hear you ask.

At the bottom of your review you have an affiliate link that takes the reader tothe product page.

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