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30 hours to make the Most Expensive Cake in the World ever - by UK Cake Designer - guarded by 20 security - From Homemade Cake Maker to $52million cake in 6 years. Work from Home Mum started making Homemade Cakes and went on to set up her own business as a Cake Maker and Designer for the stars.
Jules tells us the highs outweighed the lows of her journey from Home Worker to being Self Employed and making cakes for Harrods of London to famous footballers. Valuable lessons for anyone thinking of starting their own business - especially in the recently booming homemade cake sector. There are clearly many Advantages of Starting Your Own Cake Business, just as Jules and Tim did in their own kitchen. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. For example online ad spending in the US will grow by over 20% this year, passing the $30 billion mark and social networks will receive 11% of online ad spending at the end of 2011. Companies around the world are seriously trying to find the good way to advertise, and today mostly small business owners are using online advertising to  market their goods.
Banner ad is a graphic image used on web sites which come into views on all sorts of web pages and differ significantly in appearance and  subject matter.
It  is a kind of advertisement in which an ad moves across  the screen or float above certain contents. Nowadays most of internet user have personal blogs, through this they  try to advertise their products to make profit out  of it. Mobile advertising is an indispensable column of a successful online marketing strategy as mobile internet users are  growing rapidly. Promotional advertising is a tool used to dwell the buyer with the  idea of buying the product. When it comes to advertising your company, it is ideal that you use a wide variety of outlets so that you can get your name known. With the internet now a big part of day-to-day life, the time has never been better for businesses to connect with online searchers. In this digital age, businesses are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a search engine on which to focus their marketing resources.

Bing Ads is making it even easier for businesses to tap into the huge online market, with the ability to either import search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns from an existing Google AdWords account, or create one’s own from scratch using a user interface that’s simple-to-use. The fast approaching holiday season will see businesses scrambling to take advantage of the droves of potential customers searching for products and services online.
Now is as a perfect time to ensure that your business is up and running on a search platform like Bing Ads, to attract online searchers during the upcoming peak retail-shopping season. Bing Ads is offering a Dynamic Business reader the chance to experience the benefits of search advertising first hand, with one month’s worth of Bing search advertising (capped at $2,000) up for grabs. To be in with a chance to win one month’s worth of free Bing Ads, head over to the official Dynamic Business Bing Ads competition page by clicking HERE.
From working in her kitchen 6 years ago - Jules from Chester Cake has managed to build a customer base of 8,000 loyal fans allowing her to set up her own shop and make the impressive Most Expensive Cake in The World Ever. It has been through a personal service and ensuring that all customers felt special that word of mouth travelled around the local community, allowing Jules and Tim to gain the confidence they needed to work on their passion full time. Offer a great product with the best customer care possible to ensure your home working passion can move towards being a full time career. From Homemade Cake Designers to established businesses - more and more people are using ProfileTree's online advertising to market their business.
In  2010, corporations paid around fifty billion dollars advertising and  marketing online.
Most of user that’s why attracted and clicks on it which  takes them to the main website of that product. The cost of an advertisement is calculated based on the  number of pixels it occupies and it can be an inexpensive  way to market your site. Yes this  strategy works if you can handle and produce something different with  your blog which can attract users. There are so many ways of promotional  advertising like giving freebies, discount coupons, Flyers, Contests  etc. These options can get you high-ranking results in search engines when customers browse the Internet.
If a business is not advertising and marketing their products and services online, it means they are not taking advantage of the rise in online consumers.

There is clear growth in the online retail sector, a factor more businesses are taking into account when allocating marketing spend. Many search engines offer businesses ways in which they can advertise, but it’s important to look at what a search engine company can offer to ensure value for money is earned. Bing Ads allows businesses to focus every dollar is spent on results and enables users to control their spend per keyword, per day and per month.
You can reach up to 3.1 million unique searchers on the Bing Network in Australia alone, and when looking at the worldwide Yahoo Bing Network5, searchers spend 80% more than Google searchers. The month also comes with a dedicated Bing Ads account manager, who will help the winner with the creation of an account and the set-up of unique campaigns.
In setting up a shop - a huge financial commitment was made - no longer the work from home mum, but now a business woman providing a customised product with unique customer service.
Blog advertising is especially appropriate for new launches,  new products, and newsmakers. In order to get the results that you want, you can use a web design company that specializes in these types of services.
Apart from his busy life he love to post news articles related to tech, internet security and latest gadgets.
Businesses will also benefit from the targeting options available, with a range of customizable settings that include time of day and location targeting. Any type of social media outlet can help you create a connection with new and existing customers.
This will include a checkout process so that customers can shop on the go or from the comfort of their own home.

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